Feb 152012

Yesterday, I learned about a new line of Swarovski jewelry with a younger target market.  The new sub-brand called Lola and Grace is in the works geared toward a more youthful audience.  One article indicated a ‘teen market’.  Yet another article suggested young women in their early twenties.  Either way, I’d expect something very trendy and most importantly, affordable by the very consumer they hope to catch.

Apparently, the Swarovski Lola and Grace idea conception was near October, 2010.  For name recognition and brand awareness, the crystal brand launched a website dedicated to Swarovski Lola&Grace.

Lola and Grace by Swarovski logo

Swarovski Lola&Grace

The Lola&Grace logo features black, white, and berry in a simple circular design. Consumers should expect to see these brand colors on their packaging and stand-alone stores (similar to Swarovski boutiques).  The first store, scheduled to open in March, 2012, will be in London’s Westfield Stratford City Mall.  The Swarovski Lola&Grace web site is also supposed to become an e-commerce site so that the new jewelry products can be purchased there as well.  (I did not find any launch date for e-commerce).

Lola&Grace will produce four seasonal collections that Nina Müller, general manager of the Swarovski brand, says “combine the latest catwalk trends with a blend of cultural influences … and marries contemporary and vintage design for all occasions.”

In December, 2011, Swarovski uploaded a brief video to YouTube branding their newest line Lola&Grace.

The crystal giant has a BUNCH of Swarovski Jewelry on their website.  Their selection presently includes bangles, bracelets, brooches, clip earrings, cuff links, necklaces, pendants, pierced earrings, pins, rings, and sets.  As jewelry, by nature, can be quite trendy, designs retire quicker than items like crystal figurines.  For those looking for Retired Swarovski Jewelry, check out the Crystal Exchange America website.

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