Jan 212011

It’s been snowing A LOT here, and I thought it would be neat to experiment with a camera and Swarovski ornaments in the snow and ice!

Swarovski Ornament – Santa’s Hat

I picked out 2 colorful ornaments, the Swarovski Santa Hat and the Swarovski Festive Hearts Ornament.  The Swarovski Santa Hat Ornament was hung from a branch in a frozen tree (it’s only 10 degrees F here!)  This Swarovski Ornament was introduced in 2008 and it is still current.  The price on the Swarovski web site is $75.

Swarovski Ornament – Festive Hearts
The Swarovski Festive Hearts Ornament was resting in the snow (about 6″ of snow in the last day!).  This Swarovski Ornament can be purchased as a single ornament at the Swarovski web site at $41.

It is worthwhile to mention that Swarovski Festive Hearts is also included in two different ornament sets:  the Swarovski Mini Ornament Set (Sparkling Cookie, Twinkling Mittens, and Festive Hearts) and the Swarovski Stocking, Hearts, Candy Cane Set.  The Swarovski ornament set with the candy cane retails for $110 at the Swarovski site.

However, the Swarovski ornament set with the twinkling mittens is presently on sale for $55!  This Swarovski crystal figurine group is three ornaments in the same package (not three ornaments in three separate boxes sold as a group).  Since it is on sale, I’m thinking that this will soon be retired / discontinued “as a set”.  This is speculation….I have not checked with any Swarovski retirements listings.

I hope that all Swarovski fanatics are staying warm and safe in the frigid winter season!  Perhaps there will be some more pictures of Swarovski crystal in the snow posted here again!  If there are any retired Swarovski ornaments on your wish list, check out Crystal Exchange America web site http://www.crystalexchange.com/ ….there are a lot listed there.

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