Dec 312010

2011 will arrive within minutes.  “Endangered Wildlife”, the final Swarovski SCS Club trilogy, will be concluded as we Swarovski crystal fanatics anxiously await the arrival of Swarovski 2011 SCS Polar Bear Siku to our displays.

The Swarovski 2010 Annual Edition was the Tiger.  The Swarovski Tiger retailed for $450.   Swarovski also offered separate tiger cubs to its Swarovski SCS members.  The Swarovski Standing Tiger Cub retailed for $180. The Swarovski Sitting Tiger Cub also retailed for $180.

The Swarovski 2010 Annual Edition Tiger, Standing Tiger Cub, and Sitting Tiger Cub were designed by Elisabeth Adamer.  The Swarovski video on youtube briefly shows the Swarovski designer and how she began he journey into the development of this Swarovski figurine for the Swarovski Crystal Society members.

Crystal Exchange America commonly has additional information about the 2010 Swarovski Tiger.

Since I like felines, both domestic and wild, I’m delighted with the design and that I have the 2010 SCS Tiger in my Swarovski crystal collection.

Happy New Year to all Kristall Buzz readers and Swarovski collectors!

Dec 312010

Since 2011 is only hours away, I thought this was a good time to rejoice and remember the final Swarovski trilogy, “Endangered Wildlife” and look forward to the new Swarovski 2011 SCS Polar Bear Siku.

The Swarovski Gorillas were the 2009 Annual Edition pair.  The 2009 Annual Edition was the Swarovski Gorillas.  The SCS Gorillas were packaged with a mother and young cub.  Swarovski also offered a separate cub to its Swarovski SCS members.  The gorilla set retailed for $475.  The separate gorilla cub retailed for $180.

Now, a year after the SCS Gorillas retired, it does seem that this Swarovski crystal annual edition is still popular with Swarovski collectors.  For transactions completed in December, 2010, the Swarovski Gorillas are closing at prices from $350 – $600.  The Swarovski Gorilla cub transactions were not plentiful and completed transactions were below original retail price.

The Swarovski 2009 Annual Edition Gorillas and Gorilla cub were designed by Anton Hirzinger.  The Swarovski video on youtube briefly shows the Swarovski designer and how he was inspired by gorillas in their natural setting.

Crystal Exchange America commonly has listings for the 2009 SCS Swarovski Gorillas.

I’m pleased that the SCS Gorillas from 2009 are a part of my Swarovski crystal collection.

Dec 312010

The Swarovski trilogy, “Endangered Wildlife”, is the final trilogy for Swarovski crystal SCS members.  With 2011 literally right around the corner, I thought this was a good time to celebrate the last series made and make ways for the new Swarovski SCS Polar Bear Siku.

The 2008 Annual Edition was the Swarovski Pandas.  The SCS Pandas were packaged with a mother and young cub.  Swarovski also offered a separate cub to its Swarovski SCS members.  The panda pair retailed for $450.  The separate panda cub retailed for $180.

Now, two years later, it does seem that this Swarovski crystal annual edition is selling for prices higher than original retail.  For transactions completed in December, 2010, the Swarovski Pandas are closing at prices from $650 – $800.  The Swarovski Panda cub transactions are completing in the price range of $225 – $275.  This is good news for Swarovski crystal fanatics who may have purchased duplicate sets of these crystal figurines.

The Swarovski SCS 2008 Annual Edition Pandas and Panda cub were designed by Heinz Tabertshofer.  Swarovski created a video, where I found it on youtube, that shows the Swarovski designer and how he was inspired by pandas in action.

Crystal Exchange America frequently has listings for the 2008 SCS Swarovski Pandas.

The Swarovski SCS Pandas from 2008 are annual editions that I am happy to have in my Swarovski crystal collection.

Dec 272010

A newer Swarovski Crystal Myriad has been found on the Swarovski web is the Alsaqr Almalaki.  So what exactly is it?  It is the newest numbered limited edition in the Swarovski Myriad series.  The myriad figurine is a Swarovski falcon, in flight, gliding past a natural rock formation.  It features over 43,000 hand set crystals of six different colors.

The designer of this limited Swarovski myriad masterpiece is Elisabeth Adamer.  This magnificent Swarovski falcon is nearly 12 inches by 16 inches by 21 inches.  It has a retail price in the Swarovski online store of $15,500.  It is not clear from the Swarovski site the maximum production number, only that it is a numbered limited edition.  The official product page for the Swarovski Alsaqr Almalaki contains additional details from those mentioned here.

The company has retired Swarovski falcon head figurines. The Optik division also sold a promotional set of Swarovski falcon heads years ago.

There are other Swarovski figurines in the Myriad collection: Swarovski Amurath (stallion), Swarovski Jinlong (dragon), and Swarovski Matang (elephant).  Swarovski Crystal Myriad collection announcements are very interesting.

If you are interested in lower-priced Swarovski Limited Editions, many are available on the Crystal Exchange America web site.  The limited edition Swarovski figurines can be found in the ‘Limited Editions’ and ‘SCS Annual and Limited Editions’ categories of the store web site.

Dec 272010

Along with the discovery of the Swarovski SCS 2011 Annual Edition Polar Bear Siku, I found pictures and prices for the companion pieces the Swarovski Polar Bear Cubs.

2011 SCS Swarovski Polar Bear Cubs


Based on what the other retailer sites show in their store, Swarovski is offering a pair of polar bear cubs to Swarovski SCS members.  The polar bear set will be available in 2 different crystal varieties:  a pair in ‘crystal moonlight’ and a pair in ‘white opal’.  I’m not certain as to the differences in the finishes.  I think it would be nice to have one polar bear cub in ‘crystal moonlight’ and one polar bear cub in ‘white opal’, but I seriously doubt there is a mix-n-match option.  Per the sites I found, it is reported that the retail price on a single pair of Swarovski polar bear cubs is $350 or $390, depending on the site.
Swarovski crystal fanatics will likely want to purchase both sets of Swarovski polar bear cubs to go along with the Swarovski 2011 Polar Bear Siku.  But WOW!  It is hard to imagine forking out $1200 – $1300 (USD) for Swarovski annual edition figurines.

Dec 262010

To my surprise, I found a couple of sites, that I believe to be authorized Swarovski retailers, with information on the Swarovski SCS 2011 Annual Edition.

The 2011 SCS Annual Edition is a Polar Bear Siku.  It is packaged with a title plaque and retails for $490.  The Swarovski system number is 1435051.  I did not find details on the size.  To purchase the Swarovski Polar Bear Siku from an authorized retailer, a Swarovski SCS member will be required to have an up-to-date membership.  It should be possible to begin placing orders for this new SCS annual edition at the beginning of 2011.

Swarovski SCS 2011 Polar Bear Siku

For Swarovski collectors who like the SCS Polar Bear Siko, Swarovski has also retired some other polar bears that may be of interest:  Swarovski Nanuc Polar Bear and Swarovski Large Polar Bear .  Both of these Swarovski Polar Bear figurines can be found at the retired Swarovski dealer Crystal Exchange America.

Happy Holidays from the Kristall Buzz!

Dec 222010

The end of 2010 is drawing near, Swarovski crystal collectors should be sure that you have purchased the desired Swarovski Ornaments for your collection:  the annual edition Swarovski 2010 Ornament, the Swarovski SCS 2010 ornament, and the limited edition Swarovski red tip ornament.

Swarovski 2010 Ornament
Presently, the Swarovski 2010 Ornament (in the silver crystal product line) is still available at the Swarovski web site, and likely in boutiques and authorized retailers.  When the new year chimes in, the Swarovski 2010 ornament will not be available online or in the boutiques, and collectors who waited to purchase will turn to secondary market Swarovski brokers or perhaps the online auctions to make their purchases.
Swarovski Red Tip Ornament for 2010
The Swarovski red tip ornament can be found on a number of web sites and online auctions.  The Swarovski part number is 9400 000 296 and the Swarovski system number is 1 074 802.  The unique limited edition Swarovski ornament is an exclusive 2010 Swarovski ornament with red tips.  It is a 6-pointed snowflake ornament.  The middle crystal component of the ornament is clear cut, with the 6 points highlighted in light siam (red) crystal. The well-recognized Swarovski swan is imprinted on the metal tag and “2010” is engraved on the front of the ornament.  The ornament hangs from a red satin ribbon and the ornament is presented in the customary Swarovski blue packaging complete with a Swarovski certificate. Verena Castelein is the Swarovski artist credited with the design.
Swarovski SCS 2010 Ornament
The Swarovski SCS 2010 Ornament is a must-have ornament for Swarovski crystal fanatics.  The SCS Swarovski figurine is ‘golden shadow’ in color and has an identical design to the silver crystal 2010 ornament.  The only other difference is cognac-colored satin ribbon for hanging.  This Swarovski Club feature requires SCS membership when purchased from the Swarovski web site or authorized retailer.
We have more information about Swarovski Ornaments at the Crystal Exchange America web site: .

Dec 142010

Swarovski has produced holiday ornaments dating back to 1981.  The 1981 Snowflake ornament was designed to be either a Christmas ornament or a Christmas pendant since it was attached to a long chain.  Because of the timing a branding at the time, it is the only Swarovski ornament to bear the block SC logo.

Swarovski continued releasing ornaments in 1984, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989 and 1990 before settling in to the Swarovski Star / Swarovski Snowflake tradition.  During the years of 1984 -1990, the Swarovski ornaments were issued by their Giftware Suite division and did not contain any type of Swarovski logo.

In 1986, the Swarovski Ornaments were referred to by the company as “Holiday Etchings”.  There were 11 different shapes and sizes of the Swarovski Holiday Etchings.  From the literature I have seen, there were 4 angels, 3 bells, a dove, a peace, a holly, and a snowflake design on various shapes.   The single most important feature of knowing that these were limited editions to the year of 1986, is that the year is etched on these ornaments.  All these 1986 ornaments that I have seen are all in white velvet-like bags and have white Giftware Suite boxes.   All part numbers on the boxes are 5 digit numbers, beginning with “9”.

It is worthwhile to mention that these ornaments do have look-alikes, even made by Swarovski.  Many were made with the same design and shape, but do NOT include the etched 1986 on them, so they were not limited editions.  It has been documented that they were sometimes packaged in red, blue, or green vinyl-like boxes.

Being a few weeks before Christmas, there are countless Swarovski Ornaments listed for sale in the online auctions.  I have a few out there, on behalf of our clients, that have just ended or are ending in the next week.

So all you Swarovski crystal fanatics… if 1986 Swarovski Ornaments are on your wish list this Christmas, make sure that the 1986 is visible on the auction image to ensure that it is truly a limited edition ornament.

Happy Sparkling Holidays from the Kristall Buzz!

Dec 132010

Swarovski’s final weekend special was the Swarovski Limited Edition Parcel Pendant.  According to company advertising several weeks ago, had a maximum production of 500 units. This pendant featured a silver colored chain and setting.  It was a clear heart-shaped crystal embellished with light amethyst pave crystals. (The Swarovski system number is 1083012.)

Swarovski hosted four weekend events, which began in mid-November, selling limited edition jewelry  This was the second necklace pendant that sold out.

It would be neat to see Swarovski do this weekend event special featuring a special crystal figurine just before Valentine’s day???

Dec 122010

I found the Swarovski Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting Video on YouTube yesterday.  Check it out this video with some event highlights and official tree lighting  if you missed it November 30 when it was live on tv.

This is a beautiful tree covered with brilliant lights and ornaments!

If you are looking for Swarovski Ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree, from 1991 – 2010, check out the Crystal Exchange America web site.  We have many years available!

Dec 112010

Swarovski, a world leader in Swarovski Crystal figurines, jewelry, and fashion, will release a men’s collection in the spring or summer next year.  This new men’s collection will consist of rings, bracelets and chains with a focus on steel and black Swarovski gemstones.  This is fantastic news for the male crystal fanatics who have traditionally been excluded from Swarovski’s jewelry line.  Swarovski cites that the men’s collection will be “secretive, mysterious, and metallic.”

The world renowned crystal company mentions names of the five new Swarovski men’s jewelry collection lines: Nano, Newton, Nevada, Nightfall, New England, and Mooncarbon.  Each line focuses on different personalities and embellishing on different elements of a men’s accessory line.

Good luck Swarovski…hoping this is a true hit.  Perhaps in the future we’ll see a line designed for teen girls in terms of appeal and price!

Dec 102010

Swarovski has announced another exclusive online Limited Edition Swarovski Lion King set.  This special is for some of the Lion King characters and a Sunset Display.  The Lion King characters included in this promotion are Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba.  Mufasa is NOT included.

Swarovski does not mention a price for this Limited Edition set on their web site.  It does indicate that the set should be available for purchase beginning January 4, 2011.  Avid Swarovski Crystal collectors should make sure they are receiving Swarovski’s email for the most advance notice on the set becoming active online.

However, all this is not good news for Swarovski crystal collectors in the USA, as this offer is not extended to residents in the USA.  It is open to Canadian residents, so perhaps collectors will have a friend owing them a favor to get their hands on this.

More information is available on the Swarovski Limited Edition Lion King Set at the Swarovski web site and the Swarovski press center.

Dec 092010

I found my first glimpse of the newest future Swarovski limited edition member of the Swarovski Lovlots:  Charming Mo.  Swarovski Charming Mo is about 3 ¾ tall, and is reddish in color. She sports a removable heart charm celebration the 5th anniversary of the Swarovski Lovlots collection.  White hearts are printed on the lower leg area of the figurine.  Swarovski system # is 1089201.  Retail price on the 2011 limited edition Charming Mo is $245.

Charming Mo is the Lovlots limited edition figurine for 2011.  I’m liking the Mo’s, and this one looks like a cutie.

The Swarovski Crystal Society sneak peek for this upcoming release of Lovlots Charming Mo is at the Swarovski web site.

There’s more information on Swarovski Charming Mo at the Crystal Classics web site.  Charming Mo won’t officially be available until January, 2011.  However, it appears that Crystal Classics is accepting pre-orders, so if you’re wanting to be one of the first to own this Lovlots piece, this might be the site for you!

Dec 082010

December 7 was the final Swarovski Crystal inventory update for the year.  This last update includes new Swarovski crystal listings and price reductions incorporated for the holiday shopping season.  The majority of the store inventory is retired Swarovski and limited edition Swarovski figurines.

Among the most exciting news are price reductions for the Arribas Jeweled Mickey Mouse.  This Mickey Mouse figurine is a limited edition collectible, with only 10,000 produced in 1997.  He’s a very cute item liked by both Swarovski crystal collectors and Disney collectors.

We also have a listing for the Swarovski Limited Edition Pink Duck.  This pink duck is part of the Happy Ducks series and was a limited edition for the breast cancer awareness foundation.

Additionally, we have Swarovski Ornaments 2010  as well as the SCS Swarovski Ornament 2010.  We have a lot of Swarovski ornament listings for crystal ornaments, Swarovski Stars, and Swarovski Snowflakes.  We have them from 1981 through 2010.  We also have Crystal Memories Angels, Kris Bear Annual Editions, Trimlite Ornaments, and some other holiday issues that are Swarovski Crystal.

Happy Holidays to our Swarovski fanatics friends from Crystal Exchange America and the Kristall Buzz!

Dec 072010

Today, I received a discount Swarovski voucher via email.  The Swarovski coupon is valid for 20% off a purchase of $160 or more and is valid for most countries that offer Swarovski shopping online.  Act quickly with your purchase…the Swarovski coupon is good only thru December 16.  While the voucher does appear to have some exclusions (SCS crystal items in particular), it does appear to be valid on Swarovski Silver Crystal, Swarovski Crystal Moments, and Swarovski Jewelry. So be sure to check your email before doing your shopping at the Swarovski web site.

Happy Holidays to our Swarovski fanatics friends from Crystal Exchange America!