Jul 292012

Yesterday, I happened to see a funny picture about a ‘crab sunbathing’ and thought it might be fun to pass along the picture and write about the Swarovski crab figurines produced by our favorite crystal brand.

Sunbathing Crab in California!

The earliest Swarovski Crab was produced 1984 through 1986 in the Trimlite product line.  The Trimlite Crab is about 1.75” long.  It was known by the product identifiers 50/2G / 52502.  The Swarovski Trimlite Crab originally retailed for $25 when it was available in the late 1980’s.  This Swarovski Crab is a clear crystal stone set in a gold-colored setting which is used for the head, legs, and pincers.  It was a part of the Trimlite “Seaside Collection”.  According to the most popular book on Swarovski crystal, the estimated replacement value (for insurance purposes) is approximately $150 and I was able to find the Trimlite Crab at  professional broker sites for $155 to $180 each.

The next Swarovski Crab was introduced in 1996 and did not retire until 10 years later in 2006.  It was the Swarovski Mini Crab.  Like the Trimlite Crab, the Swarovski Mini Crab was also about 1.75” long.  This newer crab, which was in the Silver Crystal product line, was designed by Michael Stamey and is identified using product numbers 7624 000 004 / 206 481.  It originally retailed for $75, and in 2012 can generally be purchased in the $45 – $75 price range.

Swarovski Crystal Crab Figurines

L to R: Trimlite Crab, Swarovski Hermit Crab, and Swarovski Mini Crab

The most recent Swarovski Crab was produced 2005 through 2010.  Designed by Heinz Tabertshofer,  the Swarovski Hermit Crab was the largest of all the Swarovski crabs sold and marketed by the crystal giant.  It measured in at 2” in length.  Just like the Swarovski Mini Crab, the Hermit Crab was considered Silver Crystal too.  While the hermit crab retailed for $85, present day, it normally sells in the $60 – $120 range.

Both the Silver Crystal Swarovski Crab figurines are fairly inexpensive and easy to find.  Since I’m not much of a seafood person, I’d much rather display a crystal crab than have to eat one!