Feb 282011

Swarovski crystal fanatics and Ugg fanatics, get ready for your Swarovski Limited Edition Ugg Boots!  These are Ugg boots, embellished with Swarovski crystals for several major markets.  The Ugg boot decorations celebrate some famous cities/regions (most of which are in the USA):  London, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City, and Washington DC.  According to the articles I read, the limited edition Swarovski emblazoned boots retail in the $800 – $900 price range!  And the boots are only available in Ugg stores of the celebrated cities.

Ugg Boots embellished with Swarovski crystal stones

The New York City grey boots commemorate the New York skyline with the Empire State building in Swarovski stones.  The United Kingdom version shows a crown in Swarovski crystals.  There is a Union Jack version as well for the United Kingdom, that appears to be decorated with clear and red Swarovski crystal stones.  The Miami, Florida Ugg boots are white, decorated with numerous colors.  Pink flamingos and palm trees are obvious icons for these boots.  The Los Angeles, California Ugg boots are black.  The design appears to focus on the nightlife of the city and nearby Hollywood, featuring red and clear Swarovski stones.  The Washington DC / Georgetown Ugg boots are naturally decorated with traditional red, white, and blue Swarovski stones, with our grand flag design….stars and stripes forever.  The flag is on a grey-colored Ugg boot.  The Las Vegas, Nevada Ugg boots appear to be dark brown and symbolic of the gambling in the city.  Aces, poker chips, and dice are incorporated into this city design.

One site I read indicated that there were 100 pairs created for each city, and that each pair was numbered to ensure authenticity.  I supposed that makes them Swarovski NLE!  I did not find any mention of the release date. There is a theory that the team effort between Ugg and Swarovski will extend to other cities, as if these cities are test-market areas.

I like my Ugg boots and slippers….very comfy.  However, I cannot see myself spending a small fortune on footwear embellished with crystal unless I plan to display them right next to my other Limited Edition Swarovski figurines in the cabinet!

Feb 252011

Here is another acronym used in advertising Swarovski crystal that is offered for sale.  While the many experienced Swarovski Crystal collectors understand the frequently used acronyms, there are still a lot of people buying and selling Swarovski who do not have knowledge of the acronyms or can be mislead by improper use of the acronym.  So, I thought I’d do my best to cover another acronym and offer cautions on the use of it.

Swarovski HTF – Swarovski Hard-To-Find.  This acronym has potential…..that is when it is not mis-used.  ‘Rare’ would be the most difficult among Swarovski crystal items to locate.  ‘Hard to Find’ would be next in line.  Rare and Hard-To-Find figurines would be the most sought after Swarovski pieces, and likely command the highest prices.

The issue with Swarovski HTF is that many times auction sellers use it to get traffic to their auction items or pump up the price, even when the item is not Hard-To-Find.  Take a look at the auctions using this link:

Swarovski HTF crystal figurines in an online auction

As of the posting of this article, there are 68 items in the search results.  I think only 5 or 6 of Swarovski figurines could really be classified as Hard-To-Find, and that is if you are generous with the term.  Over 40 of the items in the search results are from the same seller who uses both Rare and Hard-To-Find in the auction titles.  And honestly, many of his items are ETF….easy-to-find.  So here is a prime example of the term Swarovski HTF being used to hopefully generate leads to his auction as the items are indeed not rare or hard to find.

If a Swarovski collector is wondering about the accuracy on the rarity of the item, a google search can be performed on the item name.  If there are a lot of hits with stores that have it in stock, it is certainly not rare or hard to find.  An auction search could be performed as well to see how many are available for sale at the moment and do a price comparison at the same time.

In conclusion, do some of your own investigation before leaping to bid or buy it now because you see Swarovski HTF used in an auction title or description.

Feb 242011

I have good news for Swarovski collectors…..the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski: Beyond Silver Crystal Swarovski catalog is now available!

This Swarovski catalog is in its 15th year of publication.   Tom and Jane Warner, the book authors, are true Swarovski collectors and annually publish new Swarovski books each year.

Swarovski 2011 Book featuringi non-silver-crystal figurines

The Swarovski Beyond Silver Crystal catalog contains Swarovski pictures and detailed information about Swarovski crystal figurines across many company product lines for the past 35 years! It is the photos in the book, along with dimensions and other facts that allow for accurate Swarovski identification to properly insure a Swarovski collection.  The Swarovski product lines or groupings include in the Beyond Silver Crystal book are:  Swarovski Crystal Moments, Swarovski Myriad, Swarovski Chinese Zodiacs, Swarovski Soulmates, Swarovski Home Accessories, Daniel Swarovski Home Accessories, Daniel Swarovski Masterpiece, Julia’s World, Perfumes, Paperweights, Swarovski Trimlite, Swarovski Crystal Signatures, Swarovski Christmas Memories, Crystal Scents, Swarovski CrystalograMs, Arribas Creations, and Swarovski Paradise. That’s nearly 1700 Swarovski Crystal items in the Beyond Silver Crystal Book.

The primary reasons for publishing the Swarovski book annually are to:
  • Include previous year Swarovski crystal introductions and retirements
  • Revise Swarovski Value (Swarovski ERV in the publication) to 2011 standards

For the 2011 Swarovski catalog, approximately 75 new crystal figurines have been added from the 2010 edition.  Approximately 35 retirements are now newly retired from the 2010 edition. Investigation for 2011 Swarovski ERV was completed in January 2011, so the determined Swarovski Value for the retired Swarovski figurines for the 2011 edition is fresh.

Swarovski collectors who have never purchased the book can find contact information for the authors at the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book web site http://www.wbrb.com/ (on the About Us tab) to determine which book is best for the collector or if the collectors should purchase the complete book set.  For loyal Swarovski collections who know exactly what they need, the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski: Beyond Silver Crystal, can be placed at Warner’s web site or http://www.crystalexchange.com/c-PUB.html.

Feb 222011

I have good news for Swarovski collectors…..the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski Silver Crystal Swarovski catalogue is now available!

This Swarovski catalogue is in its 18th year of publication.   Tom and Jane Warner, the book authors, are true Swarovski collectors and annually publish new Swarovski books each year.

The Swarovski silver crystal catalogue contains photos and detailed information about Swarovski SCS crystal figurines and Silver Crystal product releases (as well as product variations on those releases) for the past 35 years! That’s nearly 1300 Swarovski Crystal items in the Silver Crystal Book.

Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski, 2011 Catalogue release
There are two main reasons for publishing the Swarovski book annually:
  • Include prior year Swarovski introductions and retirements
  • Update Swarovski Value (Swarovski ERV in the publication)

For the 2011 Swarovski catalogue, there are approximately 50 new crystal figurines from the 2010 edition.  There are approximately 50 retirements from the 2010 edition.

Research for the 2011 Swarovski catalogue was performed in January 2011, so the determined Swarovski ERV values for the retired Swarovski figurines for the 2011 edition is hot off the press.

For Swarovski fanatics ready to purchase the newest, most accurate information, the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski Silver Crystal, the order can be placed at http://www.wbrb.com/ or http://www.crystalexchange.com/c-PUB.html

Feb 202011

Here are more acronyms used in advertising Swarovski crystal that is offered for sale.  While the many experienced Swarovski Crystal collectors understand the frequently used acronyms, there are still a lot of people buying and selling Swarovski who do not have knowledge of the acronyms or can be mislead by improper use of the acronym.  So, I thought I’d do my best to cover a few more acronyms and offer cautions on the use of them.

Swarovski CRV – Swarovski Current Replacement Value.  The term CRV was used in Dean Genth’s Swarovski book in 2004. I have not seen it used in publications since.  The basis of his research was not disclosed in the book.  Auction sellers using CRV in an auction may be using very dated values.

Swarovski ERV – Swarovski Estimated Replacement Value.  Swarovski ERV originated in a reputable Swarovski BookWarner’s Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski.  The intended definition and use of the term today is ‘Swarovski value for insurance purposes’.  Swarovski ERV is a recommendation for insurance value based on professional research performed in the past 12 months.  If a Swarovski collector damages or has a figurine stolen, it is likely that the collector can replace the figurine with a MINT one at a cost of the Swarovski ERV or slightly less.

So many times Swarovski ERV is mis-used in the online auctions.  Sellers may not honestly know what the acronym ERV stands for because they have not read the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book preface.   Or perhaps, their auction data was based on another erroneous auction description.  Or, perhaps, the seller has simply manipulated the acronym to imply Estimated Retail Value, thus inflating the value of the crystal figurine for less knowledgeable bidders.  No matter what the case, the important fact to realize is that Swarovski ERV is an insurance value, not a selling value.  No seller should ever expect a Swarovski figurine to sell for a price near the Swarovski ERV.  If the item is sold using a professional brokerage service, the seller will not be able to collect the Swarovski ERV when a transaction for the Swarovski crystal collectible is completed, since ERV is a suggested insurance value, not a selling price.

Another way the Swarovski ERV is mis-used is when a seller cites an outdated ERV in the auction.  It is a natural assumption that a Swarovski value increases over the years.  For many years this was true, but this has not been the case in recent years.  So when an auction seller quotes an ERV from 2005 and then states that the value is on the rise, this is sort of like a trap to a less knowledgeable buyer.  Sadly, in all likelihood, the 2011 ERV is less than the 2005 ERV.

In conclusion, Swarovski Value can have a number of defininitions….selling price, insurance replacement value, or a sentimental value.  Be careful not to get caught up with a seller’s version of value when the term Swarovski ERV or Swarovski CRV is used in the auction description.  Thoroughly review the auction description.  Do research when deciding your maximum price:  check recently sold items and brokerage sites.  Know the seller’s return policy.  When the transaction is over, the buyer should be happy with outcome.

Feb 182011

Swarovski stores are actively contacting their SCS customers about placing an order for the Swarvoski NLE  2011 – the Swarovski Bald Eagle.

Swarovski Limited Edition Bald Eagle – SCS NLE for 2011

A store in Ohio has added the Swarovski Bald Eagle to their web site Limited Edition Bald Eagle.

This video on the Swarovski Bald Eagle is on YouTube:
From what we have heard, an SCS member may purchase more than one Swarovski Bald Eagle.  We’ve also heard that about 1/3 of the 10,000 Bald Eagles are allocated to SCS members in the USA.  Coming from our customers, a number of Swarovski members have already declined to purchase as they prefer a clear crystal limited edition figurine.

The Swarovski Bald Eagle is the seventh Swarovski Numbered Limited Edition (of 10,000) issued by Swarovski since 1995.  Other Swarovski NLE include:

So if you are highly interested to add the Swarovski Crystal Bald Eagle to your collection, you may wish to contact your favorite retailer real soon, ready with your SCS valid membership number, so that your order can be placed for the crystal figurine.  As Swarovski has done in the past with other NLE, after a short period of time, the Swarovski Bald Eagles will be offered online to non-SCS members.

Feb 172011

The Swarovski Centrotavola Centerpiece is a rare and unique sculpture that was in the Daniel Swarovski product line.  So you are wondering just how rare it is?  Swarovski produced only 250 of them from 1989 to 1997.  The Centrotavola bowl is a Swarovski NLE. Each of the Centrotavola centerpiece bowls had a numbered certificate (matches the number engraved on the bowl) accompanying the rare figurine.  The original MSRP of the figurine was $5275.

Swarovski Centrotavola Centerpiece sitting on Swarovski Box

The Swarovski artist credited with the design is Ettore Sottsass.  The Swarovski part number is 9980 000 005.  The Swarovski system number is 155 459.  This magnificent centerpiece measures 10″ in diameter.
There are surprising factors in the sale…the length of time listed and the final selling price.  I’d like to think that a Swarovski limited edition figurine of 250 units would definitely hold the original retail price.  And that a Swarovski limited edition figurine of 250 units would have a faster turnaround with respect to how quickly it sells after it is listed on the web site.

This rare Swarovski crystal Centrotavola was listed  on the Crystal Exchange America web site (http://www.crystalexchange.com/) nearly 2 ½ years prior to selling.  Not only that, the list price when it sold was about 33% LESS than the original MSRP.  The Centrotavola bowl was in MINT condition with all original packaging, so condition, certificate, and box did not play a part in the final price.

Swarovski Certificate, engraved number, and engraved designer signature

So what does this mean to Swarovski fanatics?  I believe there are a lot of factors that contribute to whether or not retired Swarovski sells quickly and the final selling price of the figurines.  In this case, I think the biggest factors are the economy and the overall appeal to the collector.  The economy is still weaker, contributing to the overall trading prices on ALL retired Swarovski collectibles.  Since our beautiful Swarovski crystal is not a necessity, people and collectors are spending less money from their expendable budget on it.  While the Centrotavola is certainly a magnificent Swarovski figurine, I think that many collectors still prefer animal-type figurines and sculptures.   My company, Crystal Exchange America, has a much higher turnover rate on animals or cute figurines, than on functional items, like candleholders, bowls, or more artsy-type productions from Swarovski.

My strong recommendation is to purchase the Swarovski crystal figurines that a collector personally likes and will get enjoyment out of displaying.  I used to purchase more Swarovski than I do now….mostly due to the economy and limitations on my budget.  So, it is more important than ever for me to pick my favorite Swarovski figurines when I make that decision to purchase.

Feb 152011

Swarovski fanatics will be excited about the upcoming release of the new colorful Swarovski Paradise figurines.

In 2000, Swarovski launched the first Paradise figurines. They were insects:  Swarovski Paradise Bees / Bumblebees, Swarovski Paradise Beetles, Swarovski Paradise Butterflies, Swarovski Paradise Dragonflies, Swarovski Paradise Flies, Swarovski Paradise Grasshoppers, & Swarovski Paradise Scarabs.  In 2004, Swarovski launched the Paradise ‘Exotic Fish and South Sea’.  In 2006, Swarovski launched the Paradise ‘Exotic Flowers’.In 2011, the theme is one of Underwater Beauty.  Swarovski Paradise figurines in the new collection include:
  • Swarovski Sea Goldies, Topaz
  • Swarovski Pearl Oyster, Vintage Rose
  • Swarovski French Angelfish, Jonquil Moroda
  • Swarovski Emperor Angelfish, Jonquil
From the four items that will be available in March, I like the Swarovski French Angelfish the best.  This new group of Swarovski Paradise figurines reminds me of the Swarovski ‘South Sea’ theme group.There is a slide show with attractive pictures of the new Swarovski Paradise figurines on the official Swarovski web site.

If your Swarovski collection is missing a retired Swarovski Paradise figurine, Crystal Exchange America has a large selection available.

Feb 132011

When Swarovski crystal collectors mention Swarovski AE Ornaments, we almost immediately think of Christmas ornaments, the Swarovski Star Ornaments and the Swarovski Snowflake Ornaments.  However, these are not the only AE (Annual Edition) ornaments done by Swarovski.

The crystal brand also made Swarovski Crystal AE Heart Ornaments from 2004 – 2008.
  • Swarovski AE 2004 Heart Ornament – This crystal heart is a clear heart with a red heart in the center.  The clear heart is laser etched with 2004.
  • Swarovski AE 2005 Heart Ornament – This crystal heart is opposite of the 2004 ornament.  It is a read heart with a clear heart in the center.  The red heart is laser etched with 2005.
  • Swarovski AE 2006 Heart Ornament – This crystal heart is clear (like the 2004 heart), but it has a pink heart in the center.  The clear heart is laser etched with 2006.
  • Swarovski AE 2007 Heart Ornament – This crystal heart is much different than those from 2004 – 2006.  It is a peach-colored heart and it laser etched with 2007.  This Swarovski AE heart was used on the Swarovski Steiff Bear ‘Jewels’ in 2007.
  • Swarovski AE 2008 Heart Ornament – This crystal heart is rosaline (pink) with a beaded loop below the heart.  It is laser etched with 2008.
Swarovski AE Heart Ornament from 2005

I found the retired Swarovski Heart Ornaments 2005 – 2008 on ebay for Swarovski collectors looking for them.   There is no implied endorsement on any of the sellers, the link is for quick access to the items.

Crystal Exchange America has the retired 2004 AE Heart Swarovski Ornaments on their web site.  It is listed in the ‘Christmas & Ornaments’ category of the store.  Happy Valentine’s Day to Swarovski fanatics around the world!

Feb 122011

I’m going to cover some more acronyms used in advertising crystal that is for sale primarily in the online auctions.  While the many seasoned Swarovski Crystal collectors understand the acronyms, there are still a lot of people buying and selling Swarovski who truly do not understand the commodity at hand.  So, I thought I’d do my best to explain the acronyms and offer cautions on the use of them.

Swarovski SCS – Swarovski Crystal Society.  This is the Swarovski Clubthat collectors can optionally join. Membership is approximately $55 USD per year.  Swarovski SCS members receive a subscription to the Swarovski magazine and have the privilege of purchasing the Swarovski Annual Edition crystal figurine online or from a retail store.  (Following the explanation of Swarovski AE below, I have provided a list of the Swarovski SCS figurines and years they were released.)Swarovski AE – Swarovski Annual Edition.  Annual edition means that it is available for one year only.  When a Swarovski collector refers to an Annual Edition, they typically mean the Swarovski SCS figurine for Swarovski Club members or perhaps the annual edition Christmas ornaments.  The following Swarovski SCS crystal figurines are annual editions:

Swarovski AE Lovebirds -1987, Swarovski AE Woodpeckers – 1988, Swarovski AE Turtledoves – 1989,

Swarovski AE Dolphins – 1990, Swarovski AE Seals – 1991, Swarovski AE Whales – 1992,
Swarovski AE Elephant – 1993, Swarovski AE Kudu – 1994, Swarovski AE Lion- 1995,
Swarovski AE Unicorn- 1996, Swarovski AE Dragon- 1997, Swarovski AE Pegasus – 1998,
Swarovski AE Pierrot – 1999, Swarovski AE Columbine – 2000, Swarovski AE Harlequin – 2001,
Swarovski AE Isadora- 2002, Swarovski AE Antonio – 2003, Swarovski AE Anna – 2004,
Swarovski AE Harmony – 2005, Swarovski AE Eternity – 2006, Swarovski AE Community – 2007,
Swarovski AE Pandas – 2008, Swarovski AE Gorillas – 2009, Swarovski AE Tiger – 2010, and

Swarovski AE Siku – 2011.

Swarovski AE Tiger – 2010
In many cases, Swarovski SCS figurines are Swarovski AE figurines.  However, Swarovski AE figurines are not necessarily Swarovski SCS figurines.  One thing for certain to keep in mind is that Swarovski SCS figurines definitely have special Swarovski Certificates. Swarovski AE figurines may or may not have a special certificate.  Be careful if you see contradictory information (for example an auction for a Swarovski AE states Swarovski Certificate included, but shows an image of the generic product booklet). Locating and purchasing a special AE certificate can be difficult and expensive (yes, expensive for a few page pamplet).  When the transaction is completed the buyer needs to be satisfied with the merchandise being offered and final winning bid.

Feb 112011

I recently found a Swarovski video that features issues from the Swarovski Crystal Myriad Collection on YouTube.

It features the four Swarovski Crystal Myriad sculptures from 2010:

The Swarovski Crystal Myriad objects of art are all Swarovski NLE (Swarovski Numbered Limited Editions).  Each Crystal Myriad has a maximum production of 300 units.  Depending on the item, the Crystal Myriad figurine has 32,000 – 63,000 hand-set crystals.  In general, the more the crystals and hours to create, the higher the purchase price.  The price range of the Crystal Myriad figurines is $12,000 – $18,000.  WOW!  I think they should come to life for that pretty penny!  (or at a minimum that I can drive it somewhere)

I am a confused about the availability of the Swarovski Crystal Myriad collection.  At one place on Swarovski’s web site, it states that the Swarovski Jinlong and Swarovski Amurath are sold out.  However, it you go directly to the item on the site, it is still possible to add both of them to your shopping cart.  From previous experience, if an item is not available on the Swarovski site, I’d see a button that indicates ‘go to the boutique finder’ vs add to cart.

If you are interested in lower-priced Swarovski Limited Editions, many are available on the Crystal Exchange America web site.  The limited edition Swarovski figurines can be found in the ‘Limited Editions’ and ‘SCS Annual and Limited Editions’ categories of the store web site.

Feb 102011

Swarovski has long been the industry leader in high quality crystal figurines.  For over 30 years, Swarovski designed and produced clear crystal figurines. Swarovski did not utilize any coloring technique, except for black used on animal eyes or whiskers. Even the colored Swarovski crystal paperweights were clear, with a coloring application applied to the base of the paperweight, which was then covered with felt.

In 1997, the Swarovski SCS Dragon featured gleaming red eyes.  In 1999, the Swarovski Pierrot launched as a clear SCS Annual Edition figurine with some colored accents.  Other Swarovski Annual Editions in the ‘Masquerade’ series, Swarovski Columbine and Swarovski Harlequin, also featured colored accents on the clear crystal figurines.

In 2000, the Swarovski Paradise line was introduced.  The Swarovski Paradise figurines were full of brilliant colors.  And it was this line of Swarovski figurines that opened the doorways to the multitude of colored figurines that are now staples in the crystal brand’s product offerings.  Today, Swarovski Paradise and Swarovski Lovlots do not even use clear components on the figurines.

In 2011, I look at the Swarovski web site, and the variety of Swarovski crystal figurines available, virtually all of new product introductions are colored or are clear with obvious colored accents.  The only Swarovski clear figurines are the ones that have been in the catalogs for a number of years.

Swarovski is now doing makeovers on their older figurines….
  • Butterfly on Leaf, designed by Claudia Schneiderbauer and introduced in 1994,  is being modernized .  The new name is Sparkling Butterfly.  The new feature is the butterfly in Crystal Aurore Boreale.
  • Rose, designed by Michael Stamey, introduced in 1993 and retired in 2007 is being renovated.  The new name is Blossoming Rose.  The new features are the rose petals in Crystal Blush and stem/leaves in Crystal Silver Shade.

The 2011 transformations of the ‘Butterfly on Leaf’ and ‘Rose’ crystal figurines are on the Swarovski web site.  They remain a part of the original theme group “In the Secret Garden”, using the names ‘Sparkling Butterfly’ and ‘Blossoming Rose’ respectively.

A Swarovski 2010 introduction has also been made-over:  Swan, designed by Anton Hirzinger.
The new name is Jet Swan.  The new feature is that it is solid black (jet) instead of clear.  The Swarovski Jet Swan is also pictured on the Swarovski web site.

Of the 2010 releases, the only crystal designs I can think of that were clear are the Swan (remade as the Jet Swan) and 2010 Annual Edition ornament (which was remade in a golden shadow 2010 SCS ornament).  Now, take a look at the remaining Swarovski 2011 introductions that the sneak previews allow Swarovski SCS member access to.  While there a number of new designs with color, I see no new designs in (exclusively) clear crystal.

With respect to crystal figurine designs, it appears that Swarovski is moving in the direction that they feel their customers want.  Personally, I like the colored Swarovski figurines.  However, I do talk to a lot of Swarovski crystal collectors in my business.  Many of those collectors who have been passionately collecting since the 1980’s and 1990’s do miss the classical clear figurines.  It is that generation of the Swarovski collectors who desires some new unique designs implemented in clear crystal. Perhaps Swarovski could create a new theme group within the Silver Crystal line devoted to clear figurines if they wish to entertain Swarovski collector suggestions.  And if it is not Swarovski’s vision to persue those Swarovski enthusiasts, those collectors will continue to purchase retired Swarovski figurines from reputable secondary market Swarovski dealers or check out what is available at the online auctions.

Feb 082011

Swarovski fanatics will be excited about the upcoming release of the new Swarovski Jade, the Lovlots 2011 Limited Edition!

Swarovski Jade is a Dancing Horse, part of the new Swarovski Lovlots Circus series.  Swarovski Jade is a limited edition crystal figurine available only in 2011. A cute photo of Swarovski Jade and more information regarding launch date (March 7, 2011) is available at the Swarovski web site.

Other Swarovski Lovlots Circus crystal figures that go with Jade, the Swarovski dancing horse, are: Swarovski Benny Bunny, Swarovski Jasmine Dancing Horse, Swarovski Leo Lion, Swarovski Rolly Monkey, Swarovski Rosalie Dancing Horse,  Swarovski Toby Elephant,  and Swarovski Tony Elephant.

Pictures of eight Swarovski Lovlots Circus figurines can be found at the Swarovski web site.  The site also states that they should be available in the online shop for purchase in March of 2011.  There is no mention of the price on any of them.

The Swarovski Lovlots Circus is the 4th series of adorable Lovlots figurines.  The other Swarovski Lovlots are series include: Swarovski City Park, Swarovski House of Cats, and Swarovski Gang of Dogs.  Another “unofficial series” are the Lovlots Pioneers which are initial group of Lovlots figurines.
The crystal brand has previously offered Swarovski Limited Editions in the Lovlots series product line:
  • Ziggy, (Woodpecker)  – Swarovski LE from City Park
  • Theo (Cat) – Swarovski LE from House of Cats
  • Violetta (Poodle) – Swarovski LE  from Gang of Dogs

Other special limited edition Swarovski Lovlots include: Shady (Swarovski LE 2006), Pinky Mo (Swarovski LE 2007), Swarovski Soccer Mo (Swarovski LE 2008), Swarovski Flower Mo (Swarovski LE 2009), Swarovski Halloween Mo (Swarovski LE 2009), Swarovski Country Mos (Swarovski LE 2010), Swarovski Glamour Mos (Swarovski LE 2010), and Swarovski Charming Mo (Swarovski LE 2011).  The limited edition year in engraved on the bottom of these Swarovski Lovlots crystal issues.

If your Swarovski collection is missing a retired Swarovski Lovlots figurine, Crystal Exchange America has a large selection available. They have figurines from all four series in addition to the special limited edition Lovlots.

Feb 072011

Within the past few days, one of our clients has received a number of phone calls from Swarovski retailers about placing his order for the Swarovski 2011 Numbered Limited Edition, the Swarovski Bald Eagle 2011.

Here’s some information about the Swarovski NLE Bald Eagle that the retailers shared:
  • The collector must supply his Swarovski SCS member number for the store to put in an order for the Swarovski Bald Eagle
  • The Swarovski 2011 NLE retails for nearly $4000.
  • Maximum production for the Swarovski NLE Bald Eagle is 10,000.
  • The 2011 NLE Swarovski Bald Eagle will come in a blue suitcase with a Swarovski Certificate of Authenticity and gloves.
  • The Swarovski NLE Bald Eagle uses colored crystal components.
  • The 2011 Swarovski Bald Eagle is sold on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Swarovski Designer for the Swarovski 2011 Bald Eagle is Heinz Tabertshofer.
I found this e-flyer on the internet for the Swarovski 2011 NLE Bald Eagle
The crystal brand has produced other Swarovski Eagle figurines:
Other Swarovski Numbered Limited Editions include: Swarovski NLE Eagle – 1995, Swarovski NLE Peacock – 1998, Swarovski NLE Wild Horses – 2001, Swarovski NLE Elephant – 2004, Swarovski NLE Bull – 2006, and Swarovski NLE Rhinoceros – 2008.
So if you are highly interested to add the Swarovski Crystal Bald Eagle to your collection, you may wish to contact your favorite retailer, ready with your valid SCS membership number, so that they can get your order in for this crystal figurine.  As the company has done in the past with other NLE, after a short period of time, they will begin offering it to non-SCS members.

Feb 062011

It is very common to see acronyms used in normal Swarovski descriptions and in online auctions (due to the limitation of characters in item titles).  While the majority of Swarovski crystal collectors understand the acronyms, I’m sure there are still a lot of new collectors and inexperienced bidders (aka newbies) on the scene. So, I thought I’d take some time do my best to explain the acronyms, provide history, and offer cautions on the use of them.

Swarovski LE – Swarovski Limited Edition.  A Swarovski limited edition figurine may be limited by distribution channel.  A Swarovski limited edition figurine may be limited by year of availability.  A Swarovski limited edition figurine may be limited by quantity (but it may not be a Swarovski NLE) Examples of Swarovski Limited Editions are:
  • Swarovski Flower Mo – online only exclusive
  • Swarovski Tinker Bell – available only in 2008
  • Swarovski Employee Centenar – only 9700 produced

Swarovski NLE – Swarovski Numbered Limited Edition.  The Swarovski Numbered Limited Edition pieces are Swarovski figurines that are etched with a number and have a pre-determined maximum production quantity.  Examples of Swarovski NLE items include: Swarovski Eagle, Swarovski Peacock, Swarovski Wild Horses, Swarovski Elephant, Swarovski Bull, Swarovski Rhinoceros, and Swarovski Black Panther.  Pictures of six Swarovski NLE can be found at  http://www.swarovskibroker.com/ .  The four sculptures in the Swarovski Crystal Myriad Collection are additional of Swarovski NLE issues.

The difference between a Swarovski LE and Swarovski NLE is that the Swarovski LE itself is not numbered.  There are also Swarovski LE figurines that have numbered certificates, such as the Swarovski masks and Swarovski Platonic Bodies.  These items are not considered NLE since the number is not on the figurine itself.

Hopefully this brief discussion will help all Swarovski collectors in knowing what Limited Editions and Numbered Limited Editions are.  Understanding the differences is key so that no mistakes are made in understanding just how exclusive a particular retired Swarovski figurine may be.