Sep 212011

Apparently, my little Swarovski figurines are still sneaking away when I’m not paying attention to them.  My crystal friends, Missy Mo and Kris Bear have been spotted by the paparazzi again.

Swarovski Kris Bear and Swarovski Missy Mo

Swarovski Kris Bear (right) and Swarovski Missy Mo (left)

The Swarovski crystal figurines quietly told us they are still checking out Halloween costumes.  It seems clear that the two are looking for the perfect outfits for the trick or treat occasion.

Swarovski Johnny Kris Bear and Swarovski Country Mo Cow

Swarovski Johnny Kris Bear (right) and Swarovski Country Mo Cow (left)

In this photo, Kris Bear and Missy Mo are complimenting each other in their traditional western farming attire:  Missy Mo dressed up like a cow of all things, and Kris Bear sporting a cowboy outfit, complete with a ten-gallon, old-fashioned blue handkerchief, hat and lasso.

Crystal Exchange America has a virtual inventory of most of these Swarski figurines:

The Swarovski Johnny Kris Bear is not available at the moment, but would be found in the category “Crystal Moments”.  This crystal figurine, Swarovski part # 9400 000 111 and system # 883 413, was not available for long from Swarovski….it was introduced and retired in 2007.

While only one of the Country Mos cows was pictured, they were actually sold as a set of two.  These Swarovski cows (Swarovski part #  9100 000 269  and system # 1 056 681) were only available in 2010 for a retail price of $105.  This Swarovski Limited Edition set is part of the Swarovski Lovlots family.

Now, where will Kris Bear and Missy Mo be spotted at next!  Stay tuned to the Kristall Buzz Swarovski Blog for further updates on this unlikely couple!

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