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Occasionally, we get some unusual requests from clients, who are simply ‘consumers’, but not Swarovski collectors.   Such requests that we have received in the past 3 months are for clients looking for the Swarovski Large Flower Mo and the Swarovski Blue Flower Mo.  Of course, being a Swarovski collector, I know that there is only ONE Swarovski Flower Mo.  But clients have a general idea of figurines they want to purchase, without the correct figurine name and have no idea of identification #’s to know for certain the item they want to purchase.  Furthermore, clients don’t necessarily perceive us as Swarovski experts, but only as an online store and could care less if the name is right or wrong as long as they get the figurine they have pictured in their mind.  (Would be great if we had a mind-reading store!)

Clients requesting the Lovlots Large Flower Mo or Lovlots Blue Flower Mo, generally indicate that they are certain of the Mo Cows existence as they have a friend that owns one, or that they have seen it elsewhere on the internet, like ebay (where sellers never? make mistakes).   Check out this Large Blue Flower Mo auction that ended March 2012.

Official Swarovski Flower Mo Cow

Swarovski Flower Mo, Small Green Mo Cow, Limited Edition

Sometimes called the Swarovski Large Flower Mo or Swarovski Blue Flower Mo

Swarovski Belle Mo, Large Blue Mo Cow










What clients are referring to as the Large Flower Mo or Blue Flower Mo is actually Swarovski Belle Mo!  But naturally, when you explain that you believe they are looking for Belle Mo, they will correct you saying it is the Large Flower Mo or Blue Flower Mo  (and at that, it is time to give up and simply help them to decide if they wish to proceed with the purchase).

To set the record straight….there is only ONE Swarovski Flower Mo, and it is a small light green cow with multi-colored flowers on it.  Flower Mo is about 1.75” long and was a limited edition Swarovski cow available only in 2009.  The larger cow mo with flowers is Swarovski Belle Mo.  This cow is light blue in color, with blue flowers on it.  Belle Mo is about 3.5” high and was available 2010 through 2012.  The design of both of these Mo Cows is credited to Edith Mair.

Swarovski Flower Mo one of the more expensive Mos to purchase, with an average selling range now at $290 – $350!

Should the crystal brand ever release another Lovlots Mo Cow decorated with flowers, an update to this article will likely be required to prevent further Swarovski Flower Mo confusion.

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