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Swarovski makes a number of beautiful candleholders in their Swarovski Silver Crystal and Swarovski Home Accessories product lines.  Swarovski candle holders look lovely on tables and in crystal display cabinets.

However, I can tell you that burning candles in them is not something I would recommend.  Cleaning wax from any candle holder can be a job, but cleaning wax from a Swarovski crystal candle holder is a real challenge.  The simplest way to remove wax from candle holders is to heat the wax and removed it in a softer or more fluid state.  But, heating a Swarovski candle holder has a good bit of risk….excess heat can dissolve the glue holding the crystal components together.  Putting in it the dishwasher…..absolutely not!  Putting it in the microwave….I just don’t think so.  Using a hair dryer….I personally would not take the chance.

Swarovski crystal collectors may choose to simply display them with a candle.    At one point in time, the crystal brand produced some lovely Swarovski Lucite candles.  The authentic Swarovski Lucite candles are clear with silver-colored or gold-colored flakes inside.  (Obviously, the Lucite candles should not be burned).

Crystal Exchange America recently sold a set of the Swarovski Lucite candles.  The candles were packaged as a set of four.  They were clear with the silver-colored flakes.  The Swarovski box shows the older Swarovski logo, along with the candle holders that the Swarovski candles would fit into.

Swarovski Lucite Candles, Clear with Silver Flakes, and original Swarovski Box

Crystal Exchange America has a couple more authentic Swarovski Lucite candle sets still available as well as a couple of authentic Swarovski wax candle sets.  Swarovski collectors interested in authentic Swarovski candles can visit the Crystal Exchange America site, then search on the term ‘candles’.

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