Jun 302012

The Swarovski Lovebirds crystal figurine included a special Lovebirds Togetherness Certificate and custom Swarovski Togetherness Box. The crystal giant only offered the SCS membership to five English-speaking countries when it came about in 1987.  For this reason, it was not necessary to have a multi-lingual Swarovski certificate for the Swarovski Lovebirds.

However, at Crystal Exchange America, we have seen a variety of authentic Swarovski COA documents for the Swarovski Lovebirds:

Swarovski Togetherness Lovebirds Certificate, 1987

Swarovski Lovebirds Certificate for the 1987 Togetherness Lovebirds

Both variations of the Swarovski Lovebirds COA is identical on the front, and includes the same picture of the crystal figurine on the inside.  The only difference is whether or not there is the authenticity information in French on the left side of the interior of the Togetherness COA.

The Swarovski –assigned part numbers can be found on the back side in a very small font.  The Swarovski Lovebirds English certificate is DO4E861. The Swarovski Lovebirds English and French certificate is DO4E86.  The Lovebirds Certificate can also be found using another reference # DO1X861C, which was originally used in the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski Price Guide.

Swarovski Togetherness Lovebirds Certificate, Complete with white envelope.

Swarovski Togetherness Lovebirds Certificate, Envelope on left, Certificate Front on Right..

The Swarovski Lovebirds COA was originally in a square white envelope when it was packaged with the crystal figurine.  However, we do not commonly see the envelope when there is a sales transaction pending on the Swarovski Lovebirds.  This original envelope is tissue-lined, and bears the Swarovski Collectors Society logo on the front side.

It is important to remember that the Swarovski Lovebirds does have a COA that is specific to this figurine.  Less knowledgeable collectors have posted online auctions selling their figurine to include the original box and certificate, yet posted a picture of the Lovebirds with a generic product booklet instead.

A special thanks to Jane Warner, co-author to Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski for consulting on the Swarovski Lovebirds Certificate article.

Regarding availability and replacement value, the SCS Swarovski Lovebirds Certificate is on the more-difficult side to find.  I was able to locate on ebay for $139 with free shipping.  It is the English only certificate with the envelope.  At Crystal Exchange America, the only listing for the Swarovski Lovebirds Certificate does not specify language is priced over $300 with their commission.

Jun 292012

2012 is the 25th anniversary of the Swarovski Crystal Society (better known as the Swarovski SCS).   According to the crystal brand, there are over 300,000 members in their exclusive Swarovski club.  Swarovski is commemorating the event with some special figurines, including the Swarovski Jubilee Dragon.   Kristall Buzz is going to join in on the celebration featuring articles on the Swarovski Annual Editions over the next couple of months.  Swarovski Lovebirds are the feature crystal figure of this article.

Togetherness Lovebirds - Swarovski SCS 1987 Annual Edition

Swarovski SCS Lovebirds - Togetherness, 1987 Annual Edition

The Swarovski Lovebirds were available for purchase only in 1987 for collectors who were members in the Swarovski SCS.  At that time, SCS was an acronym for Swarovski Collectors Society.  The Swarovski SCS was begun in 1987 only in the English-speaking countries: USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, and South Africa.  As a result, the distribution channel for the Togetherness Lovebirds was much more limited than it is today.

The Swarovski Togetherness Lovebirds stands just over 4” tall.  It is a figurine with 2 clear birds, somewhat looking at each other.  They have frosted beaks and are perched on a frosted branch.

Following the release of the Swarovski Lovebirds, two Swarovski designers were given credit for this beautiful design:  Adi Stocker and Max Schreck.  ‘Togetherness’ is the only figurine designed by 2 Swarovski artists.  For about 10 years, either designer was permitted to sign the crystal figurine (at designer signing events).  But in 1998, Swarovski decided to give full credit of the Togetherness design to Max Schreck and Adi Stocker was no longer permitted to sign it.

The SCS Lovebirds does contain what the crystal brand calls the ‘backstamp / bottomstamp’, which is included for the sake of authenticity.  Looking closely at the underside of the frosted base, the designer’s initials “MS” and the year “87” can be seen.

The Lovebirds were known using the Swarovski part number DO1X861, and years later the system number 013 560 was revealed, so it can be identified using either number.

The Swarovski Lovebirds is one of three crystal figurines in the Swarovski Caring and Sharing trilogy.

Other Swarovski Lovebird designs include the Swarovski Baby Lovebirds, which were produced 1996 – 2011.

A special thanks to Jane Warner, co-author to Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski for consulting on the Swarovski Lovebirds article.

The SCS Swarovski Lovebirds retailed for $150 USD in 1987.  The purchase price included the crystal figurine, a custom box for the figurine, and a Swarovski COA (certificate of authenticity).    While the resale price of the Swarovski Lovebirds spiked to over $4000 shortly after 2000, a mint condition figurine, complete with original packaging can generally be purchased on the secondary market for $2300 – $2700, from Swarovski expert dealers, like Crystal Exchange America.

Jun 192012

Several days ago, I wrote about a limited edition Swarovski – Steiff Bear that was a spring 2012 release.  There is also another spring release limited edition teddy bear…the Swarovski Steiff Bear Shelly.

Steiff Bear Shelly with a Swarovski Scallop Pendant, Limited Edition in 2012

Swarovski Steiff Bear Shelly, 2012 Limited Edition

Stieff’s description reveals that Swarovski Steiff Shelly white felted mohair teddy bear.  The bear brand indicates that Shelly is ready for a wonderful day at the beach.  At a glance, her pendant shell resembles the Swarovski Scallop in a topaz color, but at a zoomed in view, I don’t believe they are the same.  The Swarovski Scallop was the 2006 gift when SCS members initially joined the Swarovski club or when returning members renewed their SCS membership.  The scallop in 2006 was clear and went with the Swarovski Wonders of the Sea trilogy, which consisted of Swarovski Harmony in 2005, Swarovski Eternity in 2006, and Swarovski Community in 2007.

Steiff Bear Shelly is a Limited Edition Bear with a maximum production of 1500 units. The Steiff USA web site and stores in North America are accepting orders for this Swarovski teddy bear.  The suggested retail price on the bear is $240.  I found Swarovski Steiff Shelly in stock at a slightly lower price at Sunny-Bears.com .

Crystal Exchange America has a few retired Swarovski Steiff bears, including Steiff Bear Crystal, Steiff Bear Jewels, Steiff Bear Poinsettia, and Steiff Bear Sapphire if you are looking for an older one.

Jun 172012

I recently found a Swarovski press release online, that announces the newest Lovlots, the Swarovski Bo Bears and the Swarovski Emotis.

According to the news release, “Lovlots Emotis spread vibrant feelings through the air”.  There will be six of them when the Swarovski Emotis launch from the crystal brand’s web site.  They are:

Lovlots Emotis....Crystal Figurines by Swarovski

Swarovski Lovlots Emotis

  • Swarovski Emoti Anger – This Lovlots Emoti Anger appears to be red with rage and steam rising from his brain, just as if he’s blown his top.
  • Swarovski Emoti Curiosity – This Lovlots Emoti Curiosity obviously questions everything in the world….with one ear even shaped like a question mark.
  • Swarovski Emoti Desire – This Lovlots Emoti Desire is burning with desire, with red flames shooting up from his hair.
  • Swarovski Emoti Energy – This Lovlots Emoti Energy is being stricken by a lightening bolt, with a cloud hovering just above the eyes.
  • Swarovski Emoti Hope – This Lovlots Emoti Hope has a four-colored rainbow spouting from the head.
  • Swarovski Emoti Love – This Lovlots Emoti Love is pink, and resembles a pig to me.   Its heart appears to be pounding with love.

These figurines, like the Swarovski Lovlots Bo Bears, will have other non-crystal components on them as well.  Swarovski will combine faceted crystal with plastic, metal and epoxy for a more modern appeal.

The Lovlots Emotis will not actually reside IN the Lovlots City, but rather in the clouds above them, hovering above the earth.  Swarovski indicates that the Emotis community is invisible to the earth-bound characters, and cast spells on them.  Such spells may cause Lovlots characters to become smitten, frustrated, or energized.

The Swarovski news release did not provide details on a launch date, but I would expect it to be soon since the Bo Bears (in the same release) will be available in just a few weeks.

Swarovski crystal fanatics may view a complete list of Swarovski Lovlots releases, 2006 through 2012 at the Crystal Exchange America web site..

I don’t really “get” these Lovlots Emoti figurines.   I know that in the past, when the crystal giant produced people-figures, the figurines did not go over all that well with Swarovski collectors.  Specifically, I’m referring to the Masquerade trilogy: Swarovski Pierrot (1999), Swarovski Columbine (2000), and Swarovski Harlequin (2001).  And also the Magic of Dance trilogy: Swarovski Isadora (2002), Swarovski Antonio (2003), and Swarovski Anna (2004).  It will be interesting to see how these new Lovlots are received by traditional crystal collectors and newer collectors too.

Jun 162012

Early last week, I shared information I found in a Swarovski announcement about their newest members of the Lovlots assortment ….Swarovski Bo Bears.  Today, I have more information about the Lovlots Bo Bears!

The official news from the crystal brand’s own web sites indicate that they will reside on the Lovlots Campus.  The Bo Bears are a ‘contemporary interpretation of the popular teddy bear’.

Swarovski Lovlots Bo Bear Crystal Teddy Bear Figurines

Swarovski Bo Bears

From my research, all the Swarovski teddy bears appear to be about 2 ½” tall, and will retail in the $125 to $175 price range.  Left to right in the Bo Bears Campus image are…

  • Swarovski Bo Bear – So Brilliant.  So Brilliant Bo Bear will have 70 crystals set in the Pointiage® technique.
  • Swarovski Bo Bear – Heavy Metal.  Heavy Metal Bo Bear sounds like it may be a punk rocker, or perhaps the goth one in the group with his dark, skull attire.  This one surely reminds me of the Soulmates Skull released in August, 2011!
  • Swarovski Bo Bear – So Sweet.  So Sweet Bo Bear is the ideal Valentine gift, a great way to say “I love you”.
  • Swarovski Bo Bear – Naughty But Nice.  Naughty But Nice Bo Bear will be ‘the one to watch’.  It will be appearing as both an angel and a devilish figurine.

Swarovski crystal fanatics can find out all the past and new Swarovski Lovlots releases, 2006 through present.

The Lovlots Bo Bears are scheduled for release in their online shoppe July 9.   Bo Bear Jewelry, Charms, and Accessories are set for release the following week July 16.

Crystal collectors who enjoy the teddy bear crystal figurines can find hundreds of retired Swarovski Bear crystal figurines at Crystal Exchange America.  Simply look in the Animals category or Lovlots category of their onine store.

Jun 152012

Steiff bear collectors and fanatics may be interested in a spring-release Steiff Bear decorated with sparkling Swarovski stones.

Steiff Diamant Bear, Limited Edition for 2012, Decorated with Swarovski Crystal Elements

Swarovski Steiff Diamond Bear, 2012 Limited Edition

This recent teddy bear is named Diamond (also known as Diamant Teddybär).  The bear features a cream-colored coat of silk material.  Diamond / Diamant wears a Swarovski gold-colored pendant with a Swarovski stone simulating a brilliant diamond.  The bear has paws encrusted with Swarovski crystal Elements stones that reflect a rainbow depending on the bear’s surroundings.

Steiff Diamond  is a limited edition bear.   There are only 2000 available.  Naturally, the Diamond Steiff Bear can be purchased from the Steiff USA site.

I noticed that the Teddy Bear company discusses a previous release Swarovski Steiff Sapphire in the promotion for Diamond / Diamant . Sapphire and the Diamond teddy bears do have their similarities with their paws decorated with Swarovski dust.  Both bears being named after gemstones, I’m wondering if we are likely to see a Swarovski Steiff Emerald?  Or perhaps a Swarovski Steiff Ruby?

Swarovski and Steiff have been releasing limited editions bears since 2004.  Some of the prior teddy bears include….:

  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Daniel – 2004
  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Crystal – 2005
  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Orian – 2006
  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Jewels – 2007
  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Poinsettia – 2007
  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Flurrie – 2008
  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Kringle – 2009
  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Twinkle – 2010
  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Candy – 2011

Remember, Diamond is a Steiff / Swarovski Limited Edition piece, so don’t delay your purchase if this is a teddy bear that you want to add to your Steiff collection or Swarovski collection.  And if you are looking for an older bear, try Crystal Exchange America as they have a few retired Steiff bears.

Jun 132012

Swarovski has produced several koala crystal figurines from 1987 through present day.  While we frequently hear people call them ‘koala bears’, technically koalas are not bears, so being correct and following the Swarovski naming convention, they will not be referred to as Swarovski Koala Bears, simply Swarovski Koalas.

I do want to mention that this post is an update of an article I wrote  in 1999 for a publication called “Crystal Wise”.  So if it seems a bit familiar….that is why!

Swarovski Koalas

Swarovski Koalas

The Swarovski Koala was introduced in 1987 with the part number is 7673 040 000 and system number 014 366. The Swarovski Mini Koala was introduced in 1989 with the part number is 7673 030 000 and system number 119 472. Both were made in left facing and right facing variations so today, there are four different of these two Swarovski Koalas.  In 2009, the crystal brand introduced another figurine called Swarovski Koalas with part number 9100 000 121 and system number 955 423. At present, only the Swarovski Koalas can be purchased from the online shoppe or other dealer.

Before we get you too terribly confused, I’ll tell you what I tell my customers to help determine Left vs. Right facing positions. And since I am in the US, I’m going to assume you are driving a car in the US. If the koala is driving a car, with his hands/paws on the steering wheel and feet on the pedals …. Is he looking out the driver window, or is he looking at the passenger?

If he is looking out the driver window, he is facing LEFT. If he is looking at the passenger, he is facing RIGHT. Now perhaps I’ve confused our fellow drivers who drive on the wrong side of the car and on the wrong side of the road …. oops ….l mean the opposite side of the car and opposite side of the road. I hope you folks can pretend you’re here in one of our cars to figure out which koalas are which.

Swarovski Koala Bear Crystal Figurines

Swarovski Koala (Var 1 on Left and Var 2 on Right)

Now you probably wonder why they face different directions?  The Swarovski Koala (7673 040 000 / 014 366), the left facing one (#2 in the image) is made in Europe. His ears are set lower on his head and his shoulders are rounded with a straight edge for the paws.  The right facing one (#1 in the image) was made here in the US. His ears set much higher on his head. His paws are rounded with a straight edge at the shoulders.  The arm stone was simply put on in a reverse direction on these two different animals. In 1993 when Swarovski America ceased putting together pieces and began receiving everything already assembled, that is when the US began seeing the left facing variation of the Swarovski Koala.

Swarovski Mini Koala Bear Crystal Figurines

Swarovski Mini Koala (Var 1 on Left and Var 2 on Right)

The story on the Swarovski Mini Koala (7673 030 000 / 119 472) is more interesting.  This information I learned from a former Swarovski employee who saw first-hand what was occurring.  To assemble the various Swarovski pieces, a set of “blue prints” is needed.  It tells each stone that is required and shows where the stones should be placed to assemble the piece.  When the blue prints arrived here in the US for the mini koala, they somehow got “reversed’.  The people on the assembly line saw the blue prints and put them together opposite of those assembled in Europe!  When this discrepancy was brought to the attention of the management, decisions were made assemble it “right facing”.  When the assemblers got confused, they would pull one off the shelves and assemble it to match …and if it happened to be facing left ….the new one would be assembled as such.  This vicious circle happened several times before a final correction and decisive action was made to ensure that all mini koalas were facing right. By the second year of production, they were all made facing right (#1 in the image).  Because the error occurred here in the US, the left facing mini koala (#2 in the image) was only available to purchase in the US.

The left-facing mini koala is one of the more highly sought after on the secondary market. The best estimates I have are that 5,000-10,000 mini koalas were sold in the US the first year (1989) they were available. With the repeated cycles of production errors/corrections, about 600 – 800 were made facing left.

The Swarovski Koala and Swarovski Mini Koala have ‘discontinuation’ dates as well as official Swarovski retirement dates.  Now that we have the variations explained, here are the years that the different crystal figurines were available:

Just a final suggestion … If you are fortunate to have the left-facing Mini Koala or are considering to purchase one, be sure to compare the crystal figurine to the label on the box to ensure that the label shows a left facing one. (A right facing mini koala on the label may suggest that someone has altered the piece).

The Swarovski Koala crystal figurines (in all four size / variation combinations), as well as the Swarovski Koalas can all be found at Crystal Exchange America.  Go to the website: www.CrystalExchange.com and use the search box to see the ‘koala’ figurines presently available.

Jun 062012

Make room for more wildlife in the Lovlots City!  The crystal giant shares information about the initial sleuth of bears in its Swarovski Bo Bear launch:

  • Swarovski Bo Bear – Heavy Metal.  This Lovlots Bo Bear sounds like he may be a punk rocker, or perhaps the goth one in the group with his dark, skull attire.
  • Swarovski Bo Bear – Naughty But Nice.  This Lovlots Bo Bear will be ‘the one to watch’.  He’ll be appearing as both an angel and a devilish figurine.
  • Swarovski Bo Bear – So Brilliant.  This Lovlots Bo Bear will have 70 crystals set in the Pointiage® technique.
  • Swarovski Bo Bear – So Sweet.  Swarovski does not say much about the characteristics of this Lovlots Bo Bear, only that it is a great way to say “I love you”.  They  leave it to our imagination!

Swarovski did not include any product images with the news.  From the sketch of teddy bears with the announcement, the Bo Bears appear a bit ‘Hello Kitty’-like to me with a large head and product cuteness drawing in the consumer collector.

The crystal brand did some product realignment at the beginning of the year, with the end result being that the Swarovski Kris Bears are Lovlots Kris Bears.  Hopefully the Kris Bears will be glad to see the Bo Bears in their Lovlots city turf.

In the Swarovski News announcements to its SCS members, the company reveals that the Swarovski Bo Bears will not be ‘exclusively crystal’ figurines.  They provide a hint that there will be ‘other various materials’.  Yet another aspect that Swarovski is leaving for crystal fanatics to figure out.

Swarovski Bo Bear figurines will be available on the online shoppe in early July.  About 1 week later, there will be accessorizing jewelry and charms in the online shoppe.  There is no mention of figurine size or price point.  Perhaps since Swarovski is incorporating ‘other materials’ into the products, these teddy bears may be less expensive?

Crystal collectors who enjoy the teddy bear crystal figurines can find hundreds of retired Swarovski Bear crystal figurines at Crystal Exchange America.  Simply look in the Animals category or Lovlots category of their onine store.

Jun 052012

Swarovski has announce to its SCS members that another Lovlots crystal cow is just weeks away from launching….Swarovski Magic Mo!

Swarovski Lovlots Magic Mo - 2012 Limited Online Edition

Swarovski Lovlots Magic Mo

Swarovski Magic Mo is dressed as a wizard for the Halloween holiday.  This purple Lovlots cow is decorated with yellow stars and yellow moons.  Magic Mo has her own special accessory…an orange jack-o-lantern.  Magic Mo and her sidekick pumpkin are both wearing matching pointed black hats.

Magic Mo is an online limited edition.  The Swarovski sneak preview indicates that she will be available for purchase in late August of 2012′ but there is no mention of price.  I am thinking that the price point will be higher than the swarovski bubble mo (which is $55) because of the added pumpkin.

It seems a bit surprising the the crystal giant is releasing so many online limited edition Lovlots mo cows…apparently they must be big hits to do 2 or 3 each year. The first one in 2012 was the Swarovski Bubble Mo, which launched at the end of May.  Then the Swarovski Angel Mo, which will launch in July.

So give the Swarovski Lovlots Magic Mo a mystical, warm welcome to the Lovlots crystal cow herd!

Swarovski collectors wanting to know more about the Swarovski Lovlots and other limited edition Lovlots can read more at the Crystal Exchange America web site!

Jun 042012

Our favorite crystal brand is blessing us with yet another Swarovski Lovlots cow….the Swarovski Angel Mo.

Swarovski Lovlots Angel Mo

Swarovski Angel Mo, soon to be a part of the Lovlots Cow Herd

The Lovlots Angel Mo cow is golden-colored, accented with bronze stars.  Being Angel Mo, she naturally has shimmering wings too.

This limited edition angelic cow will certainly remind Swarovski Santa Mo and the rest of the Swarovski Mo herd of the true meaning of Christmas.

Swarovski did not share the MSRP of Angel Mo in its article for the SCS members.  As the Lovlots mo cows have generally been around $55, I think this may be a reasonable estimate for the upcoming Christmas Lovlots addition.  Since the Angel Mo crystal figurine is available online, collectors will not likely find it at a discount price.  Buyers who want to save money should look for the email vouchers that the crystal brand sends out, and hope there are no exclusions for limited edition figurines.

Swarovski crystal collectors will be able to purchase the Swarovski Angel Mo from the online shoppe in early July.  This online limited edition crystal figurine will not be available in stores, so look for an email notice when she is officially available.

Crystal Exchange America has a large selection of retired limited online edition Mos prior to the 2012 releases for collectors seeking those discontinued Mos.  At their website, to find Swarovski Lovlots, navigate downward in the menu on the left side of the screen to the Lovlots and Zodiac category.