Mar 162015

On March 13, 2015 Disney released a new Cinderella movie, and no doubt, Swarovski played an important role keeping the sparkle alive.

Swarovski NLE Cinderella Slipper 400

Swarovski Limited Edition Cinderella Slipper, NLE 400 shoe figurines

Swarovski teamed up with the Academy Award® winning costume designer Sandy Powell to add sparkle to the film, providing 1.7 million finely cut Swarovski crystals to adorn costumes, jewelry, hair and makeup. A long-time Swarovski collaborator, Powell also designed Cinderella’s iconic slippers, which play such a pivotal role in the plot. The slippers are hewn from solid crystal and feature 221 light-reflecting facets. In addition to these unique creations, Swarovski opened its archives to provide over 150 tiaras and jewelry pieces to light up the famous ball scene in the film. Sandy Powell commented: “For me, Swarovski crystals are a key creative ingredient to add light, depth and color and to my costumes. ‘Cinderella’ is perhaps the ultimate romantic fairy tale, and working with Swarovski has added a new level of enchantment, illuminating the characters and bringing them to life in a magical way.”

Outside of the movie, the crystal giant has created a replica Swarovski slipper.  This Limited Edition Swarovski Slipper is 85% of the size of the movie slipper.  This 2015 Limited Edition slipper is recognized by Swarovski using the following identification numbers: 9100 000 622 and 5179692.

The Swarovski Limited Edition Slipper is approximately 6 1/2″ X 2 1/2″ X 6 1/4″. It features 220+ facets in clear crystal.  It is decorated with a (silver) rhodium-plated butterfly, set with light blue crystals. It is available as a numbered limited edition of only 400 pieces.   Each slipper is uniquely numbered on the underside of the slipper and includes a certificate of authenticity.  One website showed a selling price over $2100, but I did not find the Swarovski Slipper on the official Swarovski  web site to confirm the actual retail price.

Disney Numbered Limited Edition Cinderella Slipper, 500 Shoe Figurine

Disney Limited Edition Cinderella Slipper embellished with Swarovski crystals

This Limited Edition Swarovski Cinderella Slipper should not be confused with another Limited Edition Swarovski Cinderella’s Slipper.  This Cinderella slipper has an identification number of 5035515 and is significantly smaller and less expensive.  While it may be sold out on the Swarovski website, it can be easily found on the internet for original MSRP of $100.

Disney also produced their rendition of a Limited Edition Cinderella Slipper.  The Disney Slipper is a Limited Edition of 500 units. The Disney  Slipper features golden butterfly encrusted with Swarovski crystals.  It too is individually numbered on the bottom side of the slipper and includes a Certificate of Authenticity as well.  This figurine is successfully selling at the online auctions at $550 – $1150!

In the early 2000’s, in the Silver Crystal product line, there was a Swarovski Cinderella figurine, complete with a mini crystal slipper.  When collectors purchase this figurine from any source, make certain that the slipper is still with the Cinderella figurine as it can be very difficult to locate a replacement Swarovski Slipper to go with it. For 2015, there is another Limited Edition Swarovski Cinderella, that retails for nearly $600.

There are certainly a variety of Cinderellas available, as well as Limited Edition Cinderella Slippers available that are either Swarovski figurines or Disney figurines embellished with Swarovski crystals.  So if you are a Cinderella fanatic, you won’t want to miss out looking for one of these to add to your collection!

Feb 112015
Swarovski Disney Donald Duck Myriad

Donald Duck…the 2015 Swarovski Disney Limited Edition Myriad

Swarovski is about to release another Swarovski Disney Myriad…Donald Duck!

Myriad Donald Duck is a 2015 Swarovski Limited Edition that stands about 9.5 inches high.  Donald Duck is limited to 150 units worldwide, probably because each one takes about 110 man-hours to make!  Swarovski Myriad Donald Duck is decorated using their exclusive Pointiage® technique.  Retail price at launch time is $8900. The Limited Edition Donald Duck has been assigned the Swarovski system number 5 063 919.

This Myriad is the 4th Limited Edition Disney statue to be released since 2013, all of which have sold out.  Among these Swarovski Crystal Myriads are:


The Swarovski Disney Myriad…Donald Duck should be available at the Swarovski web site near the end of 1st quarter, 2015.  This is expensive news for Crystal Fanatics and Disney Fanatics alike!

Feb 062013

Last year we heard rumors of reorganization of the product lines that they classify crystal figures into.  Examples of such product lines include Silver Crystal, Crystal Moments, Lovlots, Soulmates, and so forth.  But now, in 2013, some of those very well known names are a part of history as new product line names have officially rolled out.

There are 4 main product lines: Swarovski Symbols, Swarovski Characters, Swarovski Nature, and Swarovski Art and Statement.  There are further groupings within each of the crystal product lines.

What has to be the biggest surprise is the disappearance of the Silver Crystal name that Swarovski has become so famous for, and even trademarked.  Silver Crystal is now Crystal Nature.  Crystal Paradise has been replaced with Mother Nature.  And Soulmates has been replaced with Contemporary Nature.  These 3 groups: Swarovski Crystal Nature, Swarovski Mother Nature, and Swarovski Contemporary Nature, comprise the product line Swarovski Nature.

Swarovski Characters is a product line that is easier to decipher and understand.  Swarovski Characters consists of: Swarovski Disney figurines, Swarovski Hello Kitty figurines, and all the Swarovski Lovlots figurines.  The Lovlots group consists of: Limited Edition Mos, Emotis, Kris Bears, Bo Bears, Happy Ducks, and the families of Lovlots Pioneers, Lovlots Gang of dogs, Lovlots House of Cats, Lovlots City Park, Lovlots Circus, Lovlots Sealife, Lovlots Birds on Broadway, and new in 2013, the Lovlots Dinosaurs and Lovlots Erika and Elliot.

Swarovski Symbols seems to be more of a catch-all group for the balance of the more affordable crystal offerings.  The symbols group features 3 groups that seem fairly self explanatory:  Universal Symbols (formerly known as crystal moments), Seasonal Symbols (where it seems Swarovski is going to separate offerings that go with spring/Easter, and Christmas), and lastly Asian Symbols (for ornaments and zodiac figurines).

Swarovski Art & Statement to me, simply means things I cannot afford!  The only group in this product line is crystal myriad.  Swarovski is also using this group for other numbered limited editions.

Swarovski discusses this more in the SCS member magazine that has been recently arriving in mailboxes.  The article is on pages 30-31 in ‘ask Ann-Sophie’.

Part of me is wondering if Swarovski is dropping the term ‘Silver Crystal’ due to the change of Swarovski’s new formula….no lead, no silver?  Or perhaps that was just a coincidence?

So, prepare yourself for changes within publications, web sites, or software to see how they may deal with the changes in the Swarovski product lines!

Jan 142013

A recent Swarovski press release follows about the crystal giant’s new Disney Collection, which is a faceted salute to Mickey’s debut in 1928.

Swarovski and Disney are synonymous with magic and enchantment. The collaborations are a successful blend of Disney’s icons and Swarovski’s unique crystal expertise.

2013  Swarovski Limited Edition Mickey Mouse created in the Swarovski Pointiage® technique

Swarovski 2013 Limited Edition Mickey Mouse

With an appreciative nod to history, Swarovski presents Disney’s Steamboat Willie. This piece celebrates the 85th anniversary of the first Disney movie with synchronized sound. Limited to the year of issue, the dynamic Steamboat Willie, Limited Edition 2013 is created in faceted clear and Black Diamond Crystal and, thanks to the separate bases, can be positioned in a number of different ways. It was in this heartwarming tale of adventure that Mickey and Minnie had their romantic debut. Who was to know, that for Disney too, it would all start with a mouse?  (Personal comment….I think it may have started with a mouse for Swarovski too!)

Mickey aficionados should mark March 2013 in their calendar. In celebration of the most recognizable and beloved symbol of the world, Swarovski is issuing a limited edition Mickey Mouse entirely created in the Swarovski trademark Pointiage® technique. Limited to 100 pieces worldwide, each Mickey Mouse, Limited Edition 2013 is individually numbered. Ever-enchanting, the Mickey Mouse Limited Edition is covered in approximately 21,000 hand-set crystals and is available as of March 4, 2013 from selected Swarovski Boutiques or the Swarovski online shop.

Mickey Mouse fanatics may be interested in other Swarovski crystal Mickey Mouse releases:

Retired Swarovski Mickey Mouse figurines may be found at Swarovski secondary market specialist Crystal Exchange America.

Sep 252012

Just within the past month, Swarovski launched a colorful series of the Disney favorites Winnie the Pooh series.  This full-color series consists of:

Swarovski Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore: 2012 Colorful Crystal Figurines

Swarovski Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore

  • Swarovski Eeyore – 9100 000 390 / 1 142 842.  Eeyore was designed by Dominic Schöpf and retails for $290.
  • Swarovski Piglet – 9100 000 387 / 1 142 841. Piglet was designed by Elisabeth Adamer and retails for $120.
  • Swarovski Tigger – 9100 000 389 / 1 142 841.  Tigger  was designed by Anton Hirzinger and retails for $300.
  • Swarovski Winnie the Pooh – 9100 000 385 / 1 142 889.  Winnie the Pooh was designed by Anton Hirzinger and retails for $230.

The 2012 Swarovski Disney figurines are quite lively with their new coloring and will certainly allow for Disney fanatics to get in on the Swarovski Crystal-collecting action!

In 2007, Swarovski and Disney collaborated to launch a (mostly) clear series for these same four Pooh friends.  All the Swarovski Disney crystal caricatures in the clear series were designed by Mario Dilitz.  The figurines with identification numbers and retirement dates are:

Swarovski also produced a title plaque for the clear Swarovski Disney Pooh friends: Winnie the Pooh Title Plaque – 9100 000 083 / 905 772.  The plaque was also designed by Mario Dilitz and retired in 2010.

If you like the new colored figurines, place your order with or any authorized retailer.  If you prefer the clear Swarovski Disney figurines, those would have to be purchased from a secondary market dealer like Crystal Exchange America.

Sep 052012

While I have not seen or heard any news from Swarovski, I have been seeing a Tinker Bell in Red on various authorized retailer web sites and on Ebay too.

Here are my conclusions about the Swarovski 2012 Tinker Bell….

  • Swarovski Red Tinkerbell is a Limited Edition in 2012.  It is not clear if there is a maximum quantity of production or if distribution is limited in some way to geographic area.
  • Swarovski Limited Edition Tinkerbell will retail for $315.
  • Swarovski Christmas Tinkerbell is about 5” tall.

Swarovski Tinkerbell introduced in 2011 (left) and 2012 Limited Edition Tinkerbell (right)

The 2012 Swarovski Tinker Bell looks similar to the Swarovski Tinker Bell that the crystal brand introduced in 2011, but there are differences (other than simply replacing a green outfit with a red one):

  • Swarovski Green Tinker Bell has a more curvy base than Swarovski Red Tinker Bell.
  • Swarovski Green Tinker Bell has green poms on her shoes.   Swarovski Red Tinker Bell has white poms on her shoes.
  • Swarovski Green Tinker Bell has a clear bun on her head.  Swarovski Red Tinker Bell has a red bun on her head.

Both Swarovski Tinkerbell crystal figurines appear to have a silver toned wand and have Aurore Boreale wings that shimmer.

The 2012 Swarovski Christmas Tinker Bell can be identified with the part number of 9100 000 409 and system number 1143621.  At this point in time, it appears to be a pre-order item.  I would imagine that the release date will be similar to the Christmas merchandise in USA, which is early October.  (Nothing official found on launch date.)

This video, posted by an authorized retailer in the USA, shows The 2012 Swarovski Christmas Tinker Bell rotating in 360 degrees for a total view of this limited edition figurine.

In 2008, the crystal giant also produced another Limited Edition Swarovski Tinker Bell which has commands an unusually high price of $700-$900 following retirement.

The newest Swarovski Limited Edition Tinker Bell (Christmas Tinker Bell) looks like a real beauty the Disney fanatics and Swarovski crystal fanatics will certainly want to purchase!

Mar 262012

Swarovski and Mickey Mouse fanatics may be happy to learn about a Swarovski Arribas Jeweled Mickey Mouse on ebay with a pleasant Buy-It-Now price!  (Specific item details are available on the Swarovski Jeweled Mickey Mouse, item #140730983270, in the auction.)

Arribas Jeweled Mickey Mouse, decorated with Swarovski stones

Swarovski Jeweled Mickey Mouse, Originally sold in Arribas Stores

This collectible figure is 2.25″ tall and has over 180 Swarovski paves stones set into the face, arms, chest, buttons and legs of Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse features the Arribas stamp in the foot of the figurine.

The Arribas Mickey Mouse originally retailed for $295 when it launched and sold out from Arribas stores in 1997.  While the figurine itself is not numbered, the accompanying certificate does indicate the production number of the 10,000 limited edition figurines.  Mickey Mouse stands 2.25″ tall and decorated with over 180 Swarovski paves stones set into the face, arms, chest, buttons and legs of Mickey Mouse. It has Arribas stamp in the foot of the figurine for authenticity. For the cost of approximately $50 each,  An optional stand and plaque could be purchased with the figurine.

Following the success of the Swarovski Mickey Mouse (1997), other similarly-decorated, limited edition, figurines were produced as joint venture between Swarovski and the Arribas Brothers: Tinker Bell (1998), Minnie Mouse (1999), Winnie the Pooh (1999), Donald Duck (2001), Dumbo (2002),  and there are others.

Arribas continues to introduce and sell figurines decorated with Swarovski crystal stones, however, they don’t seem to be quite as popular as the inaugural Mickey Mouse.

If you are looking for retired Swarovski Arribas and Disney figurines, Crystal Exchange America has a selection of them. The Crystal Exchange America web site is at  They have figurines dating back to the 1997 introductions and limited edition Disney crystal pieces which can be found in the “Disney and Arribas” category of the store.

Jan 042012

Less than a week ago, I wrote about Swarovski Stitch figurines sold at the crystal brand’s website.  At that time, there were two variations available:  the Limited Edition Swarovski Stitch and the Swarovski Stitch Experiment 626 Limited Edition.  Both Swarovski Disney Stitch crystal figurines retail for $325, but the Experiment 626 was slightly different and has a maximum production of 626 units.

Swarovski Disney Stitch Limited Edition: Experiment 626

Disney Swarovski Stitch: Experiment 626 Limited Edition

As of yesterday, and still occurring today, the Experiment 626 Stitch appears to be available on the Swarovski web site, but errors occur when trying to add the item to the cart and checking out.  Might this be an indication that quantity remaining is extremely low or that it might be sold out?  I cannot confirm either scenario, just that at the moment, it is NOT possible to purchase it from the Swarovski web site, the ONLY place that it was originally sold.

Since the ‘not as limited’ Swarovski Stitch is available, and should be available for most of 2012, Swarovski crystal collectors who like the Disney Movie Lilo and Stitch may decide to purchase this variation as it can be easily obtained for $325.

If you are among the serious collecting audience of Swarovski crystal fanatics, you may insist on the more limited edition of Swarovski Disney Stitch Experiment 626.  While availability at is questionable at the moment, I did find one on ebay for nearly $800 + shipping!

I would also expect that we’ll get new listings for the Swarovski Stitch figurine and that they may posted on the website.  It is not unusual for our clients to snatch up exclusive pieces then put them on our website hoping for a quick profit.

Swarovski Stitch will be in the Swarovski Disney category at the Crystal Exchange America web site.  Or if you choose to go directly to the site, look in the “Disney and Arribas” category.

Dec 302011

2012 Swarovski crystal introductions are making news now with official releases just around the corner.  One of the newest Swarovski Disney figurines is the Swarovski Stitch.

Swarovski Stitch is the Swarovski Disney Limited Edition character that will be available in 2012 only.  Limited Edition Stitch is marketed and sold similar to the Swarovski Dumbo in 2011, Swarovski Pinocchio in 2010, Swarovski Mickey Sorcerer in 2009 (offered in 2 different sizes), and Swarovski Tinker Bell in 2008.

However, not only did I find Swarovski Stitch on the crystal brand’s web site, I ALSO found Swarovski Stitch Experiment 626.  Both Stitch and Stitch Experiment 626 are Limited Editions for 2012.  Both Stitch and Stitch Experiment 626 retail for $325.

Swarovski Stitch

Swarovski Stitch Experiment 626

So now that we know what the similarities between Swarovski Stitch and Swarovski Stitch Experiment 626, what are the differences?  Swarovski Stitch can be purchased online or from authorized retailers (and other sources too).  Swarovski Stitch Experiment 626 is a ‘Limited Online Edition’ available only from .   Swarovski Stitch Experiment 626 sports a reddish color with a golden pendant.  Swarovski Stitch does not have any type of collar.  And last but now least, the surfboard for Stitch Experiment 626 is also painted accordingly, with “Experiment 626” in black.  Swarovski Stitch is available probably most of 2012.  Swarovski Stitch Experiment 626 is a Limited Edition of a maximum 626 units.

More information can be found about the Disney Lilo and Stitch film series that began in 2002 on Wikipedia.  And yet more information is available specifically about Stitch 626 on Wikia.

Swarovski Stitch Experiment 626 is identified with the Swarovski system # 1132553.  The crystal brand advertises the crystal product dimensions as: 3 1/8 x 3 7/16 inch.  Swarovski Stitch is identified with the Swarovski system # 1096800.  The crystal brand advertises the crystal product dimensions as: 3 1/8 x 3 5/16 inch.  I initially thought that the two Stitch figurines may have been in slightly different poses, then reconsidered thinking that it was merely photographed from a different angle.  But now, after seeing minor differences in sizes, I’m now thinking that there may be subtle differences in the poses.

Seeing that the price tag was the same on both Swarovski limited editions, I have opted to purchase Swarovski Stitch Experiment 626.

Retired Swarovski Disney figurines can be found at the Crystal Exchange America website in the “Disney and Arribas” category.

Sep 012011

Earlier this week, figurines for the Swarovski Lady and the Tramp series launched in the online Swarovski shoppe.

Disney Lady and the Tramp

Lady and the Tramp

The Swarovski Lady and the Tramp presentation includes the four dogs, a title plaque, and a display to present the five crystal figurines in this collection.  The list below also contains the Swarovski system number and MRSP of the newest figurines.  The offerings for the series include:

Wikipedia has more information on the history, plot and storyline of Lady and the Tramp, which was produced by Walt Disney and released to theaters in 1955.

The crystal brand has produced six other Swarovski Disney collaboration series prior to Lady and the Tramp:

  • 2005 – Swarovski Disney Showcase Collection
  • 2007 – Swarovski Winnie the Pooh Collection
  • 2008 – Swarovski Bambi Collection
  • 2009 – Swarovski Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Collection
  • 2010 – Swarovski Lion King Collection
  • 2011 – Swarovski Tinkerbell and Peter Pan Collection

For information on which Swarovski Disney figurines are retired, check out the site.  If you are looking for some of the older or discontinued Swarovski Disney figurines, Crystal Exchange America has a large selection available.  Simply go to the web site and look in the “Disney and Arribas” category of the store.

Jun 122011

An authorized Swarovski retailer in Europe recently notified their customers that they are taking pre-orders for the newest Swarovski Disney collaboration….Lady and the Tramp.

In the Lady and the Tramp series, there are four characters, a title plaque, and a display to present the five crystal figurines in this collection.  The four characters (followed by Swarovski system numbers) include:

  • Swarovski Lady – 1089113
  • Swarovski Tramp – 1090823
  • Swarovski Danielle – 1089222
  • Swarovski Scamp – 1091119

The anticipated release date of the Swarovski Lady and the Tramp collection is August / September 2011.  It appears that the price range of these four crystal figurines is $90 to $190, depending on the figurine.

The Disney production Lady and the Tramp was produced by Walt Disney and released to theaters in 1955.  Wikipedia has more information on the history, plot and storyline of Lady and the Tramp.

Swarovski Lady and the Tramp is the 7th Swarovski Disney collection produced by the crystal brand.  The first six collections include:

  • Swarovski Disney Showcase Collection, 2005
  • Swarovski Winnie the Pooh Collection, 2007
  • Swarovski Bambi Collection, 2008
  • Swarovski Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Collection, 2009
  • Swarovski Lion King Collection, 2010
  • Swarovski Tinkerbell and Peter Pan Collection, 2011

For information on which Swarovski Disney figurines are retired, check out the site.  If you are looking for some of the older or discontinued Swarovski Disney figurines, Crystal Exchange America has a large selection available.  Simply go to the web site and look in the “Disney and Arribas” category of the store.

May 192011
Swarovski introduced its first line of Swarovski Disney figurines in 2005.  Its first collaboration with Disney, Swarovski created the “Disney Showcase Collection” of crystal figurines.

The Disney Showcase crystal collection, released in 2005, consisted of the following Disney characters:  Swarovski Daisy Duck, Swarovski Donald Duck, Swarovski Goofy, Swarovski Mickey Mouse, Swarovski Minnie Mouse, and Swarovski Pluto.

The next Disney collection series was for the Winnie the Pooh characters in 2007: Swarovski Eeyore, Swarovski Piglet, Swarovski Tigger, and Swarovski Winnie the Pooh.

Following the Winnie the Pooh series was the Bambi group in 2008: Swarovski Bambi, Swarovski Flower (Skunk), Swarovski Friend Owl, and Swarovski Thumper.

After the Bambi series, Swarovski and Disney introduced the Snow White characters in 2009: Swarovski Dwarf Bashful, Swarovski Dwarf Doc, Swarovski Dwarf Dopey, Swarovski Dwarf Grumpy, Swarovski Dwarf Happy, Swarovski Dwarf Sleepy, Swarovski Dwarf Sneezy, and Swarovski Snow White.

Following the Snow White series was the Lion King group in 2010: Swarovski Mufasa, Swarovski Pumbaa,  Swarovski Simba, and Swarovski Timon.

Following the Lion King group is the Peter Pan series in 2011: Swarovski Peter Pan and Swarovski Tinker Bell.

Swarovski also features limited edition Swarovski Disney releases:

  • Swarovski Tinkerbell – Swarovski LE 2008
  • Swarovski Sorcerer (Small) – Swarovski LE 2009
  • Swarovski Sorcerer (Large) – Swarovski LE 2009
  • Swarovski Pinocchio – Swarovski LE 2010
  • Swarovski Dumbo – Swarovski LE 2011
Swarovski Disney Limited Edition Crystal Figurines

In addition to the Peter Pan series in 2011, Swarovski has launched the Swarovski Adventurous Pirates in their jewelry line.  Some of the jewelry is worn in the Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides movie!

There is a web site with the crystal figurines Swarovski Disney Retirements in a free and easy-to-use format. has a series of web pages with Swarovski Disney Retirements, 2008 through 2011.  If you want to know what year a Swarovski Disney figurine retired, use the ‘search’ box of the site, and the results list will indicate a list of possibilities for a collector to select from to make getting the retirement year (answer) successful.

At, it is also possible to print out the fact sheet for all the Swarovski Disney retirements, 2008 to 2011.  The fact sheets are very handy in knowing which figurines retired in which years.  The fact sheets include small photos, official Swarovski Product Name, Swarovski Part Number, Swarovski System Number, Swarovski Designer, Year Introduced, and Year Retired.
The printable fact sheets at are created by the Swarovski expert authors of Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski.  They produced books on Swarovski Crystal, and republish annually.

Crystal Exchange America has a selection of Retired Swarovski Disney figurines in their online store.  If there is a Swarovski Disney crystal figurine absent from your display, visit the web site now, or if it is something that they can locate for you.

May 042011

The Disney movie Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides is opening in theatres on May 20, 2011.
As Swarovski Disney is a longstanding relationship featuring Disney characters in Swarovski figurines, it is no surprise that the crystal giant is launching jewelry accessories for the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

I found 22 jewelry accessories, for both men and women, on the Swarovski site, specifically launched for the Pirates of the Caribbean collection.   All the official Swarovski product names include the phrase ‘Adventurous Pirates’.  Adventurous Pirates jewelry includes:  13 necklaces / pendants, 4 bracelets, 3 Pierced Earrings, and 3 Rings. The price range is $85 to $250, depending on the item.  I was a bit intrigued to see that some of the Adventure Pirates jewelry are releasing ‘online limited editions exclusives’.

I came across a cool interactive site showing the various themes within the Adventurous Pirates: High Sea, Black Pearl, Angelica, and Skulls and Swords.
The Swarovski Pirates of the Caribbean press release is available for the complete story.
Prior to the Pirates of the Caribbean collection, the crystal brand had created the Swarovski Alice in Wonderland jewelry accessories in March, 2010.

Mar 212011
Swarovski Tinker Bell (LE 2008), step aside and make room for Swarovski Tinker Bell (2011).  Tinker Bell (2011) is available for purchase at the Swarovski web site, and this is great news for Swarovski fanatics and Disney fanatics alike.
Swarovski Tinkerbell 2008
This new pair of Swarovski Disney characters of Tinker Bell and Peter Pan retail for $300 each.  There is also a title plaque ($55), in the shape of a star, for the duo. The identification number for Swarovski Tinker Bell is 1073747.  The identification number for Swarovski Peter Pan is 1077772.
Swarovski Tinkerbell 2011
While the pictures at the Swarovski web site make this Tinker Bell figurine look rather cute, I do have concerns as to the effects that this new release will have on the value of the Swarovski Limited Edition Tinker Bell that was sold in 2008.
Here are some comparative facts on the Swarovski Tinker Bell, LE 2008 and Tinker Bell, 2011:
Retail price… $300 in 2008 (included title plaque).  $300 in 2011.
  • Height…4 13/16″ in 2008. 5 1/8″ in 2011.
  • Wings… Aurore Boreale in 2008.  Crystal Blue Aurore Boreale in 2011.
  • Base….Clear, resembling a waterlily candleholder in 2008.  Matte crystal in 2011.
  • Outfit….Clear in 2008.  Green Olivine Crystal in 2011.
Since there are now two Swarovski Tinker Bell figurines, Swarovski crystal collectors and Disney collectors have choices when purchasing Tinker Bell.  Collectors should use care if purchasing the 2008 LE Swarovski Tinker Bell.  As there are a number of similarities, the most obvious stand-out feature is the green dress for the 2011 figurine.  Be aware of the differences so that you don’t pay a ‘2008 LE’ price tag for a 2011 figurine with a Peter Pan plaque included.

Feb 032011

Swarovski crystal fanatics may be eager purchase the newest Tinker Bell in the 2011 Swarovski Peter Pan Collection.  This is definitely exciting news for Disney fanatics too that collect Swarovski crystal figurines.

The crystal brand also produced other Swarovski Tinker Bell figurines.  The Swarovski Tinkber Bell 1998 was the Arribas figurine.  Arribas Tinker Bell is about 3 ¼” tall and has over 280 pave Swarovski stones.  It originally retailed for $325. The Swarovski limited edition Tinker Bell had a maximum production of 10,000 units and was only distributed through the Arribas stores in the Walt Disney theme parks.

The next Swarovski Tinker Bell was in 2008.  The 2008 Swarovski Tinker Bell was a cooperative effort with Disney.  Swarovski Tinker Bell 2008 was a limited edition figurine produced in 2008.  It is nearly 5″ tall and includes a title plaque in the original retail price of $300.  This Swarovski limited edition Tinker Bell is now highly sought after on the secondary market and commands prices of $850 – $1200!

Tinker Bell fanatics have got to take note of all Swarovski Tinker Bell jewelry available in the online store.  Prices on the individual items are $65 – $150.

The 2011 Swarovski Tinker Bell and Swarovski Peter Pan and feature accents in Olivine (green) crystal, with other colorful effects.  The crystal figurines in the Swarovski Tinker Bell / Peter Pan collection can be view on the Swarovski site.  The site does not mention size or price of the crystal figurines in the Peter Pan Collection.

If you are looking for retired Swarovski Tinker Bell, Arribas or Disney figurines, Crystal Exchange America has many available. They have figurines dating back to the 1997 when Swarovski and Arribas worked together to create the first Limited Edition Swarovski Jeweled Mickey Mouse.