Apr 212011

I recently did an article about a Swarovski Limited Edition Pen, a UK exclusive, to commemorate the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  Since then, I have found more Swarovski Limited Edition memorabilia.

This discovery is for the Swarovski Royal Wedding Prince and Princess Ducks. The Swarovski system # is 1117976.  This pair of Swarovski Royal Ducks is a limited edition set with only 3000 pairs produced.  They are packaged in a single box and retail for approximately $115 USD.

Swarovski Royal Wedding Ducks

The Swarovski Royal Wedding ducks are essentially the Swarovski Happy Prince and Swarovski Happy Princess figurines, but wait!  These Swarovski ducks come in a single box.  The Swarovski Happy Prince duck of this pair has the royal wedding date (April 29, 2011) etched on the back of the duck.  The Swarovski Happy Princess duck of this pair has two wedding rings etched on the back of the duck.  This is interesting in that Prince William will not be wearing a wedding ring.

The Swarovski Limited Edition Royal Wedding Ducks can be found in select stores in the UK, including Clifton Collectibles.

Due to the similarities of the Swarovski Royal Wedding Ducks to the Happy Prince Duck and Happy Princess Duck, use caution purchasing these items from private sellers or in online auctions.  Here are the things to look for to ensure you are getting accurately-described Swarovski Crystal Royal Wedding figurines:
  • Royal Wedding Ducks – 2 duck figurines in a single box
  • Royal Wedding Prince Duck – has wedding date etched on his back
  • Royal Wedding Princess Duck – has 2 wedding rings etched on her back

Separate boxes and missing ‘special’ marks are indications that items are being mis-represented as the Swarovski Royal Wedding Ducks.

I’m still watching for additional collectibles that use Swarovski components.  However, as the date is soon approaching, I can imagine that the window of opportunity for manufacturers is quickly coming to an end.

Thank you Phil at Clifton Collectibles for your contributions to this article!

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