Oct 312010

I found a couple of  Swarovski Limited Edition ducks on ebay.   They appear to be pink, and most all the advertisements I have seen indicate they were produced in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness.  They are in the “Happy Ducks” packaging.  Here are links to a couple of them.

When I have more information about them, I’ll be sure to pass it on!
Oct 302010

The rare Swarovski Buddha is on ebay now!

The Swarovski Buddha was originally available for a donation of about $2000.  It was a Limited Edition figurine commissioned for production by Swarovski with a maximum of 10,000 produced.

This ebay auction has an opening bid of $775, so it seems likely to sell.  Check out the auction for the Swarovski Buddha that ends on November 3, 2010.  Good luck to all who bid!