Apr 042011

I just returned home from the Sunshine state after having a nice family vacation.  Wouldn’t you know, I see the announcement for the new Swarovski Sunshine Mo.

The crystal brand states that the Swarovski Lovlots figurine, Sunshine Mo, will be a limited edition figurine available only online.  The launch date is scheduled for May 30.  It will be available in 23 countries, and I’m glad that USA is one of them…this Swarovski cow looks mighty cute.  With the flower necklace, she could have been “Hula Mo”!

Swarovski Sunshine Mo

Swarovski Sunshine Mo will be joining her Swarovski Lovlots cow sisters Swarovski Pinky Mo (Swarovski LE 2007), Swarovski Soccer Mo (Swarovski LE 2008), Swarovski Flower Mo (Swarovski LE 2009), Swarovski Halloween Mo (Swarovski LE 2009), Swarovski Country Mos (Swarovski LE 2010), Swarovski Glamour Mos (Swarovski LE 2010), and Swarovski Charming Mo (Swarovski LE 2011). Swarovski also makes Missy Mo (introduced 2006) and Belle Mo (introduced 2010), but these Swarovski cows are not limited editions.

For more information on the Swarovski Limited Edition Mos, check out the Swarovski Flower Mo article on the Kristall Buzz.

Crystal Exchange America has all the Swarovski Limited Edition Mo crystal figurines on their web site. So if you fall in love with the new Swarovski Sunshine Mo, be sure and check out prior limited edition mos to see if they too are ‘must have’ crystal figurines for your collection!

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