Oct 012011

Well, my petite crystal friends have slipped out once again.  My Swarovski figurines, Missy Mo and Kris Bear have been back in action, and the paparazzi have captured more photographs!

Swarovski Kris Bear and Swarovski Lovlots Missy Mo

Swarovski Kris Bear and Swarovski Lovlots Missy Mo

Mum is the word, but the Swarovski crystal figurines told us they are getting ready for a job interview!  A job?  It appears this is a package deal…they both want to work together going on a joint interview.   I can hardly believe that my little Swarovski figurines want to do more than stand pretty in my crystal cabinet?

Swarovski Crystal Moments Kris Bear and Swarovski Lovlots Flower Mo

Swarovski Crystal Moments Kris Bear and Swarovski Lovlots Flower Mo

This photo shows Swarovski Kris Bear and Swarovski Missy Mo dressed and ready to go.  It’s obvious where they are headed…to the local florist.  Missy Mo showing off her green outfit decorated with flowers things, just like guess who?  Of course Swarovski Flower Mo!   Kris Bear is making an impression with his green thumb.

The Swarovski Flower Mo was a limited edition figurine available only in 2009.  This Lovlots crystal figurine can be identified as Swarovski part # 9100 000 174 and system # 1 027 911.  While it originally retailed for $55, it now commands prices of $250 to $350 in the online auctions and in the secondary market.  Our Kristall Buzz article on Swarovski Flower Mo in March, 2011, documents how the prices on this Lovlots figurine have been on the rise.

The Swarovski Kris Bear Especially for You is an adorable bear figurine proudly holding a giant sunflower.  It was introduced in 2005 and can be purchased in the Swarovski store at a cost of $100.  This crystal figurine can be identified as Swarovski part # 9400 000 062 and system # 842 934.

Swarovski Lovlots Flower Mo can be found at Crystal Exchange America website: www.CrystalExchange.com .  Look in the ‘Limited Edition Swarovski’ category of the store to find it and other limited edition Lovlots Swarovski Mo Cows.

I completely believe in privacy, so I’m not real big on the paparazzi activity.  However, I love these photos of Kris Bear and Missy Mo that they have been providing to us!  Swarovski crystal fanatics should stay tuned to the Kristall Buzz to see what interesting photos may surface next!

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