Oct 192011

Swarovski SCS editions are among the most popular crystal designs that are sold on the online store of Crystal Exchange America.  One of the more recent trilogies was the Swarovski Wonders of the Sea.

Swarovski Wonders of the Sea

Swarovski Eternity (left), Swarovski Harmony (center), Swarovski Community (right)

The three Swarovski AE’s in the Wonders of the Sea trilogy are Harmony, Eternity, and Community.   This trilogy was unique in a number of ways.

  • Each SCS edition was available in both a clear crystal version and a colored crystal version
  • The SCS editions were available for purchase until the completion of the series

Clarifying the different offerings, Swarovski article numbers, availability….

  • Swarovski Harmony (clear) –  9100 000 003 / 681 823
  • Swarovski Harmony (colored) – 7400 200 500 /  657 120.
    Harmony was designed by Martin Zendron.  It was available for purchase 2005 through 2007
  • Swarovski Eternity (colored) – 9100 000 008 /  684 266
  • Swarovski Eternity (clear) – 9100 000 015 / 726 028
    Eternity was designed by Michael Stamey.  It was available for purchase 2006 and 2007
  • Swarovski Community (colored) – 9100 000 043 / 854 650
  • Swarovski Community (clear) – 9100 000 044 / 854 651
    Community was designed by Heinz Tabertshofer.  It was available for purchase only in 2007.

One more than one occasion, we’ve been asked….”What is the correct way to display the Wonders of the Sea trilogy?”

For this trilogy, Swarovski released the center unit first, which was Harmony.   In the picture, Harmony is shown with the colored clown fish.  The next release, Eternity, is the leftmost unit. Eternity is shown with the clear turtle swimming toward the clown fish and blue coral.  (Note how the fish near the top of the 2 displays flow together.)  The final release, Community, is the rightmost unit.  Community is shown with colored banner fish swimming toward the clown fish in the picture.

Crystal Exchange America has most of the Swarovski Wonders of the Sea figurines available in their online store.  To see all the Swarovski SCS editions, view the Collector Society / SCS category.  Or a shopper can use the store’s search feature and type in Harmony, Eternity, or Community, depending on the SCS edition desired.

Sep 142011

Great news for Swarovski Crystal Society members….the golden 2011 Ornament, which is exclusive to the Swarovski SCS members, is now available on the Swarovski web site for purchase!  This special Swarovski Annual Edition Ornament is limited to one per member, and is only available through the end of 2011.

Our favorite crystal brand began producing Swarovski AE ornaments in 2009.  Being a success, Swarovski continued the trend into 2010 and 2011.  The primary difference between the annual edition Swarovski Ornament and the SCS Ornament, is that the Swarovski SCS ornament is ‘Golden Shine’ in color instead of clear.  Additional differences include the gold-colored ribbon that it hangs from, and the special gold-colored packaging in lieu of the traditional blue Swarovski Box.

Swarovski SCS Ornaments

Swarovski 2009 SCS Ornament (left), Swarovski 2010 SCS Ornament (center), and Swarovski 2011 SCS Ornament (right)

Pictured is a complete collection of Swarovski SCS Golden Shadow Ornaments.

If you are a Swarski SCS member and have not yet begun your collection of these limited edition ornaments, it’s not too late.  Crystal Exchange America has both the 2009 and 2010 editions available.  As a hint, ornaments are most expensive during the Christmas holiday season, so pricing will be more attractive now, than in another two months.  To find them on the web site of this ‘retired Swarovski dealer’, go to www.CrystalExchange.com .  Then check out the category ‘Christmas and Ornaments’.  Not only will you find the Swarovski SCS Golden Shadow ornaments, you’ll find many other Swarovski ornaments dating back to 1987.

Feb 122011

I’m going to cover some more acronyms used in advertising crystal that is for sale primarily in the online auctions.  While the many seasoned Swarovski Crystal collectors understand the acronyms, there are still a lot of people buying and selling Swarovski who truly do not understand the commodity at hand.  So, I thought I’d do my best to explain the acronyms and offer cautions on the use of them.

Swarovski SCS – Swarovski Crystal Society.  This is the Swarovski Clubthat collectors can optionally join. Membership is approximately $55 USD per year.  Swarovski SCS members receive a subscription to the Swarovski magazine and have the privilege of purchasing the Swarovski Annual Edition crystal figurine online or from a retail store.  (Following the explanation of Swarovski AE below, I have provided a list of the Swarovski SCS figurines and years they were released.)Swarovski AE – Swarovski Annual Edition.  Annual edition means that it is available for one year only.  When a Swarovski collector refers to an Annual Edition, they typically mean the Swarovski SCS figurine for Swarovski Club members or perhaps the annual edition Christmas ornaments.  The following Swarovski SCS crystal figurines are annual editions:

Swarovski AE Lovebirds -1987, Swarovski AE Woodpeckers – 1988, Swarovski AE Turtledoves – 1989,

Swarovski AE Dolphins – 1990, Swarovski AE Seals – 1991, Swarovski AE Whales – 1992,
Swarovski AE Elephant – 1993, Swarovski AE Kudu – 1994, Swarovski AE Lion- 1995,
Swarovski AE Unicorn- 1996, Swarovski AE Dragon- 1997, Swarovski AE Pegasus – 1998,
Swarovski AE Pierrot – 1999, Swarovski AE Columbine – 2000, Swarovski AE Harlequin – 2001,
Swarovski AE Isadora- 2002, Swarovski AE Antonio – 2003, Swarovski AE Anna – 2004,
Swarovski AE Harmony – 2005, Swarovski AE Eternity – 2006, Swarovski AE Community – 2007,
Swarovski AE Pandas – 2008, Swarovski AE Gorillas – 2009, Swarovski AE Tiger – 2010, and

Swarovski AE Siku – 2011.

Swarovski AE Tiger – 2010
In many cases, Swarovski SCS figurines are Swarovski AE figurines.  However, Swarovski AE figurines are not necessarily Swarovski SCS figurines.  One thing for certain to keep in mind is that Swarovski SCS figurines definitely have special Swarovski Certificates. Swarovski AE figurines may or may not have a special certificate.  Be careful if you see contradictory information (for example an auction for a Swarovski AE states Swarovski Certificate included, but shows an image of the generic product booklet). Locating and purchasing a special AE certificate can be difficult and expensive (yes, expensive for a few page pamplet).  When the transaction is completed the buyer needs to be satisfied with the merchandise being offered and final winning bid.

Feb 052011

Being a Swarovski club member has always been a plus for the collector.  Since 1987, the Swarovski Crystal Society has annually released and featured exclusive figurines only available to the SCS community.

Since the inception of the SCS, times have changed.  For a number of years, the Swarovski club pieces grew tremendously in value.  It seemed inevitable….pay for the figurine, store in safely in its original Swarovski Box with its Swarovski Certificate of Authenticity, wait a few years, then sell it for double, triple, or even higher from the original purchase price.  What a deal! First were the Caring and Sharing series (1987-1989), Mother and Child (1990-1992), Inspiration Africa (1993-1995), and Fabulous Creatures (1996-1998). All performed very well on the secondary market after that restricted availability of one year to SCS members and immediate retirement.

The next Swarovski series were Masquerade (1999-2001) and Magic of Dance (2002-2004).  The six years of human figurines (instead of animals) were not popular with the SCS members.  Nor did it do any favors to the selling prices of the Swarovski crystal figurines following retirement.  To date, Swarovski Masquerade remains the lowest selling Swarovski Annual Editions on the secondary market and online auctions.

When Swarovski returned to animals, they turned to a ‘sea’ theme: Wonders of the Sea (2005 -2007).  Swarovski created a display, available in both a clear and a colored version.  Then Swarovski allowed all annual editions in the trilogy to be available for purchase until the final annual edition retired.  So effectively the first in the series was available for three years.  While Swarovski SCS members were pleased with the decision to go back to the animals, they were not pleased with the extended purchase time of the ‘annual editions’…not so ‘annual’ any longer.

Swarovski 2010 Annual Edition Tiger, no longer an SCS Exclusive

Swarovski introduced ‘Endangered Species’ (2008-2010) and reverted to the original distribution method, or so I thought.  I always purchased mine at the beginning of the year, and never paid attention to the end of the year.   This year (I don’t know why), I did pay attention.  I was surprised to see that the Swarovski SCS Tiger 2010 was still available online in January, 2011.  It was explained to me that Swarovski has had a one month grace period for those last minute new SCS members.  OK…I guess Swarovski is catering to the procrastinators and avoid destroying the excess produced.   But now, it is February and the SCS Tiger is still available for purchase on the Swarovski web site.  It is no longer advertised as an ‘SCS 2010 Tiger’, but as the ‘Annual Edition 2010 Tiger’.  Furthermore, I was able to purchase the item under a fictitious name and a fictitious address without an SCS member number and complete checkout process.  The only reason I won’t be ending up with another annual edition tiger is because I entered an expired credit card number.  I was shocked when the reality set it that ‘SCS 2010 Annual Edition Tiger’ is retired and it is now available for purchase at the Swarovski web site under the new name Swarovski ‘Annual Edition 2010 Tiger‘ by ANY Swarovski collector.  Just how many years will Swarovski continue to produce it under the new name?  So what is the point of being in the SCS now knowing this?  Perhaps this is really no different than how the crystal brand sold the Swarovski Limited Edition Rhinoceros, Elephant, and Bull ….they had multiple drawings of SCS winners and when the Swarovski Numbered Limited Editions never sold out to SCS members, Swarovski eventually allowed the general population to purchase from them from their web site.  While I understand it’s all about making a profit, personally I am not real happy about purchasing what is advertised as an ‘exclusive’ item, then the manufacturer changing the rules of the game.  It seems Swarovski may have ‘leftovers’ or another possible scenario is that Swarovski plans to continue production and marketing if there is significant interest from the Swarovski web site.  Either way, the lack of exclusivity is a bum deal for SCS members.