Feb 042011

One of my favorite Swarovski crystal figurines is the Swarovski Apollo Bowl.  Like many Swarovski collectors, I generally prefer the cute animals, but I have always liked this colorful bowl.

The Swarovski Apollo Bowl is a white frosted bowl, with 40 colored stones attached to it.  It is approximately 7. 5″ in diameter and 3″ in height.  The Swarovski designer of the Apollo Bowl is Boris Sipek.

The Swarovski Apollo Bowl was in production for eight years: 1996 to 2004.  During this period, some of the Apollo Bowls were made with numbers on them, and some of them were made without any number on them.  So, I guess some of the Apollo Bowls are Numbered Editions, but they are not Swarovski Limited Editions.  The accompanying paperwork does not make any mention of the individual number on the bowl.

To see if there is a number imprinted on any Apollo Bowl, turn the bowl upside down and look in the center (this is not where the logo and designer name are located).  It is difficult to see since the bowl is frosted.  On those with numbers, I have see numbers under 2000 and numbers over over 11,000.  The number inscriptions begin with SG, and then ’97’, followed by the 4 or 5-digit number.  So it may be that the particular numbered bowl was produced in 1997.

Still recovering from the blizzard and ice storms here, I took my Swarovski Apollo Bowl out into the snow, added a small snowball and clicked a picture.

Swarovski Apollo Bowl

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