Mar 162015

On March 13, 2015 Disney released a new Cinderella movie, and no doubt, Swarovski played an important role keeping the sparkle alive.

Swarovski NLE Cinderella Slipper 400

Swarovski Limited Edition Cinderella Slipper, NLE 400 shoe figurines

Swarovski teamed up with the Academy Award® winning costume designer Sandy Powell to add sparkle to the film, providing 1.7 million finely cut Swarovski crystals to adorn costumes, jewelry, hair and makeup. A long-time Swarovski collaborator, Powell also designed Cinderella’s iconic slippers, which play such a pivotal role in the plot. The slippers are hewn from solid crystal and feature 221 light-reflecting facets. In addition to these unique creations, Swarovski opened its archives to provide over 150 tiaras and jewelry pieces to light up the famous ball scene in the film. Sandy Powell commented: “For me, Swarovski crystals are a key creative ingredient to add light, depth and color and to my costumes. ‘Cinderella’ is perhaps the ultimate romantic fairy tale, and working with Swarovski has added a new level of enchantment, illuminating the characters and bringing them to life in a magical way.”

Outside of the movie, the crystal giant has created a replica Swarovski slipper.  This Limited Edition Swarovski Slipper is 85% of the size of the movie slipper.  This 2015 Limited Edition slipper is recognized by Swarovski using the following identification numbers: 9100 000 622 and 5179692.

The Swarovski Limited Edition Slipper is approximately 6 1/2″ X 2 1/2″ X 6 1/4″. It features 220+ facets in clear crystal.  It is decorated with a (silver) rhodium-plated butterfly, set with light blue crystals. It is available as a numbered limited edition of only 400 pieces.   Each slipper is uniquely numbered on the underside of the slipper and includes a certificate of authenticity.  One website showed a selling price over $2100, but I did not find the Swarovski Slipper on the official Swarovski  web site to confirm the actual retail price.

Disney Numbered Limited Edition Cinderella Slipper, 500 Shoe Figurine

Disney Limited Edition Cinderella Slipper embellished with Swarovski crystals

This Limited Edition Swarovski Cinderella Slipper should not be confused with another Limited Edition Swarovski Cinderella’s Slipper.  This Cinderella slipper has an identification number of 5035515 and is significantly smaller and less expensive.  While it may be sold out on the Swarovski website, it can be easily found on the internet for original MSRP of $100.

Disney also produced their rendition of a Limited Edition Cinderella Slipper.  The Disney Slipper is a Limited Edition of 500 units. The Disney  Slipper features golden butterfly encrusted with Swarovski crystals.  It too is individually numbered on the bottom side of the slipper and includes a Certificate of Authenticity as well.  This figurine is successfully selling at the online auctions at $550 – $1150!

In the early 2000’s, in the Silver Crystal product line, there was a Swarovski Cinderella figurine, complete with a mini crystal slipper.  When collectors purchase this figurine from any source, make certain that the slipper is still with the Cinderella figurine as it can be very difficult to locate a replacement Swarovski Slipper to go with it. For 2015, there is another Limited Edition Swarovski Cinderella, that retails for nearly $600.

There are certainly a variety of Cinderellas available, as well as Limited Edition Cinderella Slippers available that are either Swarovski figurines or Disney figurines embellished with Swarovski crystals.  So if you are a Cinderella fanatic, you won’t want to miss out looking for one of these to add to your collection!

Feb 112015
Swarovski Disney Donald Duck Myriad

Donald Duck…the 2015 Swarovski Disney Limited Edition Myriad

Swarovski is about to release another Swarovski Disney Myriad…Donald Duck!

Myriad Donald Duck is a 2015 Swarovski Limited Edition that stands about 9.5 inches high.  Donald Duck is limited to 150 units worldwide, probably because each one takes about 110 man-hours to make!  Swarovski Myriad Donald Duck is decorated using their exclusive Pointiage® technique.  Retail price at launch time is $8900. The Limited Edition Donald Duck has been assigned the Swarovski system number 5 063 919.

This Myriad is the 4th Limited Edition Disney statue to be released since 2013, all of which have sold out.  Among these Swarovski Crystal Myriads are:


The Swarovski Disney Myriad…Donald Duck should be available at the Swarovski web site near the end of 1st quarter, 2015.  This is expensive news for Crystal Fanatics and Disney Fanatics alike!

Nov 302012

In the past few years, Swarovski has done some online only jewelry exclusives just weeks prior to the Christmas holiday season.  Yesterday, the crystal giant sent out emails about the Swarovski Rice Siam Set, stating that this is a limited edition jewelry set of just 500 pieces and available this weekend only.

Swarovski Limited Edition Rice Siam Set

Swarovski Limited Edition Rice Siam Set

The Swarovski Rice Siam Set consists of a necklace and matching pierced earrings.  This limited edition is available online only December 2nd and 3rd at their web site shoppe.  The retail price of the Rice Siam Set (identification # 1193976) is $125.

The Rice Siam Set is rhodium plated with a pave cross shape suspending a red siam crystal stone.  It looks like a nice addition to any holiday outfit for the upcoming holiday parties!

If you like the Limited Edition Swarovski design, but are unsure about the ‘red’, Swarovski does have this same design in other colors!  There one with a light purple feature stone: Swarovski Rice Provence Lavendar Set Limited Online Edition, one with a light blue feature stone: Swarovski Rice Aquamarine Rice Set, and lastly one with a light pink feature stone: Swarovski Rice Vintage Rose Rice Set.  All four ‘Rice Sets’ have a sticker price of $125 each.

Although I don’t recall seeing any official news about Swarovski’s weekend special in advance of yesterday, I believe they there were 3-4 of them in 2010 and 2011, so be sure to watch your email for more Swarovski Limited Edition opportunities in the upcoming weeks!

Jul 032012
Steiff Swarovski 'Cookie' - 2012 Limited Edition of 1500 Teddy Bears

Swarovski Steiff Bear Cookie – Limited Edition in 2012

In June, I wrote about some limited edition Swarovski – Steiff Bears that launched earlier in the year.  Now, there is official news about another limited edition teddy bear…the Swarovski Steiff Bear ‘Cookie’, the Holiday Bear.

The Steiff description states that this teddy bear, Swarovski Steiff Cookie, is made of mohair and alpaca.  Cookie’s necklace is the Swarovski Twinkling Gingerbread Man.  The Twinkling Gingerbread Man Ornament was introduced in 2011, and presently retails for $45 at the Swarovski online shoppe.  How fitting of the name, ‘Cookie’ the Holiday Bear, wearing a ‘gingerbread man cookie’ on her neck!

Steiff Bear Cookie is a Limited Edition Bear with a maximum production of 1500 units. The Steiff USA web site and stores in North America will be accepting orders for this Swarovski teddy bear very soon.  The suggested retail price on the Steiff Holiday Bear Cookie is $310.  Steiff Cookie may be at a slightly lower price at .

Crystal Exchange America has a few retired Swarovski Steiff bears, including Steiff Bear Crystal, Steiff Bear Jewels, Steiff Bear Poinsettia, and Steiff Bear Sapphire if you are looking for an limited edition Steiff – Swarovski Teddy Bear.

Jun 192012

Several days ago, I wrote about a limited edition Swarovski – Steiff Bear that was a spring 2012 release.  There is also another spring release limited edition teddy bear…the Swarovski Steiff Bear Shelly.

Steiff Bear Shelly with a Swarovski Scallop Pendant, Limited Edition in 2012

Swarovski Steiff Bear Shelly, 2012 Limited Edition

Stieff’s description reveals that Swarovski Steiff Shelly white felted mohair teddy bear.  The bear brand indicates that Shelly is ready for a wonderful day at the beach.  At a glance, her pendant shell resembles the Swarovski Scallop in a topaz color, but at a zoomed in view, I don’t believe they are the same.  The Swarovski Scallop was the 2006 gift when SCS members initially joined the Swarovski club or when returning members renewed their SCS membership.  The scallop in 2006 was clear and went with the Swarovski Wonders of the Sea trilogy, which consisted of Swarovski Harmony in 2005, Swarovski Eternity in 2006, and Swarovski Community in 2007.

Steiff Bear Shelly is a Limited Edition Bear with a maximum production of 1500 units. The Steiff USA web site and stores in North America are accepting orders for this Swarovski teddy bear.  The suggested retail price on the bear is $240.  I found Swarovski Steiff Shelly in stock at a slightly lower price at .

Crystal Exchange America has a few retired Swarovski Steiff bears, including Steiff Bear Crystal, Steiff Bear Jewels, Steiff Bear Poinsettia, and Steiff Bear Sapphire if you are looking for an older one.

Jun 152012

Steiff bear collectors and fanatics may be interested in a spring-release Steiff Bear decorated with sparkling Swarovski stones.

Steiff Diamant Bear, Limited Edition for 2012, Decorated with Swarovski Crystal Elements

Swarovski Steiff Diamond Bear, 2012 Limited Edition

This recent teddy bear is named Diamond (also known as Diamant Teddybär).  The bear features a cream-colored coat of silk material.  Diamond / Diamant wears a Swarovski gold-colored pendant with a Swarovski stone simulating a brilliant diamond.  The bear has paws encrusted with Swarovski crystal Elements stones that reflect a rainbow depending on the bear’s surroundings.

Steiff Diamond  is a limited edition bear.   There are only 2000 available.  Naturally, the Diamond Steiff Bear can be purchased from the Steiff USA site.

I noticed that the Teddy Bear company discusses a previous release Swarovski Steiff Sapphire in the promotion for Diamond / Diamant . Sapphire and the Diamond teddy bears do have their similarities with their paws decorated with Swarovski dust.  Both bears being named after gemstones, I’m wondering if we are likely to see a Swarovski Steiff Emerald?  Or perhaps a Swarovski Steiff Ruby?

Swarovski and Steiff have been releasing limited editions bears since 2004.  Some of the prior teddy bears include….:

  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Daniel – 2004
  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Crystal – 2005
  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Orian – 2006
  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Jewels – 2007
  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Poinsettia – 2007
  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Flurrie – 2008
  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Kringle – 2009
  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Twinkle – 2010
  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Candy – 2011

Remember, Diamond is a Steiff / Swarovski Limited Edition piece, so don’t delay your purchase if this is a teddy bear that you want to add to your Steiff collection or Swarovski collection.  And if you are looking for an older bear, try Crystal Exchange America as they have a few retired Steiff bears.

Dec 102011

Yesterday, Swarovski launched their final  weekend special  for 2011…a limited edition pendant / earring set.  Swarovski’s advertises the Etoile Set being limited to  500 sets , which are available through Sunday evening or until they are sold out.

Swarovski Etoile Pendant and Earrings

Swarovski Limited Edition Etoile Neckalce and Earrings

This limited edition is the Swarovski Etoile Set.  The set features an asymmetric star on a rhodium-plated chain complete with a pair of matching pierced star earrings.  This Swarovski limited edition set costs right at $150 and should include free shipping.

Curious to know how this limited edition got its name, I googled “etoile” for a definition.  Not too surprising, the Miriam Webster Dictionary indicated that it is a foreign term meaning ‘in the shape of a star’ or the ‘principal dancer in a ballet company’.

Swarovski also offers the Swarovski Flicker Charm and the stars on the charm to be very similar to the Etoile star.

With only about 24 hours remaining, be sure and get your limited edition Swarovski Etoile Set ordered soon if this looks like the perfect gift for the Swarovski crystal collectors in your friends and family circle.

Hoping that everyone is having an enjoyable pre-Christmas shopping season!

Dec 022011

Today, Swarovski has posted the second weekend special, promoted as a limited edition pendant.  According to the announcement several weeks ago, there should be 500 pendants available through Sunday evening or until they are sold out.

Swarovski Nadine Pendant

Swarovski Nadine Pendant, Limited Edition in 2011


This limited edition is the Swarovski Nadine Pendant.    It is a blue tear-drop shaped stone on a silver-colored chain.  The Swarovski identification number for the Limited Edition Nadine Pendant is 688961.  The Swarovski Nadine Necklace is priced at $100 for the limited edition jewelry feature for the weekend.  This weekend special does not have any complimentary earrings, or bracelet like the special for last weekend.


Hoping that all Swarovski crystal collectors are having a wonderful holiday season!

Nov 162011

Yesterday, I received my Swarovski news email, which was mostly about jewelry products that might make good Christmas gifts.  Also, in the email, was an announcement that they are doing the ‘limited edition’ weekend specials like they did in 2010. Additional information about the 2010 event can be found in the Kristall Buzz article: Exclusive Limited Edition Swarovski Jewelry at Swarovski’s Online Event.

Swarovski Limited Edition Jewelry 2011

Swarovski Limited Edition Jewelry 2011

In 2011, starting on Friday November 25, the crystal brand will offer a Swarovski limited edition jewelry item (they say limited to 500 units) that will be available through the weekend or until sold out.  The crystal brand has 3 different jewelry designs that are each offered weekend only.  The second weekend event will begin December 2 and the final weekend event will begin December 9.

From the Swarovski crystal image, it appears that one item is a dark blue pendant.  Another item may be a red pave heart necklace with earrings.  And a final item may be a clear pave star with earrings.  There is no mention of price or in what order the jewelry items may be presented.

This is an online event, and the limited edition offerings cannot be purchased anywhere other than the Swarovski online shoppe.

If you are signed up for the Swarovski email newsletter, you should be notified when the specials begin each weekend.

Crystal Exchange America will run some specials leading into the holidays, so be sure and watch the Kristall Buzz for announcements or follow Crystal Exchange on Twitter for extra Swarovski News!

Nov 152011

On November 17, 2011 Swarovski will light up the Swarovski Crystal Wish Tree at the Toronto Eaton Center  (Toronto, Canada).   Swarovski has collaborated with the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada since 2005 supporting the organization and contributing generously to help the foundation grant wishes to children and their families across Canada.

Swarovski Festive Tree Ornament

Swarovski Festive Tree Ornament

Swarovski 2011 Childrens Wish Ornament

Swarovski 2011 Childrens Wish Ornament

This year’s limited edition Swarovski ornament resembles the Swarovski Festive Tree Ornament .  For clarity sake, I’m going to describe the Festive Tree Ornament first.  The Swarovski Festive Tree Ornament is green (peridot moonlight), decorated with red and yellow ornaments.  It is about 1.75” tall and retails for $40 in the online shoppe.  The Swarovski  2011 Make a Wish Ornament is tree-shaped, but is clear in color with no colored ornaments.  It has a special inscription with the year 2011 underneath.  While I have not heard the 2011 maximum quantity of production, in years past, 1100 to 1200 of the Swarovski Wish Ornaments have been produced.

The Kristall Buzz has pictures of some of the past limited edition Wish Ornaments in the article entitled Swarovski Crystal Wish Tree Ornament available in Canada.  There were 1200 limited edition ornaments produced in 2010, which resembled Samantha the Snowflake.  There were 1100 limited edition ornaments produced in 2009, which resembled the Swarovski Little Snowflake Ornament (retired in 2008).  There were 1200 limited edition ornaments produced in 2007, which resembled the Swarovski Twinkling Stars Ornament (retired in 2007).

Honored wishes and additional information can be found at the organization’s web site: Children’s Wish Foundation.

I’ll post more details about the Toronto Eaton Center Tree lighting and Children’s Wish Ornament following the event in a couple of days.  I’m looking forward to seeing the Swarovski Limited Edition Ornament soon!

Oct 292011

The crystal critters have made another public appearance…  Missy Mo and Kris Bear have finalized their costume choice to wear Trick or Treating on Halloween night.  And of course, the paparazzi was there for the big announcement!

Kris Bear and Lovlots Missy Mo

Swarovski Lovlots Missy Mo and Swarovski Kris Bear

The shot below shows Swarovski Kris Bear and Swarovski Missy Mo dressed and ready to go. The Swarovski crystal figurines revealed that they will be going out as Santa and his Elf Kris.  Missy Mo is decked out in a red Santa suit.  Kris will be carrying a Christmas tree, just as every good elf would do.

Swarovski Santa Mo with 2011 Christmas Kris Bear

Swarovski Santa Mo and Swarovski Christmas Kris Bear 2011

The Swarovski Santa Mo is a limited edition figurine available only in 2011.  This Lovlots limited edition figurine and can be purchased in the Swarovski store at a cost of $65.   It can be identified as Swarovski article numbers # 9100 000 336 / 1096024.

The Swarovski Christmas Kris Bear (2011) limited edition figurine available only in 2011.  Christmas Kris Bear is a delightful bear figurine carrying a traditional holiday tree.  This limited edition Kris Bear figurine and can be purchased in the Swarovski store at a cost of $100.  It can be identified as Swarovski article numbers # 9400 000 315 and # 1091815.

Swarovski Santa Mo can be found at Crystal Exchange America website: .  Look in the ‘Limited Edition Swarovski’ category of the store to find it and other limited edition Swarovski Mo Cows.

Swarovski crystal fanatics should stay tuned to the Kristall Buzz to see what mischief Kris and Missy will be into after they collect and munch on all their candy!

Oct 242011

With only 2000 available in 2011, the Steiff Sapphire Bear not going to be available for very long.  Steiff retailers told us that the limited edition Swarovski-decorated bear was quick to sell out this year.

Limited Edition Steiff Bear

Sapphire...Limited Edition Swarovski Steiff Bear

The bear’s coat is a deep blue made of silk material.  The bear has paws encrusted with Swarovski crystal Elements stones that reflect a prism of colors accenting the sapphire blue color.

Sapphire also wears a choker around her neck made Swarovski Elements.  Naturally, the bear includes a white label with the famous Steiff button in the ear.  Every Steiff Sapphire bear includes a numbered certificate of authenticity and is packaged in a special Steiff gift box.

A number of other Steiff Swarovski bears have been produced in the past decade.  In particular, Swarovski Ornaments were used in the implementation of these  Swarovski Steiff bears:

Articles can be found right here on the Kristall Buzz about many of Swarovski Steiff Bears:

Crystal Exchange America does have the Swarovski Sapphire Steiff Bear available now.  If you are a Steiff Bear fanatic, this may be one of your last opportunities to purchase this special limited edition bear at a reasonable price.

Oct 142011

The La Lupa Sculpture is a Swarovski NLE (numbered limited edition) available at a Swarovski gala event in Italy in mid-October, 2011.

Swarovski Crystal Sculpture La Lupa

Swarovski La Lupa

Swarovski La Lupa is actually produced in 2 different sizes.

Limited Swarovski La Lupa: available at the event only:

System #: 1145683
Edition Size: 50 units
Dimensions: Width 155 x Height 149,50 x Depth 87,20

Smaller, but still limited, Swarovski  La Lupa: available at select Swarovski retailers in Rome, shortly after the event:

System #: 1145684
Edition Size: 3000 units
Dimensions: Width 91,50 x Height 88,90 x Depth 51,90

The Swarovski La Lupa Sculptures will cost €600,00 or €2550,00 depending upon the product being purchased.

These are very interesting Swarovski crystal sculptures.  I’ll be anxious to see if we find them at the online auctions soon, or better yet, perhaps we’ll get one listed at the Crystal Exchange America web site: .

Oct 102011

Swarovski has produced and uploaded a video to YouTube about the Lovlots Theo traveling the globe.  The video shows Lovlots Theo (not to be confused with Theo the Turtle) at various locations in SouthEast Asia.


Swarovski Theo is a black cat, posed in a Halloween position and designed by Edith Mair.  Theo the cat is in the Lovlots collection, specifically the grouping “House of Cats”.  Theo was the Limited Edition Lovlots figurine for 2009.  Other Swarovski House of Cats character kitties that reside in the posh Lovlots Park Hills district include:

  • Swarovski Diane – 988017, retires in 2011.  Pale chocolate cat modeling her strand of pearls designed by Edith Mair.
  • Swarovski Emily – 995045.  Fashion fuschia feline, with a butterfly resting on her ear, designed by Peter Heidegger.
  • Swarovski Marie and Pierre – 995011, retires in 2011.  Pale blue and pale burgundy pair of romancing kitties designed by Edith Mair.
  • Swarovski Ines – 995008.  Soft seal cat, decorated with a choker, designed by Edith Mair.
  • Swarovski Camille – 995006, retires in 2011. A sleeping bronze cat designed by Stefanie Nederegger.

Like any manufacturer, Swarovski is about promoting new and current products.  I’m a bit confused as to their selection of figurines for this video… a retired black cat.  Perhaps because Theo photographed well (taking good pictures of crystal can be tricky!)?  Perhaps they are planning to introduce a bigger Theo?  Only Swarovski knows the answer to this question.

Toward the end of the video, they mention taking pictures of Theo on his journey around the world and posting them to Facebook for a prize.  So there is some kind of Swarovski Theo Competition on the horizon, but I was not able to locate any further information on the subject.

If you are planning to participate in the Swarovski Theo Contest, and do not have this Limited Edition Lovlots figurine in your collection, you can find Swarovski Theo at .  Simply use the search feature and type in “Theo” (without quotes).  Be sure to purchase the limited edition cat as I don’t believe Swarovski wants to see the Theo the Tortoise in photograph submissions!

Sep 212011

Apparently, my little Swarovski figurines are still sneaking away when I’m not paying attention to them.  My crystal friends, Missy Mo and Kris Bear have been spotted by the paparazzi again.

Swarovski Kris Bear and Swarovski Missy Mo

Swarovski Kris Bear (right) and Swarovski Missy Mo (left)

The Swarovski crystal figurines quietly told us they are still checking out Halloween costumes.  It seems clear that the two are looking for the perfect outfits for the trick or treat occasion.

Swarovski Johnny Kris Bear and Swarovski Country Mo Cow

Swarovski Johnny Kris Bear (right) and Swarovski Country Mo Cow (left)

In this photo, Kris Bear and Missy Mo are complimenting each other in their traditional western farming attire:  Missy Mo dressed up like a cow of all things, and Kris Bear sporting a cowboy outfit, complete with a ten-gallon, old-fashioned blue handkerchief, hat and lasso.

Crystal Exchange America has a virtual inventory of most of these Swarski figurines:

The Swarovski Johnny Kris Bear is not available at the moment, but would be found in the category “Crystal Moments”.  This crystal figurine, Swarovski part # 9400 000 111 and system # 883 413, was not available for long from Swarovski….it was introduced and retired in 2007.

While only one of the Country Mos cows was pictured, they were actually sold as a set of two.  These Swarovski cows (Swarovski part #  9100 000 269  and system # 1 056 681) were only available in 2010 for a retail price of $105.  This Swarovski Limited Edition set is part of the Swarovski Lovlots family.

Now, where will Kris Bear and Missy Mo be spotted at next!  Stay tuned to the Kristall Buzz Swarovski Blog for further updates on this unlikely couple!