Mar 282012

Years ago, our favorite crystal brand produced some ‘useful’ items.  Among the ‘funcational’ items that the company produced, a resourceful collector might find Swarovski Candleholders, Swarovski Clocks, Swarovski Treasure Boxes and Swarovski Magnifier figurines.  But these are just a few of the releases that would be considered ‘functional’, there are many others.

I find the Swarovski Magnifier releases to be more uncommon of the older figurines.  There are two different types of magnifiers, and Swarovski produced both magnifiers with different metal trim.

Swarovski Magnifying Glass: the Table Magnifier

Swarovski Table Magnifier

The Swarovski Table Magnifier was produced 1978 through 1983.  I’ve seen a few of them, none of which have the official Swarovski logo on them.  But based on the timeframe they were in production, it may be possible to see them with the Block SC logo on them.  The Swarovski Table Magnifier is just over 3.5 long.  It was produced with gold trim:  Swarovski Gold Table Magnifier and silver trim: Swarovski Rhodium Table Magnifier.  Both variations retailed for $70 during their production lifetime.

Crystal Exchange America recently sold the Swarovski Gold Table Magnifier and the selling price was $180.  There is presently a Swarovski Rhodium Table Magnifier on ebay (item #140732123957 ), with an even lower opening bid!

Swarovski Magnifying Glass with a Gold Chain and Silver Chain

Swarovski Chain Magnifiers (Gold on Left, Rhodium on Right)

The luxury brand also made magnifiers with a chain attached to the handle.  This other magnifier was also available with silver or gold trim.  These magnifiers are known as the Swarovski Gold Chain Magnifier and Swarovski Rhodium Chain Magnifier.  These chain magnifiers are about 3.75 inches in length.  The Swarovski Block SC may be stamped into the metal, or they may not have logos at all on them.  Little information is known about the introduction dates or original MSRP.  The Swarovski Chain Magnifiers were retired in 1984.  I found a couple of incomplete transactions on ebay, so I am concluding that the opening bids of < $250 was more than any Swarovski collector was willing to pay, which does surprise me.

I don’t honestly know if anyone ‘uses’ the Swarovski magnifiers.  But it might be nice to have a reason to buy one….you ‘needed a magnifying glass’ for reading or inspecting Swarovski crystal!

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