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Swarovski introduced the Swarovski Paradise figurines in 2000.  I think the real significant feature of the Paradise line is that it was the first line to be in all color, not just using color for highlights.  In this initial launch of the crystal creations, all the Paradise figurines were insects:  Swarovski Paradise Bees / Bumblebees, Swarovski  Paradise Beetles, Swarovski  Paradise Butterflies, Swarovski Paradise Dragonflies, Swarovski Paradise Flies, Swarovski Paradise Grasshoppers, & Swarovski Paradise Scarabs.

Swarovski created the Paradise ‘Exotic Fish and South Sea’ in 2004.  There were approximately 19 different figurines in this collection.  Nearly all of the ‘Exotic Fish and South Sea’ were retired by 2007.

The Paradise ‘Exotic Flowers’ was launched in 2006.  As of today, there are about 11 items in this collection.  Some of the Exotic Flowers are retired and some are still being produced.

Overall, there are over 190 Swarovski Crystal figurines that have been connected with the Swarovski Paradise line.  Over the course of time, unassigned figurines have been introduced into the Paradise line, perhaps because of the significant use of coloring. The Cockatoo, Macaw, Parrot, and Black Diamond Toucan are examples are some of them.

Swarovski Paradise Black Diamond Toucan Retired in 2009


At present, Swarovski does not utilize theme groups within the Paradise line, but the Paradise birds are in the ‘Silver Lake’ collection.

Now, after the brief history lesson, I can reveal that there is a web site with the Swarovski Paradise Retirements in a free and easy-to-use format.  http://www.retiredswarovski.com/ has a series of web pages with Swarovski Paradise Retirements, 2002 through 2010.  If you want to know what year a Swarovski Paradise figurine retired, type it in the ‘search’ box of the site, and the results list will indicate a list of possibilities for a collector to select from to make getting the retirement year (answer) successful.

At RetiredSwarovski.com, it is also possible to print out the fact sheet listings by year of Swarovski Paradise retirements, 2002 to 2009.  The fact sheets are very useful in knowing which figurines retired in which years.  The fact sheets include small photos, Swarovski Name, Swarovski Part Number, and Year Introduced.

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