Jul 102012

We have terrific news for bird fanatics and Swarovski crystal collectors….the Swarovski Gouldian Finches are available for purchase in the Swarovski online shoppe!

Gouldian Finches

Swarovski Gouldian Finches

I can’t say that I have previously heard of this particular breed of bird.  But oh my….they are so beautiful!  The male Gouldian Finch’s colors are so vibrant.  It’s not a wonder that these birds are also known as the Rainbow Finch.

The Swarovski Gouldian Finches are 2 brightly colored birds, perched on a silver-colored metal stand.  The bird pair stands about 4 ½ inches tall.  The Gouldian Finches are in the Swarovski Paradise product line, which is where the same product line that includes many of the other colored-bird crystal figurines.  The article number for the Swarovski Gouldian Finches is 1141675. The crystal brand gives Dominic Schöpf credit for the stunning design of these newest rainbow birds.  While the Swarovski Peridot Gouldian Finches retail for $690,  something tells me that they are completely worth it looking at the image in the online shoppe!

The Swarovski Gouldian Finches would look great displayed with other Swarovski Birds.  If you are a bird lover and crystal collector, check out the discount and retired Swarovski birds available at Crystal Exchange America!

Aug 132011

The Swarovski brand has employed over 60 designers for their famous crystal figurines.  Of course there are talented people who contribute to these incredible crystal creations, but for the most part, only one person is credited for the bulk of the figurines.

Swarovski Designer Dominic Schöpf

Dominic Schöpf

Dominic Schöpf  joined the Swarovski design team in 2005.  He believes “inspiration can be found everywhere” and accordingly, loves to walk enjoying nature, and visiting animals at the zoo.

Dominic Schöpf has been credited with seven Swarovski crystal figurines which are found in the Silver Crystal, Lovlots, and Crystal Paradadise product lines. The list of designs below is ordered by launch date includes the Swarovski product name, the system number, and launch year.  All these designs are still current and can be found in the online Swarovski shoppe.

Of all the Dominic Schöpf figurines, I like the Swarovski French Angelfish (pictured above) the best. I think the contrast of black and gold on the tropical fish is attractive. Terrific creations Dominic…what designs might we see on the horizon?