Apr 242013

Swarovski crystal fanatics may be interested in bidding on a Swarovski Beetle Bottle Opener on ebay with a tempting starting bid!  The Beetle Bottle Opener presently at auction can be found on ebay – Swarovski Beetle Bottle Opener .

Swarovski Beetle Bottle Opener (Silver-colored shown)

Swarovski Rhodium Beetle Bottle Opener

The Swarovski Beetle Bottle Opener extends about 4.25” in length.  The luxury crystal brand produced the Beetle Bottle Opener in its very early years: 1978 through 1983.  This item was available with 2 different metal finishes, gold and rhodium (silver colored).  Additionally, there are 2 different variations of the figurine, making a total of four different products.

Swarovski identifies the Swarovski Gold Beetle Bottle Opener with the product number 7505 076 001 and system number 011 840.  Similary, Swarovski identifies the Swarovski Rhodium Beetle Bottle Opener with the product number 7505 076 002 and the same system number 011 840.  So, if looking at the system numbers alone, it is not possible to identify if a particular Beetle Bottle Opener has a gold or rhodium finish.

During the 5 years that Swarovski sold the figurine through standard retail channels, the Beetle Bottle Opener (regardless of the metal colored trim) retailed for $80.  This figurine can be found only with the Block SC logo since its entire production run ended prior to the introduction of the Swarovski Swan logo.  The Block SC logo is found stamped in the metal part, not on the crystal component.

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