Nov 142010

The annual Swarovski 2010 Ornaments are readily available, and by purchasing them well in advance of the holidays, Swarovski collectors are guaranteed the widest choices at the most reasonable prices.

The silver crystal, annual edition Swarovski 2010 Ornament is a stunning design.   As tradition stands, it does resemble the unofficial Star / Snowflake motif.  According to the Swarovski web site description, it is a clear crystal snowflake, hung by a white satin ribbon, with a silver-tone metal tag inscribed with 2010.  The dimensions are approximately 2.5″ wide by 3.25″ tall.

And if you like this ornament, you’ll simply love the SCS Swarovski 2010 Ornament.  The SCS Swarovski figurine is identical to the silver crystal 2010 ornament, however, it is ‘golden shadow’ in color and hangs by a cognac-colored satin ribbon.  This is a Swarovski Club release and does require SCS membership when purchased from an authorized retailer or directly from the Swarovski web site.

Another limited edition Swarovski ornament that is observed less frequently is an exclusive Swarovski 2010 ornament with red tips.  It is a 6-pointed snowflake ornament.  The center part of the ornament is clear cut crystal, with the 6 points highlighted in light siam crystal. “2010” is engraved on the front, and the familiar Swarovski swan is imprinted on the metal tag.  The ornament hangs from a red satin ribbon and the ornament is packaged in the traditional Swarovski blue packaging. The Swarovski artist credited with the design is Verena Castelein.

Swarovski Snowflake Ornament for 2010
Swarovski SCS 2010 Ornament
Exclusive Swarovski 2010 Ornament

Most Swarovski collectors will tell you that Swarovski ornament designs are similar in nature to stars or snowflakes.   Oftentimes, Swarovski collectors refer to the annual edition ornaments as Swarovski star ornaments or Swarovski snowflake ornaments.

Since 1991, Swarovski has produced annual edition star / snowflake ornaments to compliment its holiday product offerings. The Swarovski crystal ornament design has been similar since inception. For each year, the ornament year is imprinted on a metal tag attached to the ornament hangs by a satin ribbon.  The Swarovski ornaments have 6 to 12 crystal extensions creating a graceful image that shines and sparkles in the light.  The packaging for the crystal ornaments is a triangular box, with paperwork included that is specific to the ornament year.

Many retired Swarovski ornaments can be found at Crystal Exchange America’s web site: .  We do have a good supply of listings now.  However, with the holiday shopping season now upon us, supplies will diminish, and prices will increase.  Whether you are planning to purchase one of the 2010 Swarovski snowflake ornaments or a retired ornament, get your order in soon!

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