Feb 062013

Last year we heard rumors of reorganization of the product lines that they classify crystal figures into.  Examples of such product lines include Silver Crystal, Crystal Moments, Lovlots, Soulmates, and so forth.  But now, in 2013, some of those very well known names are a part of history as new product line names have officially rolled out.

There are 4 main product lines: Swarovski Symbols, Swarovski Characters, Swarovski Nature, and Swarovski Art and Statement.  There are further groupings within each of the crystal product lines.

What has to be the biggest surprise is the disappearance of the Silver Crystal name that Swarovski has become so famous for, and even trademarked.  Silver Crystal is now Crystal Nature.  Crystal Paradise has been replaced with Mother Nature.  And Soulmates has been replaced with Contemporary Nature.  These 3 groups: Swarovski Crystal Nature, Swarovski Mother Nature, and Swarovski Contemporary Nature, comprise the product line Swarovski Nature.

Swarovski Characters is a product line that is easier to decipher and understand.  Swarovski Characters consists of: Swarovski Disney figurines, Swarovski Hello Kitty figurines, and all the Swarovski Lovlots figurines.  The Lovlots group consists of: Limited Edition Mos, Emotis, Kris Bears, Bo Bears, Happy Ducks, and the families of Lovlots Pioneers, Lovlots Gang of dogs, Lovlots House of Cats, Lovlots City Park, Lovlots Circus, Lovlots Sealife, Lovlots Birds on Broadway, and new in 2013, the Lovlots Dinosaurs and Lovlots Erika and Elliot.

Swarovski Symbols seems to be more of a catch-all group for the balance of the more affordable crystal offerings.  The symbols group features 3 groups that seem fairly self explanatory:  Universal Symbols (formerly known as crystal moments), Seasonal Symbols (where it seems Swarovski is going to separate offerings that go with spring/Easter, and Christmas), and lastly Asian Symbols (for ornaments and zodiac figurines).

Swarovski Art & Statement to me, simply means things I cannot afford!  The only group in this product line is crystal myriad.  Swarovski is also using this group for other numbered limited editions.

Swarovski discusses this more in the SCS member magazine that has been recently arriving in mailboxes.  The article is on pages 30-31 in ‘ask Ann-Sophie’.

Part of me is wondering if Swarovski is dropping the term ‘Silver Crystal’ due to the change of Swarovski’s new formula….no lead, no silver?  Or perhaps that was just a coincidence?

So, prepare yourself for changes within publications, web sites, or software to see how they may deal with the changes in the Swarovski product lines!

Jan 172013

In 2013, Swarovski is making some changes to the Hello Kitty lineup.  There are a couple new kitties on the catwalk, and several other kitties are taking the exit ramp.

2013 releases: Swarovski Hello Kitty Blue Bow (left) and Swarovski Hello Kitty Ladybug (right)

Swarovski Hello Kitty Blue Bow (left) and
Swarovski Hello Kitty Ladybug (right)


Swarovski and Hello Kitty fanatics will be excited to see the two new felines now available for purchase online:

The Swarovski Hello Kitty 2013 introductions have a slightly lower price point than the original lineup from 2011….$150 (for the 2013 cats) vs  $205 (original cat figurines), so that should be great news for our pocket books!


And effective just last month, that very original lineup of Hello Kitty figurines officially retired.  So more good news for our pocket book… they are now on sale at 50% off at the Swarovski shoppe:

So, three Swarovski Cat Hello Kitty figurines remains yet unmentioned….

  • Swarovski Hello Kitty Gold Bow – This feline friend was added to the lineup in 2012, so she is still relatively new to the kitty cat group.
  • Swarovski Hello Kitty Santa –  A festive Hello Kitty that is sort of “out-of-season” at this point.
  • Swarovski Hello Kitty Hearts – This kitty was a limited edition in 2012 and can no longer be purchased in the online shoppe.  For collectors who may have missed out, the Hello Kitty Hearts Limited Edition can be found at the Crystal Exchange America web site in the Hello Kitty category.

So let’s give the nice new Swarovski Hello Kitty crystal figurines a warm welcome to Swarovski Cat clan!

Aug 042012

Last week I posted about the 2012 Releases in the Swarovski Hello Kitty product line.  In the post, I included size information taken directly from the crystal brand’s own web site, but included my own questions about the accuracy of the Hello Kitty dimensions as the price seemed incredibly low for such big crystal figurines.

It is a great compliment to know that Swarovski does read our blog!  A few days after the blog article posted, I received an email from Swarovski with the correct size dimensions for each of the 2012 Swarovski Hello Kitty releases:

2012 Introductions for the Swarovski Hello Kitty Product Line

2012 Swarovski Hello Kitty Figurines

The email did not state when the web site would be updated with correct dimensions, so make a mental note of these sizes before placing your final order at the Swarovski Shoppe to avoid size-disappointment.

All Hello Kitty Swarovski fanatics can head on over to the Swarovski site for more information about the figurines and place their orders!

Jul 272012

It was 13-14 months ago when we posted Swarovski Hello Kitty News that a Hello Kitty product line was launching from the crystal brand’s web site.

In its first launch, there were about 3 crystal figurines, a 2011 Swarovski Hello Kitty Limited Edition, and lots of jewelry and accessories.

Here we are, one year later, and the crystal giant has added more Swarovski crystal figurines, limited editions, and accessories to the Swarovski Hello Kitty product line.  The 2012 Swarovski Hello Kitty releases mostly have a ‘rock inspired design.  As you look at each of the new introductions, you will see that Hello Kitty is connecting with her wilder side and she is less about cute and innocent.

Swarovski Hello Kitty 2012 Figurines: Limited Editions and Crystal Figurines

Swarovski Hello Kitty: LE 88, LE 2012, Hello Kitty Gold Bow, & Hello Kitty Santa

  • Swarovski Hello Kitty Limited Edition 2012 – This Hello Kitty figurine is limited to just 88 units world-wide, with a retail price tag of $8000.  It very much resembles the Hello Kitty Gold Bow, but this one is using the glittering crystal Pointiage® technique.
  • Swarovski Hello Kitty Hearts, Limited Edition 2012 – This Hello Kitty figurine is clear and she is wearing a pretty pink dress and lovely rose-colored Pointiage® bow consisting of 600 crystals.  The Swarovski shoppe indicates that she is over 8” tall and has a retail price tag of $600.  It appears that this figurine should be available for most of 2012.
  • Swarovski Hello Kitty Gold Bow – This Hello Kitty figurine is crystal satin (gray) instead of clear and she sports a black jacket and yellow bow (instead of red or pink).   While the Swarovski shoppe indicates that she is over 8” tall, I have a hard time thinking this is true with a retail price of $140.
  • Swarovski Hello Kitty Santa – This Hello Kitty figurine is clear naturally wearing a Santa-red jacket, a Santa hat, and a Santa-red bow.   The candy cane she is holding appears to be Santa red (siam) and crystal moonlight (one of the colors that the 2011 AE polar bear cubs wars available in). While the Swarovski shoppe indicates that she is over 8” tall, I have a hard time thinking this is true with a retail price of $140.  While I did not find an official launch date for this figurine, I’m assuming that it is October since that is when most of the holiday figurines will be available from Swarovski.

(See Swarovski Hello Kitty Size Upate post from August 4 for correct figurine dimensions.)

Other Swarovski Hello Kitty Accessories include:

  • Swarovski Hello Kitty Charms – The 2 new charms are the Hello Kitty Rock Charm and Hello Kitty Guitar Charm.  The Hello Kitty Candy Charm is on sale at 50% off if you are looking for a deal!
  • Swarovski Hello Kitty Fashion Accessories  – Of the 12 items in this category, there are 3 new items and 5 items that are 50% off.
  • Swarovski Hello Kitty Jewelry –  There are a few new items and plenty of sale items. In this category, there are plenty of Hello Kitty Pendants, Hello Kitty Bracelets, Hello Kitty Necklaces, Hello Kitty Pierced Earrings, and Hello Kitty Rings.

So, if you are a Hello Kitty fanatic, check out the new rock-inspired figurines and jewelry at the Swarovski shoppe now!

Aug 112011

It has been about 6 weeks since Swarovski added the new Hello Kitty merchandise in the online shoppe.  Several days ago, I found an official Swarovski Hello Kitty video on YouTube.

In the short video, the model shows off mostly the Swarovski jewelry offerings.  Most of the Hello Kitty jewelry  in the Swarovski shoppe is in the price range of $70 – $160.  In the video, the model also poses with the Swarovski Hello Kitty Bag that retails for $650.

The video does not give much time to the crystal figurines, as only one of them is shown, and that is at the very end.  The crystal giant is selling 3 different Swarovski Hello Kitty figurines, all which retail just over $200 each.

So if you are a crystal fanatic or Hello Kitty fanatic, you’ll want to check out the Hello Kitty of the Swarovski web site for their newest product line offerings!

Jul 122011

For all the Hello Kitty fanatics and Swarovski crystal fanatics, the Hello Kitty figurines are now available on the Swarovski web site for purchase.

The Swarovski Hello Kitty crystal figurines are about 2 x 2.5 inches in size.  The price tag of $205 seems a bit high considering the physical size of the figurines.

I also noticed that the only earrings I found were CLIP earrings, not pierced earrings.

The Swarovski Hello Kitty Limited Edition 2011 (Swarovski system # 1097008) does not show an ‘Add to Shopping Bag’ button.  I’m not sure if it has already sold out, or if it simply is just not yet available on the web site at this time.

Crystal Exchange America has added a new category for ‘Hello Kitty’ listings and has new Swarovski Hello Kitty information on their web site.  That being said, the quickest way to get your new Hello Kitty figurines will be to purchase them from Swarovski or an authorized retailer.

Jun 302011

I’ve been seeing more on the internet about Goo Hara and Swarovski, but I still was uncertain as to how much is truth and just how much is rumor.

We all know who Swarovski is and all the history of the Swarovski crystal brand.  But how many USA Swarovski collectors know who Goo Hara is?  Goo Hara is from South Korea.  She’s 20 years old.  She is a singer in a group called Kara.  And now, it seems that she may be a model for Swarovski!  Information obtained on the internet indicated she participated in photo shoots and was well-liked by Swarovski.  Since Swarovski has NOT made any official press release, I don’t have any other details on the veracity.

Goo Hara posing with Swarovski Swan necklace, earrings, and barrette

Along with a number of other Japanese celebrities, Goo Hara did attend the event in Japan “Swarovski presents ‘House of Hello Kitty’ held June 29.  I saw video of Goo Hara posing with the Swarovski Hello Kitty purse launching very soon at the Swarovski and Hello Kitty.

Goo Hara at the Swarovski Hello Kitty event June 29

The Swarovski and ‘House of Hello Kitty’ event runs June 30 to July 10, 2011 at Omotesandou Hills in Japan.  Attendees have the option to purchase 31 Swarovski Hello Kitty goods directly.  Proceeds from purchases at this event go to the Japanese Red Cross for the earthquake relief fund.

If the Goo Hara – Swarovski relationship is true, she may be appearing in our Swarovski crystal quarterly magazines soon!

Jun 212011

Swarovski has put out a formal statement on their web site about the Swarovski Hello Kitty crystal collaboration this year.

Hello Kitty was introduced in 1974 and has remained popular for over 25 years in pop, art, culture and fashion.  And in 2011, Swarovski is joining in on the force through jewelry, charms and crystal figurines.  The Swarovski announcement indicates that there will be three Swarovski Hello Kitty crystal figurines.

And last, but not least, a limited edition Swarovski Hello Kitty figurine decorated using the signature pointiage technique.  This confirms the news we found earlier on the web that there will be only 88 pieces worldwide with nearly 20,000 Swarovski crystal stones.

Limited Edition Swarovski Hello Kitty figurine, 2011

In May, I wrote several articles about this news.  For convenience, links are below

So, if you are a Hello Kitty fanatic, the release date is just around the corner.  The official Swarovski Hello Kitty collection debut will be at the end of July…. only one more month of waiting.

May 172011

Today I happened upon another article which had more information about the Hello Kitty and Swarovski collaboration I’ve been writing about.

The article does indeed confirm that the Swarovski Hello Kitty collection will be available in select Swarovski stores beginning in August.  It did not specify if the stores are Swarovski Boutiques, authorized Swarovski dealers, or a combination of both.

The article elaborated on the items in the collection: necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, Swarovski’s ‘power bag’, and several crystal figurines.

The exclusive Swarovski Limited Edition Hello Kitty was also mentioned.  The Swarovski LE will be decorated with nearly 20,000 Swarovski pave stones using their signature pointiage technique.  There was no mention of where this kitty will be displayed or how it will be sold. Lottery? Online order? Available to a Hello Kitty group like the Swarovski SCS?

Hello Kitty seems to have a pretty big following….she’s been around for over 35 years now.  Hard to imagine that a cartoonish Hello Kitty cat has survived all the cultures and changes in technology to still remain popular.  I’m not saying that I like or dislike, just that many fads have ‘their time’, and Hello Kitty seems to be going strong.

After learning that the Swarovski Hello Kitty line will be available in select stores, I have to think that it will be available at the online store of Swarovski.com.  This Sanrio Swarovski collaboration is great news for Swarovski crystal and Hello Kitty fanatics.

May 162011
In my last Swarovski Hello Kitty article, I wrote about the joint venture where the 2 companies, Sanrio (Hello Kitty) and Swarovski, are producing jewelry, Swarovski crystal figurines, and a Swarovski jeweled mascot of Hello Kitty to be available later in 2011.  There are about nine Swarovski Hello Kitty products mentioned along with some photos of the upcoming releases.

Shortly after I completed that article on the collaboration between Sanrio and Swarovski, I found more interesting information.  As it turns out, in 2009 Sanrio and Swarovski came together  to produce a ‘Super Hello Kitty’ doll to commemorate 35 years of the popular feline’s success.

The Super Hello Kitty jeweled doll is literally one of a kind.  The Super Hello kitty was approximately 4 inches tall, and 1.25 lbs.  It was decorated with over 232 carats of 2300 real gemstones….diamonds, topazes and naturally pink sapphires.  The value at that time?  $153,000!
Swarovski Super Hello Kitty, cebrating 35 years!
There is more on this Swarovski Super Hello Kitty on the Swarovski Gems web site.  Their article is entitled ‘Enlightened Swarovski Elements joins Sanrio in celebrating the 35th anniversary of Hello Kitty with a one-of-a-kind, Super Hello Kitty Doll.
So, it looks like we’ve uncovered 2 Kitty Crystal Miriads to go along with all the ones that are presently available from the Swarovski crystal brand.  But with Super Hello Kitty being made with real gemstones, it certainly takes the cake!

May 152011
I recently learned that Sanrio, the maker of Hello Kitty, has collaborated with Swarovski again, to produce about 10 items in the fall/winter 2011/2012.  Included in the list of items to be launched are ….
    • Swarovski Hello Kitty Minaudiere (Purse)
    • Hello Kitty Coin Purse
    • Hello Kitty Card Holder
    • Hello Kitty Bag Charm
    • Swarovski Hello Kitty Earrings
    • Swarovski Hello Kitty Charm Bracelets
    • Swarovski Hello Kitty Necklaces
    • Swarovski Hello Kitty Rings
    • Limited Edition Swarovski Crystal encrusted hand mirror.  Production max of 100, retailing for $350
    • Limited Edition molded Hello Kitty body-shaped case with brush set.  Production max of 100, retailing for $495


To no surprise, there is a Swarovski Limited Edition 2011 Hello Kitty Mascot!  There are 88 LE Swarovski Kitties decorated using the pointiage technique.  The mascot has approximately 19,600 Swarovski stones.  This Swarovski Hello Kitty statue will retail for approximately $12,000 USD!

Swarovski Hello Kitty Limited Edition

Natalie Cohen (from Swarovski) states, “As a fan from day one, I saw an obvious connection between the magical, sparkle of crystal and the bright, playful world of Hello Kitty.”

One source indicated that this special Swarovski Hello Kitty collection will be available in the Sanrio’s 1900 stores starting in August.  They cite 7 necklaces and pendants, 3 bracelets, 2 rings, a range of leather goods and 3 figurines.

I’m wondering what the packaging for the crystal figurines will look like.  Will it be the traditional Swarovski box in navy?  Or does Hello Kitty have their own packaging style?  Will the crystal figurines bear the Swarovski logo?  Or does Hello Kitty have a special mark they use for figurines?

As the Swarovski stores do carry the Swarovski Disney figurines (a joint venture with Disney) and it appears they will be carrying the Swarovski Aura perfume (a joint venture with Clarins), I wonder if the Swarovski crystal Hello Kitty figurines will be there too?