Dec 132011

Several days ago I wrote about a Swarovski Panther figurine that I found on ebay.  The article sparked a good bit of conversation about the authenticity of the panther in the auction.

Summarizing the ebay product description, the seller states that the Swarovski panther is…. “frosted flocked white (matt)”, “very rare”, “prototype”, about “15 pieces worldwide”.

In short, the Swarovski Frosted Panther article here on the Kristall Buzz posed the possibility that the ebay auction panther could be an aftermarket alteration.  The reason is due to the ambiguous terminology in the description “frosted” and “flocked”.

We have received definitions that the crystal brand themselves would use to describe a “flocked figurine” and a “frosted figurine”

  • Frosted means the crystal is either sandblasted or treated with an acid liquid – both would take away/smoothen the facets slightly.
  • Flocked Crystal means that a special textile has been applied/glued to the crystal. It would feel a bit fuzzy/velvety to touch.

So what can be stated as fact in the “panther discussion”?  Flocked Panther authenticity itself has not been debated on the Kristall Buzz..  The Swarovski Flocked Panther is in the Swarovski Eclectic Panther display (Click here to view a Swarovski Flocked Panther picture in a new window).

One of our trusted contacts has indicated to me that Swarovski NEVER frosted the panther, so we believe the Frosted Panther to be an aftermarket modification.

The panther authenticity issue stemmed from the use of two terms being used to describe the crystal figurine in the auction:  flocked and frosted.  Really, I don’t believe it can be both flocked and frosted.  The applications seem mutually exclusive.  If it is flocked, it would be fuzzy, likely very difficult to clean/remove dust and lint.  If it is frosted, the surface would resemble the Swarovski Apollo Bowl or Swarovski SCS Woodpeckers tree trunk.

Putting this into another perspective, how would one interpret the following hypothetical item description?

For Sale: Swarovski Limited Edition Black Moroda Panther

It would likely be difficult to distinguish the difference in a full-view picture. Would you conclude that it is the Limited Edition Black Panther?  Or would you conclude that the item is the Moroda Panther?

The hypothetical (confusing) description  “limited edition black moroda panther” (to me) is no different than the “frosted white flocked panther”.  While this article should clear up questions about the differences between frosted and flocked, it is still any seller’s responsibility to accurately describe auction items, hopefully eliminating ambiguity and confusion.  As a Swarovski crystal collector and possible bidder, I still urge people to use caution and do research when considering to bid or purchase any “unofficial” product, such as “prototypes” and items that “slipped out the back door”.

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