Dec 222010

The end of 2010 is drawing near, Swarovski crystal collectors should be sure that you have purchased the desired Swarovski Ornaments for your collection:  the annual edition Swarovski 2010 Ornament, the Swarovski SCS 2010 ornament, and the limited edition Swarovski red tip ornament.

Swarovski 2010 Ornament
Presently, the Swarovski 2010 Ornament (in the silver crystal product line) is still available at the Swarovski web site, and likely in boutiques and authorized retailers.  When the new year chimes in, the Swarovski 2010 ornament will not be available online or in the boutiques, and collectors who waited to purchase will turn to secondary market Swarovski brokers or perhaps the online auctions to make their purchases.
Swarovski Red Tip Ornament for 2010
The Swarovski red tip ornament can be found on a number of web sites and online auctions.  The Swarovski part number is 9400 000 296 and the Swarovski system number is 1 074 802.  The unique limited edition Swarovski ornament is an exclusive 2010 Swarovski ornament with red tips.  It is a 6-pointed snowflake ornament.  The middle crystal component of the ornament is clear cut, with the 6 points highlighted in light siam (red) crystal. The well-recognized Swarovski swan is imprinted on the metal tag and “2010” is engraved on the front of the ornament.  The ornament hangs from a red satin ribbon and the ornament is presented in the customary Swarovski blue packaging complete with a Swarovski certificate. Verena Castelein is the Swarovski artist credited with the design.
Swarovski SCS 2010 Ornament
The Swarovski SCS 2010 Ornament is a must-have ornament for Swarovski crystal fanatics.  The SCS Swarovski figurine is ‘golden shadow’ in color and has an identical design to the silver crystal 2010 ornament.  The only other difference is cognac-colored satin ribbon for hanging.  This Swarovski Club feature requires SCS membership when purchased from the Swarovski web site or authorized retailer.
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