Nov 042010

To purchase Swarovski Club figurines, collectors must be a member of the Swarovski SCS, that is, the Swarovski Crystal Society.  The SCS has been around since 1987, and presently boasts over 350,000 members worldwide.

Since the inception of the club, Swarovski SCS figurines have been launched in trilogies.  The Swarovski Club trilogies are as follows:

  • Caring and Sharing: 1987 to 1989
  • Mother and Child: 1990 ­to 1992
  • Inspiration Africa: 1993 to­ 1995
  • Fabulous Creatures: 1996 ­to 1998
  • Masquerade: 1999 ­to 2001
  • Magic of Dance: 2002 to 2004
  • Wonders of the Sea: 2005 to­ 2007
  • (This trilogy was available in color or clear and the first issue in this set was available for 3 years, and the second issue was available for 2 years, with the final issue available for only 1 year, so it is a bit different trilogy)
  • Endangered Wildlife: 2008 ­to 2010
Beginning in 2011, the Swarovski SCS Annual Edition will not be a part of a trilogy.  The annual edition will be packaged complete with its own plaque.

I have mixed, feeling about the changes.  It may be a sad ending for the dedicated, longtime SCS members…with the anticipation of what year 2 and 3 will bring in the trilogy now gone.  But then again, with news spreading at the speed of light on the internet, future Swarovski news doesn’t remain secret for long!

Nov 032010

Swarovski fanatics may be interested in the recently released Steiff Bear with Swarovski Ornament.  The 2010 Steiff Bear, named Twinkle, can be purchased from the Steiff USA site. Twinkle is a Limited Edition cute apricot-colored mohair bear with a Swarovski Christmas Tree ornament hanging from her neck.  The first Steiff Swarovski Bear was ‘Daniel’ in 2004.  In 2005, ‘Crystal’ arrived.  ‘Orian’ joined them in 2006.  ‘Jewels’ entered the scene in 2007.  ‘Flurrie’ made her appearance in 2008.  In 2009, ‘Kringle was released.  Now, make way for ‘Twinkle’ in 2010!  Remember, ‘Twinkle’ is a Steiff / Swarovski Limited Edition piece!

Nov 022010

Swarovski collectors often ask me about the best way to clean their Swarovski Crystal.

I point them to the Swarovski Cleaning page of the web site.  There is also a Swarovski Cleaning and Caring video on the Swarovski web site that collectors may find useful.

I hope that this little tidbit helps to keep everyone’s Swarovski Crystal in sparkling condition!

Nov 022010

I have seen various places on the internet that there is a restaurant opening INSIDE a Swarovski boutique!  Sound peculiar?  I can’t say I would of ever considered the idea myself. The owner is well-known chef  Kurt Guttenbrunner.

The location is Soho (New York), and the official opening day is November 15.  Best of luck to the chef and Swarovski boutiuqe in this venture!

Here is the full version Swarovski News article.

Nov 012010

On a mission to get more information about the Swarovski Limited Edition Pink Duck, I’ve now come across yet another Swarovski Limited Edition Pink Duck!  “What?” you say.  Yes, another Limited Edition Pink Duck for a different beneficial organization.

Swarovski, together with the Kids Earth Fund, has launched a Limited Edition Pink Duck for the “Pink Happy Duck Project”.  It very much resembles the Swarovski Limited Edition Duck released for Breast Cancer Awareness I found on ebay a few days ago.  However, there is no ribbon on this one.  Swarovski has assigned unique part numbers to each Limited Edition Pink Duck.

The “Pink Happy Duck Project” figurine was only available in Japan and was released to all Swarovski boutiques October 16, 2010.  A percentage of sales will be donated to the Kids Earth Fund.

Here is the complete Swarovski News article from the Swarovski web site, which includes a photo.

I’ll be looking for it on ebay in the coming days!

Kids Earth Fund has a web site you can check out for more information on their organization.

Nov 012010

I’d love to visit Swarovski in Vienna and Wattens.  I came accross a news article where a Swarovski Kristallwelten boss voices her dissatisfaction about the local traditions in Vienna and and how they affect the Swarovski Crystal Shop there.  Apparently, the strong Roman Catholic influence in Austria, more or less, prevents companies from doing business on Sunday.

Here is the complete Swarovski News article.