Mar 222012

The luxury giant Swarovski normally produces jewelry accessories that correspond to each year’s SCS annual editions.  During the “Wonders of the Sea” trilogy, the company produced the Swarovski SCS Clownfish Brooch.  The Swarovski Clownfish pin, was produced in 2005, the same time as the Harmony figurine displays.

Swarovski Harmony Clownfish Pin

Swarovski Harmony SCS Clownfish Brooch

The Swarovski Clownfish Brooch is oval, with a pair of clownfish swimming toward each other.  The brooch is about 1.75 wide.  The fish are reddish-orange with clear pave crystal stripes.  Additional round Swarovski stones are located on the brooch to appear like air bubbles in the sea.  This Swarovski Clownfish Pin was only available in 2005 and could only be purchased by Swarovski SCS members.

The popular Swarovski book, Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski: Beyond Silver Crystal, shows a Swarovski-designated system  number of 1514933.  The Warner’s  assigned a Swarovski ERV of $45 in 2011.

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