Mar 282012

Years ago, our favorite crystal brand produced some ‘useful’ items.  Among the ‘funcational’ items that the company produced, a resourceful collector might find Swarovski Candleholders, Swarovski Clocks, Swarovski Treasure Boxes and Swarovski Magnifier figurines.  But these are just a few of the releases that would be considered ‘functional’, there are many others.

I find the Swarovski Magnifier releases to be more uncommon of the older figurines.  There are two different types of magnifiers, and Swarovski produced both magnifiers with different metal trim.

Swarovski Magnifying Glass: the Table Magnifier

Swarovski Table Magnifier

The Swarovski Table Magnifier was produced 1978 through 1983.  I’ve seen a few of them, none of which have the official Swarovski logo on them.  But based on the timeframe they were in production, it may be possible to see them with the Block SC logo on them.  The Swarovski Table Magnifier is just over 3.5 long.  It was produced with gold trim:  Swarovski Gold Table Magnifier and silver trim: Swarovski Rhodium Table Magnifier.  Both variations retailed for $70 during their production lifetime.

Crystal Exchange America recently sold the Swarovski Gold Table Magnifier and the selling price was $180.  There is presently a Swarovski Rhodium Table Magnifier on ebay (item #140732123957 ), with an even lower opening bid!

Swarovski Magnifying Glass with a Gold Chain and Silver Chain

Swarovski Chain Magnifiers (Gold on Left, Rhodium on Right)

The luxury brand also made magnifiers with a chain attached to the handle.  This other magnifier was also available with silver or gold trim.  These magnifiers are known as the Swarovski Gold Chain Magnifier and Swarovski Rhodium Chain Magnifier.  These chain magnifiers are about 3.75 inches in length.  The Swarovski Block SC may be stamped into the metal, or they may not have logos at all on them.  Little information is known about the introduction dates or original MSRP.  The Swarovski Chain Magnifiers were retired in 1984.  I found a couple of incomplete transactions on ebay, so I am concluding that the opening bids of < $250 was more than any Swarovski collector was willing to pay, which does surprise me.

I don’t honestly know if anyone ‘uses’ the Swarovski magnifiers.  But it might be nice to have a reason to buy one….you ‘needed a magnifying glass’ for reading or inspecting Swarovski crystal!

Mar 272012

In my television area, a local tv station has a segment called “Don’t Waste Your Money” by John Matarese.  Daily, his segments feature money-saving tips, warnings, and other interesting articles.  Well, today, I feel like following in his shoes, discussing Discount Swarovski Crystal.

Times are tough….a lot of jobless families, the high cost of gas, and how gas prices trickle into all areas of our lives.  Since Swarovski is definitely not a necessity, many Swarovski crystal fanatics have lowered their annual spending on this luxury commodity.  Even the values of retired Swarovski has been on a downward trend for a number of years.  No one should ever purchase Swarovski crystal strictly for investment reasons, as those days are long behind us.

Since collectors are likely spending less on Swarovski, picking the most important figurines at the best possible prices has become more important than ever to maximize crystal satisfaction. Thank goodness for stores and websites that offer savings to Swarovski collectors!  There are lots of authorized Swarovski retailers that offer sales and coupons to help keep collectors happy and spending money on Swarovski.  And there are lots of sellers / dealers on ebay able to pass along savings to collectors.  This is all good, right?

It seems that the crystal giant is getting very upset with dealers and websites that are selling Swarovski figurines and Swarovski jewelry at prices that are below the crystal brand’s prices on their own web site.  Well, of course it would be a distraction to the brand for consumers to purchase from these other stores and web sites versus spending more money at, but honestly, I don’t see the big deal.  Swarovski has already sold their figurines and jewelry at their wholesale cost to a pre-selected, authorized business, WHY are they so distressed that these other businesses are willing to operate on a lower commission / less profit, to keep the figurines selling, still putting money in their own pocket?

And now, it appears that Swarovski is even striking back at the very crystal collectors who enjoy purchasing and displaying Swarovski figurines!  How so?  According to articles on the internet, the company no longer wants to honor their own Swarovski Warranty UNLESS the figurines were purchased directly from the offline store or from their own web site.  Unless a consumer can provide a warranty card, and sales slip from an authorized retailer, which shows both purchase date and price, they will not offer after-sales-services any longer.  This could prove quite tricky for people who receive the items as gifts and either never had a sales slip, or are not comfortable asking the gift-giver for such documentation.

So what are collectors to do?  Swarovski crystal collectors (and those who enjoy wearing Swarovski jewelry) need to make a conscious and careful decision on how important the warranty is for each purchase.  Perhaps the cost-savings is the most important factor with every purchase, and you wish to give up the Swarovski warranty benefits.  Others may feel that on more expensive purchases, that paying full price may be perceived as an ‘insurance’ policy and plan to pay full price for that warranty benefit.

I certainly don’t agree with what is transpiring.  I feel that collectors and consumers will eventually stop buying Swarovski if the prices are more than they can afford or are willing to spend.  I don’t think the ‘price-fixing’ is going to entice their devoted customer base to keep on buying.  Loyal collectors are going to have to decide what makes the most sense for them…full price with a Swarovski warranty or discounted Swarovski without any warranty.  And as John Matarese says, “As always, don’t waste your money”.

Mar 262012

Swarovski and Mickey Mouse fanatics may be happy to learn about a Swarovski Arribas Jeweled Mickey Mouse on ebay with a pleasant Buy-It-Now price!  (Specific item details are available on the Swarovski Jeweled Mickey Mouse, item #140730983270, in the auction.)

Arribas Jeweled Mickey Mouse, decorated with Swarovski stones

Swarovski Jeweled Mickey Mouse, Originally sold in Arribas Stores

This collectible figure is 2.25″ tall and has over 180 Swarovski paves stones set into the face, arms, chest, buttons and legs of Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse features the Arribas stamp in the foot of the figurine.

The Arribas Mickey Mouse originally retailed for $295 when it launched and sold out from Arribas stores in 1997.  While the figurine itself is not numbered, the accompanying certificate does indicate the production number of the 10,000 limited edition figurines.  Mickey Mouse stands 2.25″ tall and decorated with over 180 Swarovski paves stones set into the face, arms, chest, buttons and legs of Mickey Mouse. It has Arribas stamp in the foot of the figurine for authenticity. For the cost of approximately $50 each,  An optional stand and plaque could be purchased with the figurine.

Following the success of the Swarovski Mickey Mouse (1997), other similarly-decorated, limited edition, figurines were produced as joint venture between Swarovski and the Arribas Brothers: Tinker Bell (1998), Minnie Mouse (1999), Winnie the Pooh (1999), Donald Duck (2001), Dumbo (2002),  and there are others.

Arribas continues to introduce and sell figurines decorated with Swarovski crystal stones, however, they don’t seem to be quite as popular as the inaugural Mickey Mouse.

If you are looking for retired Swarovski Arribas and Disney figurines, Crystal Exchange America has a selection of them. The Crystal Exchange America web site is at  They have figurines dating back to the 1997 introductions and limited edition Disney crystal pieces which can be found in the “Disney and Arribas” category of the store.

Mar 242012

Swarovski and Clock collectors may be pleased to hear about a retired Swarovski Clock on ebay with an appealing opening bid!  The clock on ebay is the Swarovski Providence Table Clock (ebay item # 140729693062).

Swarovski Providence Clock

Swarovski Providence Table Clock

Swarovski Providence Clock Numbers on Reverse side

Swarovski Providence Table Clock Numbers on Back

The Swarovski Providence Clock was designed by Steven Weinberg.  This table clock stands about 7” tall.  Swarovski assigned 9280 000 037 as the official part number and 235 432 as the official system number.  Our favorite crystal company produced this clock from 1998 through 2003.  During the 5 year production run, the Swarovski Providence Table Clock retailed for $850.  Some of the clock units had edition numbers laser etched in the crystal on the back side.  I even discovered something new while I was writing this article…there are clock numbers on the back side of where the clock face is set in (3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock only, with dots representing other numeric positions)!  Now, nearly 10 years after retirement, the Swarovski Providence Clock generally sells in the $175 to $300 price range.

The crystal giant sold a number of Swarovski Clock figurines, which are featured in a Kristall Buzz post from September, 2011.  Be sure to check out the article for more information about the nearly 20 clocks available over the years.

If you are looking for retired Swarovski Clocks, Crystal Exchange America has a variety available. The Crystal Exchange America web site is at  The clocks can be found in the category ‘Other Silver Crystal’, sub-category ‘Clocks’.

Mar 232012

I have good news for Swarovski collectors…..the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski Silver Crystal Swarovski book is now available!

This Swarovski book is in its 19th year of publication.   The book authors, Tom and Jane Warner, are serious Swarovski collectors and update / re-publish the set of Swarovski books each year.

The Swarovski Silver Crystal book contains photos with detailed information about Swarovski SCS crystal figurines and Silver Crystal figurine releases (as well as product variations on them) for the past 35 years! That’s approximately 1300 Swarovski Crystal collectibles in the Silver Crystal Book.

2012 Swarovski Catalogue 2012 Silver Crystal figurines

Warner's Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski, 2012 Ed.

There principle reasons for publishing the Swarovski book annually:

  • Include prior year Swarovski introductions and retirements
  • Update Swarovski Value (Swarovski ERV in the publication)

Research for the 2012 Swarovski book was performed just 2 months ago in January 2012, so the calculated Swarovski ERV values for the retired Swarovski figurines for the 2012 edition is hot off the press.

For Swarovski fanatics ready to purchase the newest, most accurate information, the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski Silver Crystal, the order can be placed at or

Mar 222012

The luxury giant Swarovski normally produces jewelry accessories that correspond to each year’s SCS annual editions.  During the “Wonders of the Sea” trilogy, the company produced the Swarovski SCS Clownfish Brooch.  The Swarovski Clownfish pin, was produced in 2005, the same time as the Harmony figurine displays.

Swarovski Harmony Clownfish Pin

Swarovski Harmony SCS Clownfish Brooch

The Swarovski Clownfish Brooch is oval, with a pair of clownfish swimming toward each other.  The brooch is about 1.75 wide.  The fish are reddish-orange with clear pave crystal stripes.  Additional round Swarovski stones are located on the brooch to appear like air bubbles in the sea.  This Swarovski Clownfish Pin was only available in 2005 and could only be purchased by Swarovski SCS members.

The popular Swarovski book, Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski: Beyond Silver Crystal, shows a Swarovski-designated system  number of 1514933.  The Warner’s  assigned a Swarovski ERV of $45 in 2011.

With this brief overview of the Swarovski Harmony Clownfish Brooch, we can share the news that we do have one on ebay, item #140728350047) at a realistic Buy-It-Now price, which includes FREE UPS Ground shipping.

For other Swarovski SCS Jewelry items, crystal fanatics may check out the “Jewelry by Swarovski” category of the Crystal Exchange America website, located at

Mar 212012

Swarovski crystal fanatics will be intrigued to hear about a terrific deal at Crystal Exchange America!  This retired Swarovski dealer has an exceptional offer on the Swarovski NLE Elephant.

Swarovski Crystal NLE Elephant

Swarovski Limited Edition Elephant

First, some background on this special crystal sculpture figurine.  The Limited Edition Elephant was produced in 2006, with a maximum production of 10,000 units.  The Elephant originally retailed for $3250 during the time it was available from Swarovski.  This Swarovski NLE was designed by Heinz Tabertshofer and is identified with the brand’s product number 9100 000 034 and system number 854 407.  The Elephant has a length of approximately 11”.  It came with a mirrored stand for display, gloves, a certificate with a matching number to the laser-engraved crystal, and is encased in a royal blue locking suitcase.

So, hearing that the Swarovski Limited Edition Elephant was limited to 10,000 pieces, collectors would likely think this is a ‘must have’ figurine for their collection.  I looked quickly at the online auctions and found none available under $3500, and the most recent completed sale was at $3599 including shipping.  Given the additional information on this Limited Edition Elephant, Swarovski collectors may find it terrific news that Crystal Exchange America has a client willing to sell for $2000 + shipping!  This particular Swarovski Elephant is on site and inspected. The only flaw found is that there is a small chip on the underside of the back left foot, but it cannot be detected when displayed.  If this attractive price on the Swarovski Elephant is enticing enough, and you want to purchase, add this Swarovski Elephant to your cart, then proceed with the checkout process to ensure that you don’t miss out.  After this one has sold, the next lowest price Elephant is over $5100, more than $3100 higher.

Mar 202012

Early in 2011 I posted an article about the crystal brand officially launching Swarovski Aura Perfume.  It seemed like each time I tried to locate a purchasing source, I could only find them in the European market.  Perhaps it was FDA approval delay or issues with importing, who only knows.

In any case, today, I received an email from Swarovski announcing that the Swarovski Aura Perfume is stocked in some Swarovski Boutiques here in the USA!  In the email, there is a coupon to receive a complimentary “mini spray” of Aura by Swarovski.  The coupon is valid April 1 thru 15, 2012 in participating stores.

If you are a Swarovski fanatic and are interested in visiting a Swarovski Boutique for more information, the Swarovski Beauty website has a link to locate the various “points of sale” for Aura by Swarovski.  Simply select a city from the predefined list, and stores in that area will display with phone numbers and physical addresses.

The Swarovski Beauty web site also contains an Interview with Markus Langes-Swarovski, Swarovski Crystal Board of Directors about the conception and future of the Aura Perfume by Swarovski.

The Kristall Buzz contains several posts over the past year about the Swarovski Aura, so enjoy reading them for more information!

Swarovski has previously worked together with other companies to put other scents in luxury bottles, such as Tresor, Yves St Laurent, Jewel, Roma, and Madame Gres.

Mar 192012

I have terrific news for Swarovski crystal collectors…..the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski: Beyond Silver Crystal Swarovski catalogue is now available!

This Swarovski catalogue is in its 16th year of publication.   Tom and Jane Warner, the book authors, are true Swarovski collectors and annually publish new Swarovski books each year.

2012 Swarovski Catalogue 2012 non-silver-crystal figurines

Swarovski 2012 Book featuring non-silver-crystal figurines

The Swarovski Beyond Silver Crystal catalogue contains Swarovski pictures and detailed information about Swarovski crystal figurines across many company product lines for the past 35 years! Photos in the book, together with dimensions and other facts that allow for accurate Swarovski identification to best insure a Swarovski collection.  The Swarovski product lines or groupings include in the Beyond Silver Crystal book are:  Swarovski Crystal Moments, Swarovski Myriad, Swarovski Chinese Zodiacs, Swarovski Soulmates, Swarovski Hello Kitty, Swarovski Home Accessories, Daniel Swarovski Home Accessories, Daniel Swarovski Masterpiece, Julia’s World, Perfumes, Paperweights, Swarovski Trimlite, Swarovski Crystal Signatures, Swarovski Christmas Memories, Crystal Scents, Swarovski CrystalograMs, Arribas Creations, and Swarovski Paradise. That’s nearly 1700 Swarovski Crystal items in the Beyond Silver Crystal Book.
The primary reasons for publishing the Swarovski book annually are to:

  • Update previous year Swarovski crystal introductions and retirements
  • Revise Swarovski Value (also known as Swarovski ERV in the publication) to 2012 standards

There are new additions and new retirements from the 2011 books.  Noteworthy changes include:

Since the Swarovski Lovlots are in s in the other crystal book written by the Warner’s, this means that they are no longer in the Beyond Silver Crystal Book.  Research for 2011 Swarovski ERV was executed in January 2012, so the determined Swarovski Value for the retired Swarovski figurines for the 2012 edition is based on recent data.

Swarovski collectors who have never purchased the book can find contact information for the authors at the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book website (on the About Us tab) to determine which book is best for the collector or if the collectors should purchase the complete book set.  For true Swarovski collectors who know exactly what they need, the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski: Beyond Silver Crystal, can be placed at Warner’s website or

Mar 172012

St Patrick’s Day is definitely known as the day of the green.  For kids, they must wear green or suffer through the consequences of a pinch.  For the older crowd, many indulge in a green beer at the local pub / eatery.  It’s all about green!

Swarovski collectors can display their crystal in support of the green day by displaying green Swarovski figurines on St Patrick’s Day.  Just to name a few….below is a list of four Swarovski green crystal figurines in the Silver Crystal and Lovlots product lines.

Green Swarovski Lovlots and Silver Crystal Figurines

Swarovski Lovlots and Silver Crystal Figurines in Green

Green Swarovski Silver Crystal Figurines:

#2 – Swarovski Green Siamese Fighting Fish.  The Swarovski Siamese Fighting Fish (Green) was designed by Heinz Tabertshofer and produced 2000 – 2004.  It was a part of the “South Sea” theme group.  The Siamese Fighting fish was also produced in blue and in red.

#4 – Swarovski SCS Gecko.  The Swarovski Gecko was designed by Heinz Tabertshofer and was available only in 2008 to SCS members at special Swarovski events.

Green Swarovski Lovlots Figurines:

#1 – Swarovski Flower Mo.   The Swarovski Flower Mo was designed Edith Mair and available only in 2009.  This Limited Edition Flower Mo is green period, decorated with tiny flower decals.

#3 – Swarovski Lucky Mo.   The Swarovski Flower Mo was designed Edith Mair and available only in 2009.  Swarovski Lucky Mo is green period, decorated with tiny four-leaf clover decals and a cute ladybug near the back-end.  This Limited Edition Lovlots Lucky Mo is available in 2011 while supplies last for $65.

So to all the younger ones…wear your green. To all Swarovski crystal fanatics…. display your green!  And to many others, find some lime kool aid (or any other green beverage), and drink your green.

Mar 162012

Have you heard of the holiday “Pi Day”?  It was a “new” one for me, despite having 3 school-age math enthusiasts in the family. Pi, more commonly recognized as π, is an irrational number, that roughly translates to 3.1415926535…  So now, it may be more clear that Pi Day was 3/14/2012 …. Wednesday, March 14th.   My math enthusiasts created π shirts, memorized many sequential digits in π (about 200!), and made π food treats.

Swarovski Crystal Moments Dessert Figurines

Retired Crystal Moments Dessert Figurines by Swarovski

So wouldn’t it be appropriate for Swarovski fanatics to celebrate with a yummy slice of Swarovski Pie?  I don’t believe that there are any Swarovski Pie figurines, but there are some dessert figurines in the Swarovski Crystal Moments product line that have an equally good imaginary taste to crystal fanatics.  These sweet desserts include:

  1. Swarovski Ice Cream Sundae – 9460 000 046 / 182 046.  This figurine was designed by Anton Poppinger.  The Ice Cream Sundae was produced from 1994 through 1998.  It was a part of the “Childhood Dreams” group and originally retailed for $25. The Swarovski Ice Cream Sunday is a crystal goblet with ice cream topped with a metal umbrella and a straw for sipping.  The Crystal Moments Ice Cream Sunday typically sells in the $50 – $70 range on the secondary market.
  2. Swarovski Piece of Cake – 9460 000 026 / 174 106.  This figurine was designed by Gabriele Stamey.  The Piece of Cake was produced from 1993 through 2000.  It was a part of the “In Familiar Surroundings” group and originally retailed for $25.  The Swarovski Piece of Cake is a crystal slice of cake with a metal fork and pottery-type decorated plate.  The Crystal Moments Piece of Cake typically sells in the $40 – $60 range on the secondary market.
  3. Swarovski Fruit Bowl – 9460 000 069 / 200 226.  This figurine was designed by Edith Mair.  The Fruit Bowl  was produced from 1996 through 1999.  It was a part of the “In Familiar Surroundings” group and originally retailed for $40. The Swarovski Fruit Bowl is a crystal bowl with three pieces of metal fruit: a banana, a pear, and grapes .  The Crystal Moments Fruit Bowl typically sells in the $40 – $60 range on the secondary market.

So if you are looking for any of these retired Crystal Moments figurines, be sure to check out the Crystal Exchange America website, and look in the Crystal Moments category (on the left side of the screen)

Mar 072012

Yesterday, here on the Kristall Buzz, we posted about a 2012 Limited Edition Swarovski Wild Cat that will be available in April.  This Swarovski Lime Panther is a special online release, likely with a price tag of around $1000.  Swarovski has another 2012 wild cat figurine that in the Swarovski shoppe and it appears to be available now!  It is the Swarovski Jaguar.

Swarovski Wild Cat Jaguar Crystal Figurine

Swarovski Jaguar in 2012

The Swarovski Jaguar is a crystal golden shadow wild cat.  It is approximately 6.5 inches long and 2.5 inches high.  The Swarovski designer for the jaguar is Stefanie Nederegger.  The crystal brand’s identification #’s for this figurine are 9100 000 344 and 1096796.  The MSRP for this wild cat is $420 USD.  The jaguar is naturally accented with the familiar wild cat pattern seen on these exotic animals and is standing on a matte finish base.

Our favorite crystal brand has produced other wild cat figurines, such as several Swarovski Tigers, Swarovski Lions, and Swarovski Panthers, but none are decorated quite like this one.  I have to say, this looks like a ‘must have’ wild cat for my collection.

Swarovski collectors seeking the retired wild cats, can find many on the Crystal Exchange America web site.  Simply look in the Swarovski Animals category in their online store.

Mar 062012

Swarovski has announced to its SCS members that they are releasing another Limited Online Edition Panther.  The impending NLE release is for the Swarovski Lime Panther.

Swarovski NLE Lime NC Panther

Third Eclectic Panther: Swarovski Lime Panther

The crystal brand’s article states that the Lime Panther is the third issue of the Eclectic Panther collection.  The other two panthers are the Swarovski Black Panther available in April, 2010 and Swarovski Orange Shine Panther available in August 2011.  All three Swarovski Soulmates panthers are Limited Online Editions with a maximum production of 888 units.

When I initially heard the color Lime (Lime NC in the article), I immediately thought it would be a shade of green.  However, when I see the pictures on the Swarovski site, to me, it appears much more yellow, like a banana yellow.

There is no mention of the price, but I expect it to be similar to the other Swarovski Eclectic Panthers in the $900 – $1100 range.  The Black Panther sold out in days.  The Orange Shine Panther took several months to become a sell-out.  It will be interesting to see the time frame that the Swarovski Lime NC Panther remains online prior to sell-out.  It is worthwhile to mention that the crystal giant plans to impose a maximum quantity for purchase to 3 per person.  I would think that if the company wants everyone to have a reasonable chance to purchase, that they should limit to 3 per address.

For Swarovski crystal fanatics ready to purchase the Swarovski Lime NC Panther, mark your calendar for April 16, 2012.  For cat fanatics looking for the other Eclectic Panthers, Crystal Exchange America has the Swarovski Black Panther and Swarovski Orange Shine Panther in their online store in the ‘Limited Edition Swarovski’ category!

Mar 052012

Just last week, Crystal Exchange America sold a Swarovski HTF crystal figurine….. the Swarovski Painter’s Palette.  This unique item sold for $100, a price significantly higher than the original MSRP at the time of retirement.

Swarovksi Artist Palette for Painters

Swarovski Painter's Palette

The crystal artist palette is a cute item.  The palette is clear crystal with 7 different colored stones to represent various colors of paint.  The paint splotches are red, green, blue, yellow, pink and clear (for white).  The palette contains the Swarovski swan logo on the back side. Included with the Swarovski Artist Palette is a separate figurine for the Swarovski Paintbrush.  This part has a clear handle and a frosted component for the brush bristles.  The paint brush does not contain any logo.

The Swarovski Painter’s Palette was produced by the crystal brand for a relatively short period of time: 2005 to 2006.  The figure was designed by Keiko Arai.  The Swarovski identification #’s for the  Painter’s Palette are 9460 000 179 and 680 850.  The crystal figurine’s MSRP was $35 during the production years.  This artist palette was a part of the “First Steps” theme group, which is in the Swarovski Crystal Moments product line.

Another well-known creation by Keiko Arai is the 2011 Christmas Ornament.  This Swarovski designer is also credited with about 35 other designs from 2004 through 2012.

Crystal Exchange America has many retired figurines from the Swarovski Crystal Moments product line available.  They can be found in their online store in the Crystal Moments category by navigating in the menu on the left side of the screen.

Mar 022012

For those SCS members participating in the Swarovski Crystal Society Event celebrating 25 years, February 23, attending the Private Member Reception and purchased the qualifying SCS product there were special gifts.  One of the special gifts were the SCS Jubilation Crystallized Chopstick Set with the Swarovski system # 1 166 190.

Swarovski SCS Crystallized Chopsticks

Swarovski SCS Crystallized Chop Sticks

These Swarovski Chop Sticks are about 9 1/2″ long tapered sticks, are made from a shiny white material (probably plastic), and have crystal stones encircling the larger end, with a larger clear crystal covering the larger end.  There is also a small white chop stick rest that accompanies the chop stick set.

Swarovski Chop sticks from the Dressed Up Collection

Swarovski Chopsticks from the Dressed Up Collection

The Swarovski Jubilation Chopstick set is the second set of Swarovski chopsticks produced by our favorite crystal brand.    The first set was part of the Swarovski “Dressed Up” collection.  These were of wooden construction, painted black, tapered sticks and 8 rectangular crystals (placed length wise) at the larger end and marked with a Swarovski swan on the opposite side of the taper.  These chopsticks came as part of the ‘Dressed Up’ Plate, 606 978 / 9280 000 058, available from 2002 to 2004 and these Dressed Up Chopsticks could not purchased separately.   The crystal giant also made a crystal Swarovski Chop Stick Holder (set of 2), using the identification #’s 606 984 / 9280 000 066, from 2002 to 2004.

Swarovski Chopsticks Holder from the Dressed Up Collection

Swarovski Chop Sticks Holder from the Dressed Up Collection

The Swarovski Chopsticks gifted at the recent event may be offered at additional store events in 2012, so if you are wanting to add them to your Swarovski crystal collection, you will want to check with stores hosting official Swarovski events.  If you ware wanting the retired Swarovski Chop Sticks that were included with the Dressed Up Plate, they may be found at the Crystal Exchange America website in the Swarovski Crystal Home Accessories category.