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The Swarovski Bald Eagle (Numbered Limited Edition in 2011) is a spectacular statuette by Heinz Tabertshofer .  These Bald Eagle figurines have a unique number engraved on the crystal base, and a matching special Swarovski Certificate stating the edition number.  The Swarovski Bald Eagle exceeds 11″ in height.  Its accessories include gloves, brochure, and a locking blue storage case.

Swarovski Bald Eagle, NLE 2011

Swarovski Bald Eagle

This crystal Bald Eagle is a Swarovski NLE, limited to 10,000 units.  It was initially available to SCS members only, but beginning in July, 2011, any Swarovski collector can purchase it in a store or online at the Swarovski site.

The Swarovski Bald Eagle has come with some criticism by Swarovski crystal fanatics.  Many are not sure that they like the colored figurines.  And some are quite skeptical since the last couple of NLEs were not near-immediate sell-outs, instead taking nearly a year to close out inventory (some speculate that they never sold out).  At the MSRP of $3800, my opinion is that you should REALLY like it before making the purchase.

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If you are wanting to add the Swarovski Bald Eagle to your crystal collection, go to and view the  category Collector Society / SCS, then sub-category Annual and Limited Editions.  The Bald Eagles on the Crystal Exchange America web site are priced under the MSRP of $3800.

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