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Over the past couple months, I’ve compiled information and written about various Swarovski Trimlite collections including the Trimlite Crystal Champions and Trimlite Gnome Family.  Other Trimlite figurines exclusively featured on the Kristall Buzz include the Trimlite Hot Air Balloons, Trimlite Clowns, and Trimlite Penguins.

The Trimlite Frosty Friends has a much different look than these other collections and figurines that I’ve written about.  If a collector looks to see what the majority of Trimlite figurines have in common, it can be seen that many have a significant amount of gold-tone trim attached to the crystal components.  The Trimlite Frosty Friends have no gold-tone trim.

These Swarski figurines, “Frosty Friends” are a single crystal component.  The bottom half is faceted crystal and the top half is frosted crystal.  Except for the eyes, there is nothing else attached to the single crystal component.  All five figurines measure 1” to 1.5” in height.

Trimlite Owl, Fish, Chick, Duck, SparrowThere are five critters that comprise the Swarovski Frosty Friends group:

  1. Frosty Friends Duck– 9430.101 / 52601. This Trimlite Duck features a frosted duck atop a clear faceted base.
  2. Frosty Friends Owl – 9430.105 / 52605. This Trimlite Owl features a frosted face and clear faceted body.  (The owl is the only figurine to have colored, faceted eyes;  the others have tiny black eyes)
  3. Frosty Friends Sparrow – 9430.104 / 52604. This Trimlite Sparrow features a frosted bird atop a clear faceted base.
  4. Frosty Friends Fish – 9430.102 / 52602. This Trimlite Fish features a frosted fish atop a clear faceted base.
  5. Frosty Friends Chick – 9430.103 / 52603. This Trimlite Chick features a frosted bird, almost like it is hatching from a clear faceted egg.

All the Swarovski Frosty Friends were introduced in 1985 and retired in 1988.  The five Frosty Friends retailed for $20 each.  To purchase any of these Trimlite figurines, a collector may have to fork out $75 to $175 for a mint condition Swarovski crystal figurine.

Originally, I thought that “Frosty Friends” has something to do with cool weather.  However, after working on this article, looking at figurines and pictures, my conclusion is that the group got its name from the significant frosted accents on the component.

I’m not certain if this particular grouping ever had a Swarovski logo or Trimlite logo on it.  The popular Swarovski book, Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski, indicates that ‘mark not visible’.  However I speculate that there was not a mark at all.   Most Trimlite figurines have a “T” stamped in the metal, but these figurines have no metal.  Again, this ‘unmarked figurine’ possibility is just my theory and it is not found to be a documented fact.

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