Nov 272010

Overnight, Swarovski emailed Swarovski voucher codes to some people on their email list.  The voucher is good only on cyber-Monday.  This Swarovski discount can be redeemed for a $20 credit toward a Swarovski crystal purchase exceeding $150 on November 29, 2010.

I’m not sure who all received the discount Swarovski voucher.  I am an active Swarovski SCS member and I purchase a couple Swarovski crystal figurines online each year, yet I did not receive the voucher.  Another family member, with an expired Swarovski SCS membership, did receive the voucher coupon.  Additionally, another family member, with an expired Swarovski SCS membership, did not receive the voucher coupon.  To me, it does not matter how Swarovski determined the Swarovski coupon recipient list, I’m glad to have any coupon to be able to save $20 on shopping.

Keeping with the cyber-Monday spirit, Crystal Exchange America is also offering one-day shopping discounts.  At , Swarovski collectors who purchase $300+ in Swarovski crystal and checkout using the shopping cart system, can save money too!

The discount Swarovski codes are as follows: buy $300+ and save $20 using coupon code CYBRMON20 during the checkout process.  Buy $500+ and save $30 using coupon code CYBR30MON during the checkout process.  Swarovski discounts only apply to orders placed on November 29 with the appropriate coupon code entered during checkout.  It is are NOT valid on fax or phone orders.  Vouchers are limited to the first ten redemptions for the day.

Happy Holidays and good luck shopping cyber-Monday to all Swarovski Crystal collectors!

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