Aug 202012

Swarovski fanatics on board the Tui Melodia continue their Crystal Journey with Swarovski representatives and fellow die-hard Swarovski collectors.  The estimate we heard was that there are about 120 people on this Swarovksi Crystal Journey celebration cruise.

On August 19, some cruisers toured Bratislava on an old timer mini bus.  Some of the stores seen include:  a Swarovski Boutique, and another store displaying very glittery (Swarovski?) formal wear.

Swarovski Experts on board the Tour Bus in Bratislava

Swarovski Experts Touring Bratislava

Bratislava Swarovski Store

Swarovski Store in Bratislava

The afternoon activity that day, “Crystal Tinker Workshop”, sounded REALLY cool!  Attendees received a small silver-colored box (silver representing 25 years of the SCS), adhesive, and small crystal cal stones to decorate the box with.  The box was about 4” square and 2” deep, perhaps nice to put jewelry items in.  This could be fun if Swarovski could offer workshops in conjunction with a store event! (<– Hint to Swarovski!)

Swarovski Fanatics from Delaware Decorating their Boxes

Swarovski Fanatics from Delaware at the Crystal Tinker Workshop

Be sure to check the Kristall Buzz frequently this week for a brief digest of the fun things happening on the Swarovski Crystal Journey!

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