Dec 302011

2012 Swarovski crystal introductions are making news now with official releases just around the corner.  One of the newest Swarovski Disney figurines is the Swarovski Stitch.

Swarovski Stitch is the Swarovski Disney Limited Edition character that will be available in 2012 only.  Limited Edition Stitch is marketed and sold similar to the Swarovski Dumbo in 2011, Swarovski Pinocchio in 2010, Swarovski Mickey Sorcerer in 2009 (offered in 2 different sizes), and Swarovski Tinker Bell in 2008.

However, not only did I find Swarovski Stitch on the crystal brand’s web site, I ALSO found Swarovski Stitch Experiment 626.  Both Stitch and Stitch Experiment 626 are Limited Editions for 2012.  Both Stitch and Stitch Experiment 626 retail for $325.

Swarovski Stitch

Swarovski Stitch Experiment 626

So now that we know what the similarities between Swarovski Stitch and Swarovski Stitch Experiment 626, what are the differences?  Swarovski Stitch can be purchased online or from authorized retailers (and other sources too).  Swarovski Stitch Experiment 626 is a ‘Limited Online Edition’ available only from .   Swarovski Stitch Experiment 626 sports a reddish color with a golden pendant.  Swarovski Stitch does not have any type of collar.  And last but now least, the surfboard for Stitch Experiment 626 is also painted accordingly, with “Experiment 626” in black.  Swarovski Stitch is available probably most of 2012.  Swarovski Stitch Experiment 626 is a Limited Edition of a maximum 626 units.

More information can be found about the Disney Lilo and Stitch film series that began in 2002 on Wikipedia.  And yet more information is available specifically about Stitch 626 on Wikia.

Swarovski Stitch Experiment 626 is identified with the Swarovski system # 1132553.  The crystal brand advertises the crystal product dimensions as: 3 1/8 x 3 7/16 inch.  Swarovski Stitch is identified with the Swarovski system # 1096800.  The crystal brand advertises the crystal product dimensions as: 3 1/8 x 3 5/16 inch.  I initially thought that the two Stitch figurines may have been in slightly different poses, then reconsidered thinking that it was merely photographed from a different angle.  But now, after seeing minor differences in sizes, I’m now thinking that there may be subtle differences in the poses.

Seeing that the price tag was the same on both Swarovski limited editions, I have opted to purchase Swarovski Stitch Experiment 626.

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