Feb 112013

Swarovski is constantly creating and inventing new colors.  While some colors may be ‘colored crystal’, other colors may be coatings applied to the surface are of crystal components.

Remember the Swarovski Paperweights?  They were neither colored crystal, nor coatings applied to the surface area.  The Swarovski Paperweights were colored using a special technique where the color was applied to the base, prior to felt being applied.

Swarovski Paperweights in Different Shapes and Colors

Various Swarovski Paperweights: Pyramids, Atomic, Barrel, Egg and Cone Rio.

As we get so many questions about the various colors, there is now a new page on the Crystal Exchange America web site to explain some of the colors, as well as the different shapes that Swarovski Paperweights were available in.

As many crystal fanatics know, the huge price variation has to do with shape, color, and how rare or common the shape and color combination are.

If you are looking for a particular Swarovski paperweight shape, check out the Swarovski Paperweights presently available in the online store.

Oct 152012

Swarovski fanatics are constantly seeking that rare find, and hopefully at an affordable price.  The more rare the find, the more exciting that it is!  One such rare Swarovski find might be the Swarovski Pentagon Paperweight, that is seldom found at an affordable price for most collectors.

Rare Paperweight....the Swarovski Pentagon

Swarovski Pentagon Paperweight

Jimer at Swan Seekers Network sent us an article from her newsletter archives about this figurine for collectors who are uncertain about what the rare Swarovski Crystal Pentagon is.

From Maret Webb, who originally wrote about a Pentagon found in Italy, basically shared this:  The large Pentagonal crystal, Swarovski item # 9456, weighs 2.2 lbs was designed in March, 1977.  Another one was later located in Arizona.

One thing that both paperweights had in common was literature, written in German.  The translation of the literature they ascertained was…. The original examination date for the design was March, 1977. No one knows for certain if that was a production time or design time since it contains the Swan logo, which was not introduced until 1989.  The category description for the Pentagon is “ready product” from the ‘main program’.  The literature in German further indicated that the item was produced in Factory #1, which was surmised to be in Wattens.

10 colors of vaporization effect are listed as available, as well as the opportunity for an emblem.  (Crystal Exchange comment…these are likely to be the same 10 colors that we find on the colored paperweights like carousels, rios, and pyramids).  Suggestion of the emblem leads one to believe that this was a presentation type piece that could be customized upon order and that this is further reference to consultation with the customer.

The Pentagon comes in a very nice box with metal hinges and a latch.  The box sides can somehow be removed, leaving the Pentagon on a blue velvet pedestal for display.

No one knows how many were ever produced, but they are seldom seen.  The literature makes reference to a minimum order of 240 units, but it is not clear if that was for the order of which the Pentagon came from or for new orders at that time.  Referring back to the group designation “ready product” , one may conclude that the factory produced 240 units at a single time, which would then be available for customization.

A special thanks goes out to Jimer at SwanSeekers.com for the Swarovski Pentagon article!

According to Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski, the Pentagon is 3 ¾” high.  They indicate that the Swarovski Pentagon figurine is also known as the “School Block Paperweight”.

I have regularly seen this Pentagon Swarovski Paperweight on ebay, since Feb, 2012.  The ebay seller generally advertises with a Buy It Now price of $5700 – $6000 USD.  I have not seen this item sell, despite the numerous attempts.

Nov 132011

Some of our crystal fanatics clients recently attended the Swarovski Signing Event at Sofitel in October, 2011.  They were kind enough to provide us with the Swarovski Event Summary to share with other Swarovski collectors.

Swarovski 2011 Event Paperweight

We have since received more emails and images about the wonderful signing event and fantastic stories from those fortunate enough to attend the event.

At the recent signing in Los Angeles, California held at the The Sofitel Hotel on Beverly Boulevard, Swarovski held true to their tradition of gifting a special Swarovski paperweight each registered SCS member attendee.

The 2011 Swarovski Signing Event paperweight is 40mm in diameter.  It is Crystal CAL in color and bears (pardon the pun) the design of Swarovski Siku the Polar Bear.  Look at the Swarovski Polar Bear Key Ring – the Hong Kong Gift with Purchase promotion – and you will see the same design.  The Swarovski-assigned identification # is 1153341 to the 2011 event paperweight.

I know that the event was not cheap to attend….air fare, hotel stays, meals, event fees, etc.  However, now, it is starting to sound like attendees were showered with beverages, Swarovski crystal gifts, and quality entertainment….the Hollywood atmosphere was created by the Hollywood look-alikes included not only Lucille Ball, but also Whoopi Goldberg, Jack Nickolson, Johnny Depp, and others provided by the Sennet Entertainment group.  It seems like the WOW-factor was there and that Swarovski SCS members definitely got their $$’s worth!

Jun 292011

In 1988 the International Winter Olympics were held in Calgary, Canada.  Swarovski Canada officially licensed at least 2 Swarovski crystal plaques to commemorate the event.  I have heard rumors about a plaque with bears and a flag being previously discovered, but there was no year on the plaque.  The Swarovski plaques are not marked with a Swarovski logo on the crystal, so finding a rare one with a Swarovski box was a real treat.

The Saddledome plaque was numbered 9503M2692, and officially referred to by Swarovski as Saddledome, Iceberg.  Unfortunately, the original box for the rare plaque featuring the bears hoisting the Canadian flag has been lost.  The Saddledome Iceburg can be found in Warners Blue Ribbon Books Beyond Silver Crystal as well as the plaque with bears using the Warner’s assigned product number of BSC201000007.  The bears plaque itself is very interesting, with Calgary, 1988, Winter Olympic Games, in English and French, engraved.  The same blank crystal plaque was used for both Olympic memorabilia.  It has physical size of 3 3/4″ wide and 3″ high.

Swarovski Olympic Iceburg Plaques
Swarovski Box for a Swarovski Crystal Olympic Plaque

These plaques indeed are rare Swarovski crystal plaques to find.  They may also be sought after by avid Swarovski crystal collectors, Canadians, or any participating Olympic athlete.

Thank you to our Swarovski fanatics friends for passing along the information for us to share with crystal collectors around the world!

May 252011

The Swarovsk Ray Paperweight, by Swarovski Artist Darko Mladenovic, is being used as an award for all of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People.

The crystal giant Swarovski employs the most talented designers around the world working on its most popular crystal creations.  Approximately 65 Swarovski artists have been employed by the company since 1976.  And many times, Swarovski crystal designs were credited as ‘team’, implying that a number of people worked to the project so that a single designer could not be credited for the crystal figurine design.

One designer in particular, Darko Mdadenovic, worked for Swarovski 2002 to 2008.  During that time, he created 21 sculptures that were officially launched into the Daniel Swarovski Home Accessories product line of the company.  His least expensive design retailed for $475 and most expensive design exceeded $5200.
One of Darko’s most recognized designs was the Swarovski Large Ray Paperweight.  This sculpture was a Limited Edition, with only 250 produced.  The original retail price was nearly $5200.  The Swarovski Ray Paperweight was almost 8″ in length, an undeniably stunning design.

Time magazine recognized the timelessness and beauty of the Ray Paperweight.  With some customization to add “Time 100” as if it were a logo, Time awarded this sculpture to the recipients of the Time Magazine’s 100 World’s Most Influential People for an amazing four years!  This was not just an honor to the recipients; it was an honor to Darko himself!

The full article and a picture of the special Ray Paperweight sculpture can be found on the Swarovski web site.  Some of this artist’s designs pictures can be found on the Darko web site .

Congratulations to Darko and all the Time recipients for this prestigious title of “Time Magazine’s 100 World’s Most Influential People”.

Oct 272010

Swarovski Paperweights were available in a number of shapes, sizes, and colors.  Some of the Swarovski Paperweights are rare, or at a minimum, difficult to find.

Crystal Exchange America recently sold a Swarovski Paperweight on ebay for a very attractive price!

Check out this completed auction for the rare Swarovski Giant Octron!