May 082011

Happy Mother’s Day to Swarovski collecting crystal fanatics around the world!  May all Moms, Grandmothers, and Mothers-to-be have a delightful day!

I recently found this charming tale and thought today was the perfect day to remember the youthful innocence of kids….

A mother and her young son returned from the grocery store and began putting away the groceries. The boy opened the box of animal crackers and spread them all over the table. “What are you doing?” his mother asked. “The box says you can’t eat them if the seal is broken,” the boy explained. “Therefore I’m looking for the seal”, he cutely said.

Speaking of seals, 2011 is the twentieth anniversary of the Swarovski AE Seals.   The Swarovski Seals, were the Swarovski SCS Annual Edition crystal figurine for 1991, designed by Michael Stamey.  In 1991, they retailed for $225.  At present, the secondary market price is $375 to $500 for the Swarovski Seals in mint condition with original box and certificate.

The Swarovski Seals were the 2nd crystal figurine in the Swarovski Mother and Child series.  The Mother and Child series, which includes the Lead Me Dolphins, Save Me Seals, and Care For Me Whales, was the only Swarovski SCS trilogy to be designed by a single designer.

In addition to the Save Me Seals, the crystal brand produced other Swarovski Seals:

Hopefully your Seal is not broken!  But if are looking for a Swarovski Crystal Seal, Crystal Exchange America does have a large selection available.  Simply visit the Crystal Exchange America web site at  and look in the ‘Sea Life’ category or search for the term ‘Seal’ in the search box.

May 072011

My Swarovski magazine arrived about a week ago, and yesterday I found the time to open and read it.  This is the 2nd edition of 2011 with a picture of the Swarovski NLE Bald Eagle on the front of it.  About halfway thru the magazine was an article / 4 page ad about the “Aura by Swarovski” perfume.

The article is an interview with family member Markus Langes-Swarovski, who is a member of the Swarovski board.  He goes into some detail about ‘bringing the brand to life beyond crystal’ and how this was a vision that the original Swarovski generations would approve of.

Swarovski and the Clarins Fragrance Group entered into a relationship in 2003 that would ultimately allow the vision to become a reality.  In 2011, this magical launch would finally come to pass.  This introduction of Aura included Fragrance bottles filled with pink Aura perfume, a Make-Up Jewel containing lip gloss or balm, and shimmering body cream.

Of course, by now, Swarovski is hosting a web site specifically for this new product line.  The web site is In addition to the above mentioned products, the web site also mentions perfumed shower gel and perfumed deodorant spray.

Curious about the Aura scent?  Great news for Swarovski crystal collectors, there is a sample inside the magazine!  If for some reason your magazine has not arrived, it appears that web site surfers (of can request a free sample of the perfume (for certain countries).

The Swarovski magazine indicates that Aura will be available at selective perfumeries, department stores, and Swarovski Boutiques.  I’ve looked around on the internet and not found it available anywhere in the USA.  When I tried to find prices for the various product offerings, I did not find them listed in USD.

The Swarovski Aura bottles are made of glass and metal, topped with asymmetrical Swarovski crystalcomponents attached to the bottle.  The Swarovski Aura perfume inside is pink in color.

I’ve written several other postings on the Kristall Buzz about this new perfume:

I’ll post an update with store names or boutiques once I can confirm that it can be purchased or shipped within the USA.

Apr 062011

Swarovski stores have been accepting orders for the Swarovski Bald Eagle from their SCS customers since mid-February.  Beginning April 11, 2011, it will be possible for Swarovski SCS members to place their order online at the Swarovski site.

Swarovski Bald Eagle, Limited Edition for 2011
Swarovski states that this is the largest colored, cut sculpture ever produced by the crystal brand.  I think it will be interesting to see if the ‘color’ excites Swarovski collectors, or if they pass on the opportunity to purchase because they personally prefer the ‘clear’ sculptures.  I hear both sides from our customers.
The Swarovski Bald Eagle is the seventh Swarovski Numbered Limited Edition (of 10,000) issued by Swarovski since 1995.  Previous Swarovski NLE can be generally obtained on the secondary market:

So if you are an SCS member, you will have another option for ordering your Swarovski Crystal Bald Eagle.  If you are not an SCS member, you can join now, or simply wait 3 months (hoping that they do not sell out to Swarovski SCS members) and place your order online in July, 2011.

Feb 122011

I’m going to cover some more acronyms used in advertising crystal that is for sale primarily in the online auctions.  While the many seasoned Swarovski Crystal collectors understand the acronyms, there are still a lot of people buying and selling Swarovski who truly do not understand the commodity at hand.  So, I thought I’d do my best to explain the acronyms and offer cautions on the use of them.

Swarovski SCS – Swarovski Crystal Society.  This is the Swarovski Clubthat collectors can optionally join. Membership is approximately $55 USD per year.  Swarovski SCS members receive a subscription to the Swarovski magazine and have the privilege of purchasing the Swarovski Annual Edition crystal figurine online or from a retail store.  (Following the explanation of Swarovski AE below, I have provided a list of the Swarovski SCS figurines and years they were released.)Swarovski AE – Swarovski Annual Edition.  Annual edition means that it is available for one year only.  When a Swarovski collector refers to an Annual Edition, they typically mean the Swarovski SCS figurine for Swarovski Club members or perhaps the annual edition Christmas ornaments.  The following Swarovski SCS crystal figurines are annual editions:

Swarovski AE Lovebirds -1987, Swarovski AE Woodpeckers – 1988, Swarovski AE Turtledoves – 1989,

Swarovski AE Dolphins – 1990, Swarovski AE Seals – 1991, Swarovski AE Whales – 1992,
Swarovski AE Elephant – 1993, Swarovski AE Kudu – 1994, Swarovski AE Lion- 1995,
Swarovski AE Unicorn- 1996, Swarovski AE Dragon- 1997, Swarovski AE Pegasus – 1998,
Swarovski AE Pierrot – 1999, Swarovski AE Columbine – 2000, Swarovski AE Harlequin – 2001,
Swarovski AE Isadora- 2002, Swarovski AE Antonio – 2003, Swarovski AE Anna – 2004,
Swarovski AE Harmony – 2005, Swarovski AE Eternity – 2006, Swarovski AE Community – 2007,
Swarovski AE Pandas – 2008, Swarovski AE Gorillas – 2009, Swarovski AE Tiger – 2010, and

Swarovski AE Siku – 2011.

Swarovski AE Tiger – 2010
In many cases, Swarovski SCS figurines are Swarovski AE figurines.  However, Swarovski AE figurines are not necessarily Swarovski SCS figurines.  One thing for certain to keep in mind is that Swarovski SCS figurines definitely have special Swarovski Certificates. Swarovski AE figurines may or may not have a special certificate.  Be careful if you see contradictory information (for example an auction for a Swarovski AE states Swarovski Certificate included, but shows an image of the generic product booklet). Locating and purchasing a special AE certificate can be difficult and expensive (yes, expensive for a few page pamplet).  When the transaction is completed the buyer needs to be satisfied with the merchandise being offered and final winning bid.

Feb 052011

Being a Swarovski club member has always been a plus for the collector.  Since 1987, the Swarovski Crystal Society has annually released and featured exclusive figurines only available to the SCS community.

Since the inception of the SCS, times have changed.  For a number of years, the Swarovski club pieces grew tremendously in value.  It seemed inevitable….pay for the figurine, store in safely in its original Swarovski Box with its Swarovski Certificate of Authenticity, wait a few years, then sell it for double, triple, or even higher from the original purchase price.  What a deal! First were the Caring and Sharing series (1987-1989), Mother and Child (1990-1992), Inspiration Africa (1993-1995), and Fabulous Creatures (1996-1998). All performed very well on the secondary market after that restricted availability of one year to SCS members and immediate retirement.

The next Swarovski series were Masquerade (1999-2001) and Magic of Dance (2002-2004).  The six years of human figurines (instead of animals) were not popular with the SCS members.  Nor did it do any favors to the selling prices of the Swarovski crystal figurines following retirement.  To date, Swarovski Masquerade remains the lowest selling Swarovski Annual Editions on the secondary market and online auctions.

When Swarovski returned to animals, they turned to a ‘sea’ theme: Wonders of the Sea (2005 -2007).  Swarovski created a display, available in both a clear and a colored version.  Then Swarovski allowed all annual editions in the trilogy to be available for purchase until the final annual edition retired.  So effectively the first in the series was available for three years.  While Swarovski SCS members were pleased with the decision to go back to the animals, they were not pleased with the extended purchase time of the ‘annual editions’…not so ‘annual’ any longer.

Swarovski 2010 Annual Edition Tiger, no longer an SCS Exclusive

Swarovski introduced ‘Endangered Species’ (2008-2010) and reverted to the original distribution method, or so I thought.  I always purchased mine at the beginning of the year, and never paid attention to the end of the year.   This year (I don’t know why), I did pay attention.  I was surprised to see that the Swarovski SCS Tiger 2010 was still available online in January, 2011.  It was explained to me that Swarovski has had a one month grace period for those last minute new SCS members.  OK…I guess Swarovski is catering to the procrastinators and avoid destroying the excess produced.   But now, it is February and the SCS Tiger is still available for purchase on the Swarovski web site.  It is no longer advertised as an ‘SCS 2010 Tiger’, but as the ‘Annual Edition 2010 Tiger’.  Furthermore, I was able to purchase the item under a fictitious name and a fictitious address without an SCS member number and complete checkout process.  The only reason I won’t be ending up with another annual edition tiger is because I entered an expired credit card number.  I was shocked when the reality set it that ‘SCS 2010 Annual Edition Tiger’ is retired and it is now available for purchase at the Swarovski web site under the new name Swarovski ‘Annual Edition 2010 Tiger‘ by ANY Swarovski collector.  Just how many years will Swarovski continue to produce it under the new name?  So what is the point of being in the SCS now knowing this?  Perhaps this is really no different than how the crystal brand sold the Swarovski Limited Edition Rhinoceros, Elephant, and Bull ….they had multiple drawings of SCS winners and when the Swarovski Numbered Limited Editions never sold out to SCS members, Swarovski eventually allowed the general population to purchase from them from their web site.  While I understand it’s all about making a profit, personally I am not real happy about purchasing what is advertised as an ‘exclusive’ item, then the manufacturer changing the rules of the game.  It seems Swarovski may have ‘leftovers’ or another possible scenario is that Swarovski plans to continue production and marketing if there is significant interest from the Swarovski web site.  Either way, the lack of exclusivity is a bum deal for SCS members.

Jan 272011

I have learned about another ‘gift with purchase’ item available to Swarovski SCS club members: a Siku Polar Bear print.

Swarovski SCS Siku Polar Bear Picture

This polar bear picture is 7.5″ wide x 5.5″ high, including the lavender matte frame.  The picture is a hand-drawn polar bear.  It features a facsimile signature of Anton Hirzinger, the Swarovski designer credited with the creation of the 2011 SCS Siku.  The Swarovski system # for the Siku print is 1271720.

Swarovski club members who purchase a  Swarovski figurine in early 2011 may receive the SCS Siku print.  It is my understanding that some retailers offer the Siku print as a gift with purchase, while others have the SCS Arctic Flower jewelry purse.  So, if you are specifically wanting the Siku polar bear print or the SCS Arctic Flower purse, be sure to check with the retailer to ensure that the free gift is the one you want for your collection.

Jan 252011

For nearly a decade, Swarovski has been hosting instant redemption events at Swarovski stores in February.  This year, the dates have been set for the 4th week of February (February 18 – February 25) and it is a big week for Swarovski crystal collectors.  During this week, over 160 Swarovski retailers in the USA will host Swarovski SCS retail receptions.

These receptions offer special opportunities to Swarovski Club members and crystal collectors who are considering to join the SCS (Swarovski Crystal Society).  One of the many benefits of attending a Swarovski retail reception includes the ability to purchase the 2011 SCS Siku available for immediate take-home.  Other SCS exclusives will be on hand for purchase too.  These crystal exclusives may include:

There are also unique ‘Swarovski Event’ pieces that are available during this special redemption period.  For 2011, the Swarovski Event piece is the Arctic Hare.  The Swarovski system number of the Arctic Hare is 1055005.  The Swarovski Designer is Anton Hirzinger.  The approximate price of the crystal figurine is $110.

The complete list of participating Swarovski retailers for the February events can be found on the Swarovski web site.  Have fun and purchase your Swarovski Siku Polar Bear at your nearby Swarovski store event!

Jan 242011

Swarovski has made available to instant redemption Swarovski club members the SCS arctic flower jewelry purse.  This jewelry purse is lavender in color and features a white arctic flower design along with “SCS 2011″ on the front. The SCS arctic flower purse has a zipper closure and is approximately 2 1/2” in diameter.

Swarovski SCS Arctic Flower Purse
Swarovski club members who purchase the Swarovski SCS Siku in early 2011 at an instant redemption event may receive the SCS arctic purse.  It is my understanding that supplies are limited and cannot be restocked once gone.
There are other SCS crystal creations that capture the arctic flower design:
  • SCS arctic flower pendant
  • SCS arctic flower pierced earrings
  • SCS arctic flower bracelet
  • SCS arctic flower ballpoint pen
  • SCS arctic flower window ornament

I was able to find a listing for this item on eBay for any collectors wanting this item that are not in the official SCS Swarovski club:  Swarovski SCS Arctic Flower Jewelry Purse.

The Swarovski Arctic Flower Jewelry Purse looks cute. The size seems a bit small to me.  It would be nice to see a credit card size zipper purse (to stuff more things in), along with a few crystal embellishments.  Cha ching!  Guess bigger and sparklier means more money.  Just a thought (in case Swarovski is seeking suggestions from Swarovski Crystal collectors!)

Jan 042011

This morning I found the Swarovski Crystal SCS Polar Bear Video on the Swarovski web site:

Swarovski SCS Polar Bear Video (opens in a new window)

The Swarovski 2011 Annual Edition SCS Polar Bear Siku and Polar Bear Cubs were designed by Anton Hirzinger.  The video on the Swarovski web site is awesome.  It opens with a beautiful view of the Artic region where polar bears live. As a polar bear stroll by in the snow in the tundra, his breath is visible and revels the frigid temperature in the air.  The video continues emphasizing the SCS Annual Edition Siku, the companion SCS Polar Bear cubs, and the Swarovski designer doing some sketching.

Also highlighted in the video are the SCS accessories for this year 2011:  SCS Arctic Flower Pendant, the SCS Artic Flower Ornament (which is the member gift), and the SCS Ballpoint Pen.  (The SCS Arctic Pierced Earrings were not shown in the video.)

For 2011, the SCS title plaque for the Polar Bear Siku is included in the box.  A pair Swarovski gloves, a helpful accessory for the crystal figurine, is also integrated with the purchase.  As always, there is an official Swarovski Certificate for the Annual Edition crystal figurine.

I’m looking forward to the arrival of the Swarovski SCS Siku and Polar Bear Cubs into my Swarovski collection!

Jan 022011

The Swarovski SCS 2011 Polar Bears and Polar Bear cubs can now be found on the Swarovski web site and Swarovski Crystal Society members should be able to order them from their favorite retailer or from the online store very soon.

Swarovski Polar Bear Cubs (Crystal Moonlight)
Polar Bear and Polar Bear Cub
I enquired to the company as to why the cubs were not offered as a mixed set, and learned some new facts about polar bear cubs!  Apparently, polar bear cubs are typically born in pairs, hence the logic offering a pair to SCS members.  Furthermore, polar bear cubs are normally “whiter” than their “yellowish” parents, so that is why one of the sets is being offered in “white opal”.  The “crystal moonlight” cubs, do not follow nature’s coloring for polar bear cubs, but are available to SCS members for those who prefer cubs to match the Swarovski SCS 2011 Polar Bear.
I thought this was quite interesting!  I wonder which set will be most popular…..or if Swarovski Crystal Society members will end up purchasing BOTH $$ sets???

Jan 012011

2011 is officially here and I’d like to wish a Happy New Year to all Swarovski crystal fanatics collectors!

I’m excited to have a photo of the Swarovski Polar Bear Cubs to contrast the two Swarovski crystal finishes.

Swarovski Polar Bear Cubs for 2011
The ‘Crystal Moonlight’ Polar Bear Cub is shown on the left.  The ‘White Opal’ Polar Bear Cub is shown on the right.  I want to stress that the Cubs CANNOT be purchased as shown.  This is an illustration only for collectors to be able to see the differences between the coloration if they cannot personally view them prior to placing an order.

The ‘Crystal Moonlight’ cubs are designed to match the Polar Bear Siku.

The Swarovski system number for the ‘White Opal’ Cubs is 1080774.  The Swarovski system number for the ‘Crystal Moonlight’ Cubs is 1079156.  (It’s a good thing the system numbers are substantially different to avoid ordering confusion.)

The Polar Bear Cubs are optional accessories to go along with the 2011 SCS Polar Bear Siku.  Each Polar Bear Cub pair retails for $350, so I’m curious to know the statistics of Swarovski SCS members that purchase both pairs.  Or….if a Swarovski collector chooses to purchase only one pair, will it be the ‘Crystal Moonlight’ or the ‘White Opal’ set?

Dec 312010

2011 will arrive within minutes.  “Endangered Wildlife”, the final Swarovski SCS Club trilogy, will be concluded as we Swarovski crystal fanatics anxiously await the arrival of Swarovski 2011 SCS Polar Bear Siku to our displays.

The Swarovski 2010 Annual Edition was the Tiger.  The Swarovski Tiger retailed for $450.   Swarovski also offered separate tiger cubs to its Swarovski SCS members.  The Swarovski Standing Tiger Cub retailed for $180. The Swarovski Sitting Tiger Cub also retailed for $180.

The Swarovski 2010 Annual Edition Tiger, Standing Tiger Cub, and Sitting Tiger Cub were designed by Elisabeth Adamer.  The Swarovski video on youtube briefly shows the Swarovski designer and how she began he journey into the development of this Swarovski figurine for the Swarovski Crystal Society members.

Crystal Exchange America commonly has additional information about the 2010 Swarovski Tiger.

Since I like felines, both domestic and wild, I’m delighted with the design and that I have the 2010 SCS Tiger in my Swarovski crystal collection.

Happy New Year to all Kristall Buzz readers and Swarovski collectors!

Dec 312010

Since 2011 is only hours away, I thought this was a good time to rejoice and remember the final Swarovski trilogy, “Endangered Wildlife” and look forward to the new Swarovski 2011 SCS Polar Bear Siku.

The Swarovski Gorillas were the 2009 Annual Edition pair.  The 2009 Annual Edition was the Swarovski Gorillas.  The SCS Gorillas were packaged with a mother and young cub.  Swarovski also offered a separate cub to its Swarovski SCS members.  The gorilla set retailed for $475.  The separate gorilla cub retailed for $180.

Now, a year after the SCS Gorillas retired, it does seem that this Swarovski crystal annual edition is still popular with Swarovski collectors.  For transactions completed in December, 2010, the Swarovski Gorillas are closing at prices from $350 – $600.  The Swarovski Gorilla cub transactions were not plentiful and completed transactions were below original retail price.

The Swarovski 2009 Annual Edition Gorillas and Gorilla cub were designed by Anton Hirzinger.  The Swarovski video on youtube briefly shows the Swarovski designer and how he was inspired by gorillas in their natural setting.

Crystal Exchange America commonly has listings for the 2009 SCS Swarovski Gorillas.

I’m pleased that the SCS Gorillas from 2009 are a part of my Swarovski crystal collection.

Dec 312010

The Swarovski trilogy, “Endangered Wildlife”, is the final trilogy for Swarovski crystal SCS members.  With 2011 literally right around the corner, I thought this was a good time to celebrate the last series made and make ways for the new Swarovski SCS Polar Bear Siku.

The 2008 Annual Edition was the Swarovski Pandas.  The SCS Pandas were packaged with a mother and young cub.  Swarovski also offered a separate cub to its Swarovski SCS members.  The panda pair retailed for $450.  The separate panda cub retailed for $180.

Now, two years later, it does seem that this Swarovski crystal annual edition is selling for prices higher than original retail.  For transactions completed in December, 2010, the Swarovski Pandas are closing at prices from $650 – $800.  The Swarovski Panda cub transactions are completing in the price range of $225 – $275.  This is good news for Swarovski crystal fanatics who may have purchased duplicate sets of these crystal figurines.

The Swarovski SCS 2008 Annual Edition Pandas and Panda cub were designed by Heinz Tabertshofer.  Swarovski created a video, where I found it on youtube, that shows the Swarovski designer and how he was inspired by pandas in action.

Crystal Exchange America frequently has listings for the 2008 SCS Swarovski Pandas.

The Swarovski SCS Pandas from 2008 are annual editions that I am happy to have in my Swarovski crystal collection.

Dec 272010

Along with the discovery of the Swarovski SCS 2011 Annual Edition Polar Bear Siku, I found pictures and prices for the companion pieces the Swarovski Polar Bear Cubs.

2011 SCS Swarovski Polar Bear Cubs


Based on what the other retailer sites show in their store, Swarovski is offering a pair of polar bear cubs to Swarovski SCS members.  The polar bear set will be available in 2 different crystal varieties:  a pair in ‘crystal moonlight’ and a pair in ‘white opal’.  I’m not certain as to the differences in the finishes.  I think it would be nice to have one polar bear cub in ‘crystal moonlight’ and one polar bear cub in ‘white opal’, but I seriously doubt there is a mix-n-match option.  Per the sites I found, it is reported that the retail price on a single pair of Swarovski polar bear cubs is $350 or $390, depending on the site.
Swarovski crystal fanatics will likely want to purchase both sets of Swarovski polar bear cubs to go along with the Swarovski 2011 Polar Bear Siku.  But WOW!  It is hard to imagine forking out $1200 – $1300 (USD) for Swarovski annual edition figurines.