Feb 292012

February 29, is a day that we seldom see on newspapers, checks, bills, etc.  But in 2012, here it is…..so enjoy the unusual date.  Happy Leap Year Day!

Swarovski has produced about 4 different leap frogs which are a part of the Silver Crystal product line.

Swarovski Crystal Leap Frogs

Swarovski Silver Crystal Frogs

  1. Swarovski Frog – This Swarovski frog has the product identification #7642 000 001 / 183 113..  This leap frog is clear and is a part of the “In the Secret Garden” theme group.  The Frog was produced 1994 – 1996, so it will only have the Swan logo.
  2. Swarovski Baby Frog – This Swarovski frog is clear and is a part of the “In the Secret Garden” theme group.  The Baby Frog was introduced in 2002, but is current so it can be purchased at the online shoppe for $50.  The Swarovski Baby Frog identification #’s are 7642 000 002 / 286 313.
  3. Swarovski Prince Frog (Black Eyes) – This Swarovski frog has a clear body, a clear crown, and black eyes.  The Prince Frog was introduced in 1984, and this variation was retired in 1991.  Because of the timeframe it was produced, it can be found with either of the Swarovski logo markings:  Block SC logo OR Swan logo.
  4. Swarovski Prince Frog (Clear Eyes) – This Swarovski frog has a clear body,a clear crown, and clear eyes.  It has the same crystal body as the black-eyed Prince Frog, but with different eyes.  This variation of the Prince Frog was discontinued in 1985, and for this reason, an authentic variation can be found with only the old Block SC logo.  Swarovski crystal fanatics should use caution when purchasing a Prince Frog with Clear Eyes, paying close attention to possible eye alteration and the logo to ensure that is is an original Swarovski factory creation.

So, if you are considering to purchase this army of leap frogs, they can be found at the Crystal Exchange America in the Swarovski Sea Life category.  The Frog starts at $65.  The Baby Frog starts at $35.  The Prince Frog starts at $200 for one with clear eyes and $65 for one with black eyes.

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