Jan 162013

One of the more interesting Swarovski crystal figurines is the 2013 Limited Edition Swarovski Hot Chili Mo!  The Swarovski product description is as follows:

Hot! Hot! Hot! Dressed in her fiery costume, Hot Chili Mo will spice up your life. She sparkles in Fireopal crystal with a Citrine crystal head and ears, wearing a black elastic necklace with a hot chili pendant. This exclusive Limited Edition is engraved with the year of issue 2013. Not intended for children 15 and under.

Lovlots Hot Chili Mo, Swarovski Limited Edition in 2013

Swarovski Hot Chili Mo, Limited Edition in 2013

This Limited Edition Mo Cow will be out to pasture with all her 16 mo sisters, which began launching in 2006.  The last four to launch in 2012 were:  Swarovski Angel Mo, Swarovski Bubble Mo, Swarovski Lucky Mo, and Swarovski Magic Mo.

This new Lovlots Hot Chili Mo was designed by Keiko Arai.  The Swarovski assigned system # is 1173065.  Swarovski Hot Chili Mo retails for $70.  The chili pepper on this mo cow is a necklace, so I’m not sure if it is a crystal component or made of some other substance (since Swarovski is using other materials on some of their figurines….namely the Swarovski Emoti figurines)

As the official launch date of Hot Chili Mo was just a few days ago, Swarovski crystal fanatics should be able to place their order soon at the Swarovski shoppe or perhaps find one at their local Swarovski boutique!

If you are interested to purchase retired Limited Edition Cows (originally part of the) Swarovski Lovlots collection, check out Crystal Exchange America in the Limited Edition Swarovski category.

Jan 152013

The Swarovski Lovlots showcase is showing some colorful new characters…the most noticeable being the new Swarovski Dinosaurs!

Swarovski Lovlots Dinosaurs: Big T, Brett, Pippa, Stephanie, & Travis

New for 2013….Swarovski Lovlots Dinosaurs

Swarovski has created 5 new characters, all types of dinosaurs, who are a part of Lovlots community according to the crystal giant’s own web site:

The five crystal dinosaurs are definitely out of the ordinary.  In Swarovski trends from past years, there has been a limited edition for the new group.   As none of these dinosaurs are identified as limited editions, I’m wondering if there is yet another Swarovski Dinosaur to be released yet in 2013?

Swarovski has released several other crystal dinosaurs:

  • Swarovski Dino 7550 000 010 / 268 204.  Available 2002 through 2005 from Swarovski.
  • Swarovski Lovlots Jay D. Dino – 9400 000 052 / 832 181.  Available 2006 through 2007 from Swarovski.

So cheers to Swarovski’s newest characters representing the enormous, extinct reptiles of the earth!

Jan 142013

A recent Swarovski press release follows about the crystal giant’s new Disney Collection, which is a faceted salute to Mickey’s debut in 1928.

Swarovski and Disney are synonymous with magic and enchantment. The collaborations are a successful blend of Disney’s icons and Swarovski’s unique crystal expertise.

2013  Swarovski Limited Edition Mickey Mouse created in the Swarovski Pointiage® technique

Swarovski 2013 Limited Edition Mickey Mouse

With an appreciative nod to history, Swarovski presents Disney’s Steamboat Willie. This piece celebrates the 85th anniversary of the first Disney movie with synchronized sound. Limited to the year of issue, the dynamic Steamboat Willie, Limited Edition 2013 is created in faceted clear and Black Diamond Crystal and, thanks to the separate bases, can be positioned in a number of different ways. It was in this heartwarming tale of adventure that Mickey and Minnie had their romantic debut. Who was to know, that for Disney too, it would all start with a mouse?  (Personal comment….I think it may have started with a mouse for Swarovski too!)

Mickey aficionados should mark March 2013 in their calendar. In celebration of the most recognizable and beloved symbol of the world, Swarovski is issuing a limited edition Mickey Mouse entirely created in the Swarovski trademark Pointiage® technique. Limited to 100 pieces worldwide, each Mickey Mouse, Limited Edition 2013 is individually numbered. Ever-enchanting, the Mickey Mouse Limited Edition is covered in approximately 21,000 hand-set crystals and is available as of March 4, 2013 from selected Swarovski Boutiques or the Swarovski online shop.

Mickey Mouse fanatics may be interested in other Swarovski crystal Mickey Mouse releases:

Retired Swarovski Mickey Mouse figurines may be found at Swarovski secondary market specialist Crystal Exchange America.