Sep 092011

Who would have thought that my little Swarovski figurines were chit-chatting away in my crystal cabinet while I was sleeping, or perhaps, even sneaking out when I’m not home?  Apparently, Swarovski Missy Mo and Swarovski Kris Bear are friends …I’m glad they are happy!

Swarovski Kris Bear and Swarovski Missy Mo

Swarovski Missy Mo (left) and Swarovski Kris Bear (right)

And our little crystal friends are not exempt from the paparazzi either.   Kris Bear and Missy Mo were recently spotted at a secret location, of all things, trying on costumes to go trick or treating!  Missy Mo was trying on an orange outfit, sporting a black cow bell.  Kris Bear put on devilish orange horns and is carrying his jack-o-lantern bucket for candy.

Swarovski Halloween Kris Bear and Swarovski Halloween Mo

Swarovski Halloween Mo (left) and Swarovski Halloween Kris Bear (right)

Swarovski Missy Mo is a member of the Swarovski Lovlots Pioneers group.  This crystal figurine introduced in 2005 and remains in the current product offerings.  Swarovski Kris Bear was a part of the Silver Crystal product line.  It was produced from 1993 to 2001.  Swarovski Halloween Mo is also a member of the Swarovski Lovlots group, however, it is a limited edition available only in 2009.  Swarovski Halloween Kris Bear is a brand new 2011 introduction, and a Swarovski limited edition 2011 figurine as well in the Crystal Moments product line.

Crystal Exchange America has a virtual inventory of Swarovski Kris Bear, and Swarovski Halloween Mo. The Swarovski shoppe has the Swarovski Missy Mo and Swarovski Halloween Kris Bear available.  Swarovski Limited Edition Halloween Kris Bear now as it just went online about a week ago.  It is a limited edition for 2011, so. get yours quickly as supplies are limited.

Now, I can’t help but wonder who else are friends and what else is going on in my crystal cabinet!

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