Apr 052011

Over the last couple months, I’ve posted a few times about a new perfume called Aura by Swarovski:

Yesterday, I found a video on YouTube about the making of the Swarovski Aura Video.

Swarovski wrote this with the video upload:

It is early morning. Day is dawning, nature is bathed in the glow of sunrise. A woman of incomparable, shimmering beauty is struck by the first rays of light. Gracefully, she rises and moves towards the light.

Clasped in her hand is a glimmering make-up jewel, which she holds like a treasure. The bottle appears as a column of pure light, and the crystal that crowns it becomes the source of burgeoning, luminous sensation.
Symbolizing the awakening senses, continually emerging beauty and timeless femininity, the film “Aura by Swarovski” is unforgettable, because it strikes a deep emotional cord.

In all cultures, sunrise bears a message of great hope: each day, life is reborn, and anything becomes possible. In the background, mountains evoke Swarovski’s roots in the Tyrol.

According to Swarovski in their Aura by Swarovski cover story, Aura is available in select boutiques in Europe and Asia.  While it will eventually be available in USA, no time frame was provided.

Swarovski’s involvement in the fashion industry has been obvious for years with their trendy jewelry lines.  It is not at all surprising to find them reviving interest with perfume and cosmetics.

The crystal brand was previously involved with other limited edition Swarovski perfume in the past two decades:

  • Swarovski Tresor, limited editions in 1994, 1995-96, and 1997.
  • Swarovski Yves St Laurent, limited editions in 1996 and 1998.
  • Swarovski Jewel Perfume, limited edition in 1997.
  • Swarovski Roma in 1997 with limited distribution in the European community.
  • Swarovski Madame Gres (three different bottles), limited editions in 2003.

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