May 062012

Yesterday was the Kentucky Derby and I thought it would seem most fitting to write about Swarovski Horses!  First, congratulations to “I’ll Have Another” and the entire team for this amazing race horse for successfully taking the win in the “The Run for the Roses”!  I read in one article that the name origin for “I’ll Have Another” stems from the owner’s wife baking chocolate chip cookies, and the owner’s response to the cookies saying “I’ll Have Another“.  (Must be yummy cookies!)

Here is a bit of information horse terminology.  There are 3 types of horses the Stallion, the Mare, and the Foal. A Filly and a Colt are both Foals.

Our favorite crystal brand has produced a number of Swarovski Horse figurines.  Kristall Buzz contains an article about Swarovski Stallion figurines, which includes the Swarovski Amurath, Swarovski Arabian Stallion, Swarovski White Stallion, Swarovski Stallion, and Swarovski Satin Stallion.

The crystal company also produced a Mare figurine, which is now retired.  The Swarovski Mare was designed by Stefanie Nederegger and available from 2006 through 2011.  The crystal mare was about 5.5 inches long and originally retailed for $380.

The crystal giant has also produced 2 different foals figurines: Swarovski Foals and Swarovski Foals Playing.  The clear Swarovski Foals were available 2003 through 2011.  The colorful Swarovski Foals launched in 2011, in effect replacing the clear variety.  Both Foals products were designed by Martin Zendron.

Another retired figurine is Swarovski The Horse.  Mario Dilitz is the credited for this figurine that was available from 2004 through 2006.  Part of the (no longer used theme group) Symbols, this crystal horse was about 5.5 inches tall and originally retailed for $385.

Trying to mention ALL the Swarovski crystal horse figurines, the crystal brand also produced some solid-colored horses in the Circus group.  Below the list includes Swarovski product name, product identification numbers, years available, and original retail price (since many are still available).

The Swarovski Lovlots Horses wered designed by Peter Heidegger. These Lovlots Horses include:

  • Swarovski Jade, Limited Edition (Dancing Horse) – 9100 000 294 / 1 073 338.  2011 only.  MSR $80.
  • Swarovski Jasmine (Dancing Horse) – 9100 000 302 / 1 079 474. 2011 – 2012.  MSR $250.
  • Swarovski Rosalie (Dancing Horse) – 9100 000 293 / 1 073 336.  2011 – 2012.  MSR $80.

There are also Swarovski Zodiac Horses:

The grand-daddies of Swarovski Horse figurines are the Swarovski Amurath and the Swarovski NLE Wild Horses.  Both the Swarovski Crystal Myriad and Wild Horses are Swarovski Numbered Limited Editions.  While the Amurath was limited to only 300 units world-wide, it did have a retail price tag of $8000 compared to an SCS LE, which was limited to 10,000 units-worldwide and a retail price tag of $4000.

Many of these Swarovski Horse figurines can be found on either the crystal brand’s official web site or at, a web site that focuses mostly on retired and limited edition Swarovski crystal.

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