Mar 182013

I have marvelouos news for Swarovski collectors and new owners of Swarovski crystal figurines…..the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski Silver Crystal Swarovski book is now available!

This Swarovski book is in its 20th year of publication.   The book authors, Tom and Jane Warner, are serious Swarovski collectors and update / re-publish the set of Swarovski books each year.

The Swarovski Silver Crystal book contains photos with detailed information about Swarovski SCS crystal figurines and the newly named Crystal Nature (formerly Silver Crystal) figurine releases (as well as product variations on them) for the past 35 years! That’s approximately 1500 Swarovski Crystal figurines in this book!

2013 Swarovski Catalogue 2013 Silver Crystal figurines

Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski, 2013 Ed.

There fundamental reasons for annually updating the Swarovski book are to:

  • Include preceding year Swarovski new releases and retirement data
  • Update Swarovski Value for insurance purposes (Swarovski ERV in the publication)

Research for the 2013 Swarovski book was performed just 2 months ago in January 2013, so the computed Swarovski ERV values for the retired Swarovski figurines for the 2013 edition is definitely fresh.

Some collectors feel that ‘values’ may be stagnant, and consider NOT purchasing books on a regular basis. However that is not necessarily the case when it comes to ‘insurance values’.  No one wants to overpay for insurance, and no one wants to be under-compensated when there are tragic losses.  Some collectors feel that trading values in the online auctions may be one possible way to determine a buying price if replacement Swarovski figurines need to be purchased, and that may be ok for some people who have very small collections (less than 50 figurines). But honestly…WHO has time and energy to research the statistics for a medium or large size collection (i.e. 300+ pieces). The Swarovski Experts have already done all that work for collectors, so it make the most sense to purchase the books and use their professional recommendations for insuring Swarovski crystal collections!

For Swarovski fanatics ready to purchase the newest, most accurate information, the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski Silver Crystal, the order can be placed at or

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