Apr 242012

Several weeks ago, I wrote a post about the pros and cons of Swarovski Discounts and how discount prices relate to the Swarovski Warranty policy.  In a very brief summary, the article basically states that if you buy your crystal figurines online from a discount source (not an authorized retailer with a brick and mortar store), you may very well have sacrificed the post-sale service and ability to use the warranty service if the figurine should have defects or accidentally break.

Several days after the post, I received an email from a Swarovski boutique manager with his perspective about the crystal brand’s warranty policy changes.  With the author’s permission, his email is being posted for collectors to consider the Swarovski discounts and Swarovski warranty from a different angle…..

Swarovski CrystalAs a Swarovski Boutique Store Manager for many years, my perception of recent changes to the repair process, as distributed to Swarovski Boutiques, seems more accommodating to clients.  Prior to the recent guidelines, customers were asked to contact customer service directly if an exchange or refund could not be made in the store.

Consumers were responsible for calling customer service and mailing a package themselves, once the return authorization paperwork was received.  The present guideline for repair allows consumers to bring a qualifying item requiring repair directly to the boutique.

This year I have acted as a liaison between customer service & the consumer, as directed by the stores directions for repairs. Per the guideline, I have sent items from other sources of purchase.

It has been a pleasure to connect with clients offering this service. In the rare event I cannot immediately offer a solution in the store, I have enjoyed offering solutions and sharing the client’s delight when they return to the store and pick up a refurbished item.

For myself, the Swarovski Boutique has evolved into a service center, or point of contact beyond customer service, as Swarovski continues to evolve.  I have perceived all customer service documents as ‘guidelines’. Each customer I interact with has a unique situation I can address in the most appropriate way.  At times I have found it necessary to ‘make a partner’ for exceptions, but I am confident we have achieved a high satisfaction rate.  With any business, the guidelines may change at any time, but I for one, am comfortable with these improvements.

On the subject of gift receipts, the Swarovski boutique manager included this…”Gift receipts are always available point of sale at every Swarovski Boutique and should be requested, if not automatically provided.  The gift receipt enables the gift giver to provide documentation, without providing the price of the gift.

Hopefully, this manager’s information and perspective will help Swarovski collectors and buyers make the best choice for source and price when considering upcoming Swarovski crystal purchases. A special thanks to the Swarovski boutique manager for allowing us to share his email with our Kristall Buzz readers!

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