Apr 092011

I’m in the USA, so I don’t hear as much about the big Royal Wedding as do the residents of the UK.  I’d think they hear about royal wedding updates in the media, in the streets, and at the water cooler.  I imagine they see royal wedding memorabilia everywhere.  Vendors wanting to come up with unique ideas and also be in on the action making a few more bucks when there is a chance.

In the UK, there is a Swarovski Limited Edition Royal Wedding Pen being sold.  It is a Swarovski pen (in a Swarovski box, and Swarovski on the pen).  The color is purple and it has black ink.  The body is filled with 160 sparkling Swarovski crystal stones. The barrel is imprinted with “29th April 2011″, the date of HRH William and Kate’s royal wedding.  The Swarovski system # is 1119199.

This Royal Wedding Pen is a Limited Edition item, with only 2,000 units produced.  I found two stores in the UK selling them online.  I also found the Swarovski Royal Wedding pen on ebay from two different sellers (one seller with two id’s??  I don’t know)

The Swarovski Royal Wedding Pen is shown with a Swarovski Certificate by one eBay seller.  The other seller does not show or mention a certificate.

Since the pens have only the date on, they could possible represent a special date someone else’s life…birthday, engagement date, anniversary, or some other special occasion.  If the date April 29th is meaningful in your life, this might be a good gift idea!

Swarovski produced a variety of pen colors, and many can be found on the crystal brand web site in the Stationery category:  Swarovski Pens.  The retail price is in the range of $24 – $33 per pen.

I’ll be looking for more royal wedding memorabilia using Swarovski components, so stay tuned for more discoveries!

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