Aug 182012

When collectors and crystal fanatics are considering the purchase of a crystal figurine, they most certainly want to see a Swarovski logo on that figurine to feel confident the item IS Swarovski.  Collectors naturally expect to see the Block SC logo or Swan logo on the Silver Crystal figurines.

Quite often, the Swan logo is underneath the figurine and is not visible unless the figurine is turned upside down.  But sometimes, the logo is strategically placed elsewhere on the figurine.  The Grand Piano with Stool is an excellent example of the Swan logo being placed above the ivories.

And it is not unusual for the Swan logo to be difficult to see.  When the base of the figurine is frosted, like the birds in the “Up in a Tree” series, the Swarovski Swan can be very hard to find since there is such little contrast between the logo and background.

Sometimes the Swarovski Swan is very crisp and defined, and other times, it is a bit fuzzy, with the swan appearing a bit ‘thicker’.  Just a handful of times, we have seen figurines with the Swarovski swan facing right, instead of left.

However, just recently, we had a client ask a question about a ‘dot’ near the swan.  I knew the figurine had been inspected 2 times before it shipped, so I was confident that the ‘dot’ that I did not specifically recall seeing, was not a chip.  Nontheless, I did not have a definite answer.  I did offer the possibility that something ‘occurred’ when the Swarovski Swan was applied to the figurine, but did not have an accurate answer to the client’s question…..that is until I checked with some other Swarovski experts.

Mark Near Swarovski Swan Logo

Dot Near Swarovski Swan Logo

So, what did the Swarovski experts have to say?  Here is what I have learned about the dot near the Swarovski Swan logo.  The dot indicates that the product was finished or glued in the central warehouse in Leichtenstein.  The absence of a dot means that the product was finished in Wattens, Austria. Additionally, it is suggested that the location of the dot on the product is unimportant.

So the next time you clean your crystal figurines, or purchase a new one, have a look at the Swan logo and see if you have Swarovski crystal figurines finished in Leichtenstein or Wattens!

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