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The second crystal figurine in the Swarovski SCS “Mother and Child” trilogy was the Swarovski ‘Save Me’ Seals.    The Seals were a charming figurine illustrating a new mom and her young seal pup resting on an iceberg.  The Swarovski Seals Box is designed to protect and store the crystal figurine.

The SCS Seals Box is a big white cylinder with silver-gray end caps.  It is much like the Turtledoves Box and Dolphins Box at a quick glance.  On the Seals cylinder, collectors can read the text ‘Annual Edition 1991 “Save Me” – the Seals.  This same text is repeated in 5 other languages on the cylinder container. The Swarovski Seals Box can be found using reference # DO1X911B, which was originally used in the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski Price Guide.  There is no number on the Seals Box to indicate a factory-assigned identification number.

Swarovski SCS Save Me Seals Box from 1991

Swarovski SCS Seals Box

The custom foam in the cylinder is specific for the Swarovski SCS Seals figurine. This packaging for the Seals is the first to use two completely separate pieces of foam vs a single foam utilizing a (foam) hinge.  The Swarovski Seals Certificate is simply placed on the top foam before putting the gray cap on it as it is small enough that bending does not occur.  Proper placement of the Save Me Seals in the box is fairly simple.  The Seals tail should be placed over the ‘round’ holes / bubbles in the foam and the figurine will easily fit into the foam.  The top foam has similar bubbles / holes that also go over top the tails.  Then aligning the notches along the foam sided allow for the Swarovski-designed fit.  (Hint… When I put the top foam in, I gently twist / untwist the top foam, with a slight downward pressure, to ensure that the foam is pressed down as much as it is supposed to be.)  When in proper position, there is about a ½” of the cylinder showing above the foam for the lid to fit on.

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