Nov 112011

Our favorite brand Swarovski is seems committed to getting our attention on our iPhones (including iPod and iPad) and Android Phones.  This is the 2nd App in 2 months that Swarovski has launched to keep us playing their crystal games.

Swarovski Christmas App

Swarovski Christmas App

Swarovski iPhone App

Swarovski iPhone App - Drag the Gifts to the Recipient



The newest app is the Swarovski Christmas Around the World App.  Since it was free in the App store, I decided to ask my daughter to take it for a test-drive.  She says the instructions were simple, and the concept is easy to catch on to.  Of course, the longer you play, and the higher the score, the more difficult the tasks.






The Swarovski Christmas App  for smartphones has a total of 6 color-coded characters, but at the easy levels begins with 2 people to receive gifts.  The idea is to give the Swarovski crystal gift to the correct recipient (because recipients and bubbles are color-coded) before the gifts disappear.  But there are NON-Swarovski gifts that should NOT be given to the characters, so you have to pay close attention to the gift in the bubbles. As various levels are completed the number of recipients increases and the speeds that the bubbles appear / disappear change, making the levels more difficult.  Adding even more complexity, later in the game, some of the bubbles are gray, meaning you have to figure out the correct recipient for the gift during the play.

Swarovski App : Berlin and London

Swarovski App : Berlin and London

The Swarovski Christmas App features Christmas trees in a number of cities:  Innsbruck, London, Berlin, Zurich, and Madrid.  It appears that points must be used to purchase flights to other cities, but my daughter did not expand on how that worked.  She stated that high scores can be included for world-wide display, and that this does enter you into drawings for Swarovski prizes.  Whew hew!  More Swarovski crystal!

In the game, it is possible to view more information about the Swarovski crystal gifts in the bubbles, and add them to a personal wish list, which can then be emailed to your friends and family.  We tried this…but the links to the Swarovski crystal  wishlist products in the recipient’s email did not seem to work on our attempts, so  I’m not sure that this feature would be all that useful.

Summary, the game is fun!  Great job to Swarovski and the app developers!  Also, check out the Swarovski Refract App that launched near October 9, 2011.  Can’t wait to see future FREE Swarovski Apps!

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