Oct 092011

Several days ago, I saw the Swarovski News that the crystal brand had released an ’app’ in the Apple iTunes store.  This free app, for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad, is called Swarovski Refract.

Swarovski Refract Screen Shots

Actual Swarovski Refract Screen Shots

The Swarovski Refract App allows users to play with triangular shapes, lights, colors, and sounds.  In short, a player generates a triangle with sparkling tips then moves this shape around the screen to change the colors and sounds it generates.  The triangle shapes and sizes can also be modified.  During the play, sounds will be heard based on the various combinations of triangle order, size, and color to produce a brief tune.

Swarovski Refract comes with about 10 predefined compositions ranging in length from 1 to 3 minutes.  There is one that is 22+ minutes long.

The Swan in the upper left corner acts like a home button, bringing up the main menu and options.  There are three features in the app that are initially locked, and can be unlocked by completing simple tasks.  One  feature is Duck J, which adds some funky rhythms and percussion beats to  the sounds. Another feature is the Nirvana Ring Feature, which adds some extra sparkle on the screen.  The remaining feature is Chaton feature, which adds some unique shape-echoing shadowing on the screen.

Swarovski Refract (simulated screen)

Swarovski Refract (simulated screen)

Of course, the crystal brand wants to promote Swarovski Refract via  composition-sharing.  Features in the app allow sharing via email, Facebook, and entering it into a competition.

The Swarovski Refract competition runs thru October 14, and the grand prize winner receives an iPad2 with a limited edition Swarovski crystal embellished iPad2 case.  A panel of 5 judges will select the top 10 entries for posting to Facebook, where Facebook fans will then vote on their favorite crystalline composition.

I found another app in the iTune store that was an interesting play on touch and lights.  Called ‘Uzu’, it costs 99 cents to $1.99 depending on whether a user wants it for an iPod or iPad.  In it, a player touches the screen with 1 to 10 fingers, moving them around to generate some very busy action:  spirals, confetti, falling stars, and more, but without the sound or music.  A demo of Uzu can be found on YouTube.

Swarovski fanatics will find the Swarovski Refract App entertaining.  And with some patience, create a remarkable composition worth sharing, and perhaps winning!  Best of luck to anyone entering the Swarovski Refract competition!


Oct 062011

Swarovski and SCVNGR teamed up for a scavenger / treasure hunt in London on September 24.  Approximately 500 couples participated in the event .  A few days ago, Swarovski posted a video on YouTube with some highlights of the hunt.


The theme of the Swarovski event was “Discover Your Light”.  Teams had 40 to 50 challenges to complete during the affair which appeared to last about 2 hours.

Early in the video, there are some glimpses of the Swarovski Mini Cooper that was previewed just before the Royal Wedding in April, 2011.  (Glad to see it getting a few miles on it!)  At the end of the video, when the winners are making a few comments, the Swarovski Mini Cooper can again be seen.

Swarovski boutiques and notable London landmarks are captured in the video.  Contestants are using their smart phones and iPads in an effort to win that grand prize.

I’m hoping that Swarovski makes notes of all the positive points, looks at the issues that may have caused a few bumps, this brings this adventure to the USA.  It sounds to be great fun, with some Swarovski crystal perks along the way!

Oct 042011

Just last week, Sir Elton John has begun a three-year residency in Las Vegas in the “Million Dollar Piano Show”.

The Swarovski crystal glow will be present in the show as this world-famous singer, tailor and personal friend Richard James, and Swarovski have teamed up creating the most glittering wardrobe ever.  The wardrobe consists of 15 suits, 22 shirts, and 24 pairs of sunglasses worn throughout the concert performances and a sparkling cape worn during the finale.

This YouTube video features Nadja Swarovski and Richard James and their attire collaboration for this incredible artist, Elton John.  In the video, they tell us about the stunning 1.7 million Swarovski Elements stones that were used in the custom costume creation.

Noteworthy quotes from the singer and the crystal brand….

Sir Elton John: “I’ve always been a huge admirer of Swarovski and to work with them in this capacity is a dream come true.”

Nadja  Swarovski,  Member  of  the  Executive  Board,  Swarovski  Crystal  Business,  commented:  “I’ve been a fan of Elton’s music for years and so I’m especially excited about Swarovski’s involvement in the ‘Million Dollar Piano’ through working  with  Richard  James  on  these  extraordinary  costumes.  Elton  is one of the most legendary performers and Richard is one of Britain’s best tailors – together they have created a dazzling spectacle that will take audiences’ breath away.”

More information can be found in the Swarovski Elton John press release. Photos of Elton John in his Swarovski-embellishd suits can be viewed at the Swarovski Press Centre.

Swarovski Crystal Fanatics….If you are in Las Vegas in October, 2011, you can check out his upcoming shows.  He is at The Colosseum at Caeser’s Palace.  TicketMaster shows availability for many weekend dates with ticket prices $55 – $500 depending on the date and seat location.

Oct 012011

Well, my petite crystal friends have slipped out once again.  My Swarovski figurines, Missy Mo and Kris Bear have been back in action, and the paparazzi have captured more photographs!

Swarovski Kris Bear and Swarovski Lovlots Missy Mo

Swarovski Kris Bear and Swarovski Lovlots Missy Mo

Mum is the word, but the Swarovski crystal figurines told us they are getting ready for a job interview!  A job?  It appears this is a package deal…they both want to work together going on a joint interview.   I can hardly believe that my little Swarovski figurines want to do more than stand pretty in my crystal cabinet?

Swarovski Crystal Moments Kris Bear and Swarovski Lovlots Flower Mo

Swarovski Crystal Moments Kris Bear and Swarovski Lovlots Flower Mo

This photo shows Swarovski Kris Bear and Swarovski Missy Mo dressed and ready to go.  It’s obvious where they are headed…to the local florist.  Missy Mo showing off her green outfit decorated with flowers things, just like guess who?  Of course Swarovski Flower Mo!   Kris Bear is making an impression with his green thumb.

The Swarovski Flower Mo was a limited edition figurine available only in 2009.  This Lovlots crystal figurine can be identified as Swarovski part # 9100 000 174 and system # 1 027 911.  While it originally retailed for $55, it now commands prices of $250 to $350 in the online auctions and in the secondary market.  Our Kristall Buzz article on Swarovski Flower Mo in March, 2011, documents how the prices on this Lovlots figurine have been on the rise.

The Swarovski Kris Bear Especially for You is an adorable bear figurine proudly holding a giant sunflower.  It was introduced in 2005 and can be purchased in the Swarovski store at a cost of $100.  This crystal figurine can be identified as Swarovski part # 9400 000 062 and system # 842 934.

Swarovski Lovlots Flower Mo can be found at Crystal Exchange America website: www.CrystalExchange.com .  Look in the ‘Limited Edition Swarovski’ category of the store to find it and other limited edition Lovlots Swarovski Mo Cows.

I completely believe in privacy, so I’m not real big on the paparazzi activity.  However, I love these photos of Kris Bear and Missy Mo that they have been providing to us!  Swarovski crystal fanatics should stay tuned to the Kristall Buzz to see what interesting photos may surface next!

Sep 272011

Over the past couple months, I’ve compiled information and written about various Swarovski Trimlite collections including the Trimlite Crystal Champions and Trimlite Gnome Family.  Other Trimlite figurines exclusively featured on the Kristall Buzz include the Trimlite Hot Air Balloons, Trimlite Clowns, and Trimlite Penguins.

The Trimlite Frosty Friends has a much different look than these other collections and figurines that I’ve written about.  If a collector looks to see what the majority of Trimlite figurines have in common, it can be seen that many have a significant amount of gold-tone trim attached to the crystal components.  The Trimlite Frosty Friends have no gold-tone trim.

These Swarski figurines, “Frosty Friends” are a single crystal component.  The bottom half is faceted crystal and the top half is frosted crystal.  Except for the eyes, there is nothing else attached to the single crystal component.  All five figurines measure 1” to 1.5” in height.

Trimlite Owl, Fish, Chick, Duck, SparrowThere are five critters that comprise the Swarovski Frosty Friends group:

  1. Frosty Friends Duck– 9430.101 / 52601. This Trimlite Duck features a frosted duck atop a clear faceted base.
  2. Frosty Friends Owl – 9430.105 / 52605. This Trimlite Owl features a frosted face and clear faceted body.  (The owl is the only figurine to have colored, faceted eyes;  the others have tiny black eyes)
  3. Frosty Friends Sparrow – 9430.104 / 52604. This Trimlite Sparrow features a frosted bird atop a clear faceted base.
  4. Frosty Friends Fish – 9430.102 / 52602. This Trimlite Fish features a frosted fish atop a clear faceted base.
  5. Frosty Friends Chick – 9430.103 / 52603. This Trimlite Chick features a frosted bird, almost like it is hatching from a clear faceted egg.

All the Swarovski Frosty Friends were introduced in 1985 and retired in 1988.  The five Frosty Friends retailed for $20 each.  To purchase any of these Trimlite figurines, a collector may have to fork out $75 to $175 for a mint condition Swarovski crystal figurine.

Originally, I thought that “Frosty Friends” has something to do with cool weather.  However, after working on this article, looking at figurines and pictures, my conclusion is that the group got its name from the significant frosted accents on the component.

I’m not certain if this particular grouping ever had a Swarovski logo or Trimlite logo on it.  The popular Swarovski book, Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski, indicates that ‘mark not visible’.  However I speculate that there was not a mark at all.   Most Trimlite figurines have a “T” stamped in the metal, but these figurines have no metal.  Again, this ‘unmarked figurine’ possibility is just my theory and it is not found to be a documented fact.

Crystal Exchange America presently has listings for the Chick (52603), Duck (52601), and Fish (52602) if you are looking to add these unusual Swarovski Trimlite figurines to your collection.  To find them, go to www.CrystalExchange.com .  Then look in the “Vintage Swarovski” category, “Trimlite & Zales” subcategory.

Sep 212011

Apparently, my little Swarovski figurines are still sneaking away when I’m not paying attention to them.  My crystal friends, Missy Mo and Kris Bear have been spotted by the paparazzi again.

Swarovski Kris Bear and Swarovski Missy Mo

Swarovski Kris Bear (right) and Swarovski Missy Mo (left)

The Swarovski crystal figurines quietly told us they are still checking out Halloween costumes.  It seems clear that the two are looking for the perfect outfits for the trick or treat occasion.

Swarovski Johnny Kris Bear and Swarovski Country Mo Cow

Swarovski Johnny Kris Bear (right) and Swarovski Country Mo Cow (left)

In this photo, Kris Bear and Missy Mo are complimenting each other in their traditional western farming attire:  Missy Mo dressed up like a cow of all things, and Kris Bear sporting a cowboy outfit, complete with a ten-gallon, old-fashioned blue handkerchief, hat and lasso.

Crystal Exchange America has a virtual inventory of most of these Swarski figurines:

The Swarovski Johnny Kris Bear is not available at the moment, but would be found in the category “Crystal Moments”.  This crystal figurine, Swarovski part # 9400 000 111 and system # 883 413, was not available for long from Swarovski….it was introduced and retired in 2007.

While only one of the Country Mos cows was pictured, they were actually sold as a set of two.  These Swarovski cows (Swarovski part #  9100 000 269  and system # 1 056 681) were only available in 2010 for a retail price of $105.  This Swarovski Limited Edition set is part of the Swarovski Lovlots family.

Now, where will Kris Bear and Missy Mo be spotted at next!  Stay tuned to the Kristall Buzz Swarovski Blog for further updates on this unlikely couple!

Sep 172011

Swarovski has produced some very striking and brilliantly-colored birds which are a part of the Silver Lake theme group.  These four Swarovski Birds range in height of 8 – 13 inches in height and are affixed to a silver-colored chrome stands.  All the colored birds in the Silver Lake collection are still current and can be purchased in the online Swarski shoppe.

Swarovski Silver Lake Birds

left to right: Kingfishers, Woodpeckers, Roller, Bee Eaters

Swarovski Kingfishers – 9600 000 116 / 945 090.  Anton Hirzinger designed these Swarovski birds.  They were introduced in 2008 and retail for $950.  These Kingfishers have golden bodies with turquoise head and wings.  Swarovski also produced the Malachite Kingfishers and Up in the Trees Kingfisher, which are in the Silver Crystal product line.

Swarovski Woodpeckers – 9600 000 124 / 957 562. Elisabeth Adamer created this design of the pair of woodpeckers.  They were introduced in 2009 and retailed for $1200.  They are primarily black in color with some red accents.  The other Swarovski Woodpeckers design was a crystal figurine for Swarovski SCS members in 1988.  The SCS Woodpeckers were clear birds attached to a frosted branch.

Swarovski Roller – 9600 000 125 / 957 568. Anton Hirzinger is the designer credited for this design.  Of all the Silver Lake birds, it is the online figurine that is not a pair of birds.  The Roller was introduced in 2009 and retailed for $950.  It has a blackish back, with blue and olive green wings.  The Swarovski Roller went on sale in May, 2011 and is now sold out in the online Swarovski shoppe.

Swarovski Bee Eaters – 9600 000 123 / 957 128. Heinz Tabertshofer is the artist of the Swarovski Bee Eaters.  These birds were introduced in 2008 and retail for $1500.  The Bee Eaters are light blue and royal blue in color accented by light green wings.  Swarovski includes smaller Bee Eaters in the Silver Crystal product line.

One unfortunate noteworthy characteristic about the Swarovski Crystal Silver Lake Birds is the fact that there is an unusually high report in the number of birds that have become detached from the silver-colored stands.  We hear that the company has been generous at reattaching all separated parts, but it does remain to be seen just how the situation may be handled once these crystal birds become retired crystal figurines.

Well these birds are quite expensive, and quite large, just like the Swarovski Crystal Paradise Birds.  Some display cases are not even capable of displaying them due to the height of the crystal figurines, so collectors may shy away from them.

If you are crystal fanatics or bird fanatics and have an incomplete collection of these Silver Lake birds, but wish to have a full set, you may wish to finalize your collection soon before the rest of them retire.  At the Crystal Exchange America web site: www.CrystalExchange.com , all these Swarovski birds can be found in the ‘Birds’ category of the store.

Sep 162011

In 2006, Swarovski introduced a pair of crystal figurines resembling a bride and groom.  They were called Kris Bear – You and I.  This product was a pair of clear bears with a tad bit of crystal accents.

In 2011, Swarski has modified the bride and groom figurines to include more colored accents.  This new pair of bears was launched under a different system number.  This was nice for Swarovski crystal collectors in that there would not be two different variations to be catalogs under the same Swarovski identification numbers.

Swarovski You and I Variations

Swarovski You and I Variations

Swarovski Kris Bear Bride

Swarovski Kris Bear Bride



Swarovski Kris Bear Bride:

  • 2006 figurine (right): kakadu red crystal with peridot and jonquil crystal bouquet.  (In English, that it pink and light green).  The bride is also wearing a clear headpiece. Swarovski system number 842936.
  • 2011 figurine (left):  violet crystal with amethyst crystal bouquet.  The bridal headpiece is also violet.  Swarovski system number 1096736.


Swarovski Kris Bear Groom

Swarovski Kris Bear Groom




Swarovski Kris Bear Groom:

  • 2006 figurine (right):  Montana crystal bow tie. The groom is sporting a clear top hat.  Swarovski system number 842936.
  • 2011 figurine (left):  light sapphire satin crystal bow tie.  The groom is sporting a light sapphire top hat, however it appears to be a different color since the crystal hat component is much larger than the tie component.  Swarovski system number 1096736.

(The system numbers above represent the pair as the bride and groom figurines have never been available individually for purchase)


This gleaming couple has also undergone several name changes in the course of availability.  When the 2006 crystal figurines were launched, they were known and “You and I”.  The couple held this name until 2009 when it was renamed “Bride and Groom”.  Now, in 2011 the most clear figurines have taken on their original product name of “You and I”.  The more colorful couple is presently known as “You and I”.

The most clear Swarovski You and I figurines are no longer available for sale on the Swarovski web site.  Being out of stock, and with a new version of the pair released, this likely means the original ones are retiring in 2011.

The more colorful Swarovski You and I figurines are available on the Swarovski web site.  They also retail for $165, the same price tag as their predecessors.

I personally like the name “Bride and Groom”.  I think it is helpful to have a product easily associated with the product name.

For Swarovski crystal fanatics who prefer the original figurine, look quickly for stores who may have older stock of the original “You and I”.  It may not be too late to find them at this point.  Make sure you confirm with retailers the description and Swarovski identification numbers of the item you want.  Also, you will want to be certain that you receive the box with the proper identification number on the label so that you know you have original and correct packaging.

Sep 132011

Swarovski is appearing on more cosmetics this upcoming holiday season.  I found that Harrods will have an exclusive offering of Estee Lauder lipstick with Swarovski crystal embellished cases.

Swarovski Lipstick by Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder Swarovski Lipsticks


According to my sources, this dazzling offering of lipsticks by Estee Lauder will be available only at Harrods starting in November, 2011.  There was no information available on lipstick color or if they would be some kind of limited edition.  The price, factoring in currency conversion, would be about $35 USD.

I really don’t know of that the traditional Swarvski crystal collectors would be likely to purchase the Estee Lauder lipstick just because of the crystal stones.  However, if you simply love the lipstick brand or color, the extra bling just may be something that makes you want to purchase!

I wonder what other blingy Swarovski accessories we might find coming out in the next few months!

Sep 102011

On the crystal brands own web site, there is Swarovski News about a Hollywood-style event taking place at the end of October, 2011.  This designer signing event is a gala occasion for avid Swarovski collectors.

The announcement states that this Swarovski crystal gala is October 29, 2011 9:00 – 5:00 at the Sofitel Hotel in Los Angeles, CA.  The designers attending are Anton Hirzinger and Heinz Tabertshofer.  Anton Hirzinger is the designer who created Swarovski Siku, (2011 SCS member edition), the Polar Bear Cubs that accompany Siku (purchased separately) , and the Arctic Hare (the special event piece).

Planned activities at the Hollywood event include:

  • Having Swarovski crystal figurines signed by these two incredible designers of course!
  • Naturally, plenty of opportunity to purchase more Swarovski crystal!
  • Viewing of the new Crystal Myriad, the Swarovski Longwang Dragon
  • Create a “Walk of Fame” star design
  • A Studio game show, complete with prizes (Swarovski crystal?)
  • 1940’s cocktail party
  • And LOTS more

This truly sounds like an event to remember!

The Crystal Myriad Longwang Dragon sounds interesting.  The other Swarovski Crystal Myriads have been limited editions and retail for $8000 – $16,000 USD.  I am believing that this new Crystal Myriad in 2011 will follow suit being a limited edition.  As far as price goes, that will likely be a function of the production time and quantity produced.  But since the other Crystal Myriads have been out of my budget range, I don’t expect I’ll be adding the Longwang Dragon to my collection either.

Reservations are required and registration deadline is October 21.  Event cost $55 for the afternoon and dinner for SCS members is additional.

More details on this exciting Swarovski event is available on the crystal brand’s website.  I wish I were a lot closer to LA so that I could be there.  I’ll be thinking of all the attending lucky Swarovski crystal collectors on that day!

Sep 082011

The Swarovski crystal company produced some very exotic and colorful birds which are a part of the Crystal Paradise theme group.  These four Swarovski Birds range in height of 7.5 – 11.5 inches in height and are affixed to a natural-colored wooden pedestal.  All the birds in the Crystal Paradise group all retailed for $950 when brand new at the Swarovski stores.

Swarovski Crystal Paradise Birds

left to right, Toucan, Green Rosella, Cockatoo & Macaw

Swarovski Toucan  – 9600 000 042 / 850 600.  This Swarovski bird was produced 2006 through 2009.  The Swarovski artist of this figurine was Roland Schuster.  Many collectors refer to it as the Black Diamond Toucan since the crystal brand also made two other Swarovski toucan figurines: the Up in the Trees toucan 1989 – 1992 and a toucan with a colored beak 1999 – 2009.  The Black Diamond Toucan is primarily a translucent black color, highlighted with a red tip on the end of its long beak

Swarovski Green Rosella – 9600 000 085 / 901 601.  This Swarovski bird was produced 2007 through 2010.  Heinz Tabertshofer was the Swarovski designer of this figurine, the only Crystal Paradise bird by him.  The Green Rosella is mostly yellow, with blue tips on the tail and wings.

Swarovski Cockatoo  – 9600 000 020 / 718 565. This Swarovski bird was produced 2001 through 2004.  The Swarovski designer was Roland Schuster.  It is a pretty pink cockatoo with a red, yellow, and white plume.  The crystal brand also made a much smaller clear Swarovski cockatoo 2001 – 2006.

Swarovski Macaw – 9600 000 011 / 685 824.  This Swarovski bird was launched in 2005 and while it is listed as a 2011 retirement, it is no longer available for purchase in the Swarovski shoppe online.  Roland Schuster was the Swarovski artist credited with this design.  The macaw is a beautiful bluish green with other colored accents.

Our favorite crystal brand also produced the Swarovski Thimbles which were frosted birds perched on clear thimble-type bases.  The birds on the thimbles include: Eagle, Cockatoo, Owl, Parrot, and Toucan.

So why write about the Swarovski Crystal Paradise Birds now?  Well these birds are quite expensive, and quite large.  Some display cases are not even capable of displaying them due to the height of the crystal figurines, so collectors may shy away from them.  However, in the past 2 months, we have seen a jump in sales of them….especially in the Swarovski Black Diamond Toucan.  Swarovski crystal collectors are reporting that the toucan is particularly hard to find.

If you are bird fanatics or crystal fanatics and have only a partial set of these big birds, but wish to have an entire set, you may wish to complete your collection soon before the rest of them become hard to find.  At the Crystal Exchange America web site: www.CrystalExchange.com , all these Swarovski birds can be found in the ‘Birds’ category of the store.

Sep 072011

The Swarovski Orange Shine Online Limited Edition launched online about 10 days ago for purchase.  I quickly placed my order, not wanting to pay higher prices once it sold out.  I was quite excited for it to arrive only 5 days after I got my order placed.  I  didn’t really know what to expect in an “orange shine” colored panther.  I was thrilled once I was able to see it in person….I really like it!

Swarovski Soulmates Limited Edition Panther

Swarovski Limited Edition Soulmates Orange Panther

Now, the Swarovski Orange Panther is appearing everywhere for sale….there are at least five of them on ebay, and collectors are listing them with our service at Crystal Exchange America.  Naturally, collectors are hoping to sell them for a profit, as the advertised prices are $1800 and up everywhere outside of the Swarovski shoppe.

Honestly, I did think this Swarovski crystal panther would be sold out in just a few days.  The panther was a well-liked design.  The maximum production is low (888 units), and the price point is affordable.  I thought this would be a winning combination for Swarovski crystal collectors.  My thoughts now are that perhaps collectors are thinking three panthers are ENOUGH.  Or perhaps, collectors are still a bit nervous about an ‘orange’ panther.

In any case, we urge collectors to double-check with the Swarovski site before making a decision to purchase elsewhere.  Some ebay sellers are reporting that it is sold out, when in fact, it is not.  If there is a particular sequence number that is a ‘must have’, then the seller has the upper hand on pricing.  If not, buy it where is it priced the lowest.

The designer for the Swarovski Soulmate Panther figurines is Heinz Tabertshofer.  All the crystal figurines are fully faceted animals attached to black spot granite bases.  The limited editions are engraved in the granite base with a unique # and the words “limited online edition”.  Swarovski Panthers have been sold in the following colors: clear, black, moroda, and orange.

The Limited Edition Black Panther is trading at seller-prodfitable prices on the secondary market, in the $3000 to $3500 range.  If this is any long-term indicator of success for the Swarovski Limited Edition Orange Shine Panther, you’ll want place your order now, so that you won’t have to pay secondary market prices to add it to your Swarovski crystal collection.  Should this occur before you get the Panther added to your collection, check out the the “Limited Edition Swarovski” category of our store at www.CrystalExchange.com .

Sep 062011

Swarovski introduced a cute Kris Bear figurine holding his skis and poles in 1999.  The official name of the crystal figurine is “Kris Bear with Skis”.

The Swarovski Kris Bear with Skis was produced with 2 different variations, but both recognized with the same Swarovski part number 7637 000 004 and system numbers 234 710.   Kris Bear with Skis was designed by Martin Zendron, and it retailed for $85.  While the Kris Bear tradition continues, the Kris Bear with Skis figurine was ultimately retired in 2004.

Swarovski Kris Bear with Skis

Swarovski Kris Bear with Skis

Swarovski crystal fanatics are probably asking about the history and reasoning of the variations on the Kris Bear with Skis figurines.

Viewing the picture, collectors can see that the figurine with the crystal disc base is likely to be more stable and less likely to tip over.  It is widely believed that this is the reason that the base was added to the Swarovski Kris Bear with Skis figurine.

So how long was the variation without the base produced?  The production time or quantity is unknown.  The theory is that the unsteadiness was discovered fairly early, and the ones without the base may have been samples for Swarovski representatives to take to the retail stores and the remainder of the first bulk production ended up on store shelves.  One thing for sure, the Kris Bear with Skis (no base) is a Swarovski HTF figurine, and it does command higher prices on the secondary market.

Swarovski Swan logo on Kris Bear with Skis

Swarovski Swan logo

When crystal figurines appear on the market in multiple variations, collectors sometimes wonder about authenticity and counterfeiting.   Both variations of the Kris Bear with Skis would not likely be counterfeited simply by removing/adding a base.  This is because of the location of the Swarovski Swan logo on the figurine.  For the variation without the base, the swan logo is directly on the foot.  For the variation with the base, the swan logo is on the base.  Taking a crystal figurine, and carefully removing the base would result in a figurine without the swan logo at all.  For this particular Swarovski figurine, a Kris Bear with Skis (no base variation), this should raise a BIG RED FLAG as being altered (base removed).

If I were to purchase the Swarovski Kris Bear with figurines for myself or as a gift, I would select the one with the base.  I would not want one that would be more likely to tip over and break, complicated by the fact that it would be more difficult to replace.

If you are looking for any of the retired Kris Bear crystal figurines, Crystal Exchange America has nearly 70 available for purchase.  Swarovski Kris Bear figurines.  They can be found in the “Other Silver Crystal” category, “Toys” subcategory.

Sep 052011

Swarovski has uploaded a video to YouTube highlighting the re-opening of Swarovski Innsbruck  nearly 2 weeks ago.  According to the Swarovski video description, “A dazzlingly revamped SWAROVSKI INNSBRUCK reopened its doors on August 26. Located in the center of town in a historic building, the new store is a radiant modern shopping destination. Around four hundred guests assembled at an exclusive opening gala to celebrate the occasion.”

One thing I did notice in the video, were the “crystal-decorated” bugs.  I didn’t know what to make of that, but the source articles below mention presenting the complexity of the world through the motif of a “fruit fly” and an oscillation between science and art.

I found so much information about sightseeing, the community, the renovation, that trying to summarize in a short post would not be possible.  So instead, I’m going to provide a few of the best-quality links for our Swarovski Kristall Buzz readers to follow:

Enjoy the highlights from the video on the Swarovski Innsbruck reopening!