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Swarovski has produced some very striking and brilliantly-colored birds which are a part of the Silver Lake theme group.  These four Swarovski Birds range in height of 8 – 13 inches in height and are affixed to a silver-colored chrome stands.  All the colored birds in the Silver Lake collection are still current and can be purchased in the online Swarski shoppe.

Swarovski Silver Lake Birds

left to right: Kingfishers, Woodpeckers, Roller, Bee Eaters

Swarovski Kingfishers – 9600 000 116 / 945 090.  Anton Hirzinger designed these Swarovski birds.  They were introduced in 2008 and retail for $950.  These Kingfishers have golden bodies with turquoise head and wings.  Swarovski also produced the Malachite Kingfishers and Up in the Trees Kingfisher, which are in the Silver Crystal product line.

Swarovski Woodpeckers – 9600 000 124 / 957 562. Elisabeth Adamer created this design of the pair of woodpeckers.  They were introduced in 2009 and retailed for $1200.  They are primarily black in color with some red accents.  The other Swarovski Woodpeckers design was a crystal figurine for Swarovski SCS members in 1988.  The SCS Woodpeckers were clear birds attached to a frosted branch.

Swarovski Roller – 9600 000 125 / 957 568. Anton Hirzinger is the designer credited for this design.  Of all the Silver Lake birds, it is the online figurine that is not a pair of birds.  The Roller was introduced in 2009 and retailed for $950.  It has a blackish back, with blue and olive green wings.  The Swarovski Roller went on sale in May, 2011 and is now sold out in the online Swarovski shoppe.

Swarovski Bee Eaters – 9600 000 123 / 957 128. Heinz Tabertshofer is the artist of the Swarovski Bee Eaters.  These birds were introduced in 2008 and retail for $1500.  The Bee Eaters are light blue and royal blue in color accented by light green wings.  Swarovski includes smaller Bee Eaters in the Silver Crystal product line.

One unfortunate noteworthy characteristic about the Swarovski Crystal Silver Lake Birds is the fact that there is an unusually high report in the number of birds that have become detached from the silver-colored stands.  We hear that the company has been generous at reattaching all separated parts, but it does remain to be seen just how the situation may be handled once these crystal birds become retired crystal figurines.

Well these birds are quite expensive, and quite large, just like the Swarovski Crystal Paradise Birds.  Some display cases are not even capable of displaying them due to the height of the crystal figurines, so collectors may shy away from them.

If you are crystal fanatics or bird fanatics and have an incomplete collection of these Silver Lake birds, but wish to have a full set, you may wish to finalize your collection soon before the rest of them retire.  At the Crystal Exchange America web site: , all these Swarovski birds can be found in the ‘Birds’ category of the store.

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