Mar 192012

I have terrific news for Swarovski crystal collectors…..the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski: Beyond Silver Crystal Swarovski catalogue is now available!

This Swarovski catalogue is in its 16th year of publication.   Tom and Jane Warner, the book authors, are true Swarovski collectors and annually publish new Swarovski books each year.

2012 Swarovski Catalogue 2012 non-silver-crystal figurines

Swarovski 2012 Book featuring non-silver-crystal figurines

The Swarovski Beyond Silver Crystal catalogue contains Swarovski pictures and detailed information about Swarovski crystal figurines across many company product lines for the past 35 years! Photos in the book, together with dimensions and other facts that allow for accurate Swarovski identification to best insure a Swarovski collection.  The Swarovski product lines or groupings include in the Beyond Silver Crystal book are:  Swarovski Crystal Moments, Swarovski Myriad, Swarovski Chinese Zodiacs, Swarovski Soulmates, Swarovski Hello Kitty, Swarovski Home Accessories, Daniel Swarovski Home Accessories, Daniel Swarovski Masterpiece, Julia’s World, Perfumes, Paperweights, Swarovski Trimlite, Swarovski Crystal Signatures, Swarovski Christmas Memories, Crystal Scents, Swarovski CrystalograMs, Arribas Creations, and Swarovski Paradise. That’s nearly 1700 Swarovski Crystal items in the Beyond Silver Crystal Book.
The primary reasons for publishing the Swarovski book annually are to:

  • Update previous year Swarovski crystal introductions and retirements
  • Revise Swarovski Value (also known as Swarovski ERV in the publication) to 2012 standards

There are new additions and new retirements from the 2011 books.  Noteworthy changes include:

Since the Swarovski Lovlots are in s in the other crystal book written by the Warner’s, this means that they are no longer in the Beyond Silver Crystal Book.  Research for 2011 Swarovski ERV was executed in January 2012, so the determined Swarovski Value for the retired Swarovski figurines for the 2012 edition is based on recent data.

Swarovski collectors who have never purchased the book can find contact information for the authors at the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book website (on the About Us tab) to determine which book is best for the collector or if the collectors should purchase the complete book set.  For true Swarovski collectors who know exactly what they need, the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski: Beyond Silver Crystal, can be placed at Warner’s website or

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