Apr 272011

Yesterday I learned of some another contest for a Swarovski Limited Edition gadget…a Swarovski Union Jack Cardholder.

Swarovski Union Jack – Limited Edition Crystal Cardholder

Not much information is given on the Swarovski Cardholder.  The advertisement page does indicate that 50 of them are being given away.  From the picture, it can be seen that it is decorated with red, blue, and silver Swarovski crystal stones.

This give-a-way is a part of the Swarovski crystallized Mini Cooper / Royal Wedding promotion done by Swarovski and Magic 105.4 in the UK in the week preceeding the Royal Wedding.

Act quickly….deadline to enter the Swarovski Limited Edition Union Jack drawing is mid-day April 27!  The entry form is at http://www.magic.co.uk/win/swarovski-card/

Apr 252011

I am amazed by all the information that continues to surface about the Swarovski Crystal Mini Cooper that was on display at Westfield, London in the UK April 23.

It was produced by “Bling My Thing” in Berlin. It utilizes 300,000 hand-set Swarovski crystal stones using the familiar Swarovski Swan in such a pattern that they appear to be flowers.

Additional photos (12 more!) of this expensive royal ride can be found on the Bling My Thing blog along with the “William and Kate” from the Westfield shopping center event.

There is good news for the UK Swarovski crystal fanatics who missed the April 23rd viewing / wedding celebration with the Magic 105.4 radio station. The Swarovski Mini Cooper is to be moved and remain on display at the Swarovski Flagship store (address: 321 Oxford Street) until May 1, 2011.

Apr 252011

Swarovski has posted a short video of the Swarovski Mini Cooper on YouTube.  In it, you see the white Mini Cooper blinged out with big Swarovski crystal swans on all sides of the car.  The top of the Mini Cooper is a British flag.

The crystal brand included several consumer interviews during the video clip, and all were happy to take away a complimentary Swarovski Wedding Pen.  The look-alike royal couple posed for photos with the car and attending patrons.

This is not the first Mini Cooper to be embellished with Swarovski crystals.  I found several articles about a Swarovski Mini Cooper decorated in 2008, which had been dubbed an ‘American Icon’.  Utilizing over 1,000,000 Swarovski stones, this Swarovski Mini Cooper features pictures of scenery only found in USA, such as: The Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, The White House, The American Flag and Eagle, and more.  This other Swarovski Mini Cooper has toured the USA and been displayed in museums in the past.

Apr 232011

Swarovski has gone from crystallizing the FUSE Violins, used by Ben Lee and Linzi Stoppard, to crystallizing a Mini Cooper!  The Mini Cooper has been crystallized Swarovski  to celebrate the Royal Wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton at the end of April.

The crystal brand has teamed up with a radio station in London, Magic 105.4 to show off this blinged up Swarovski Mini Cooper, complete with look-alike bride and grooms representing the future royal couple.  The car and couple were making their appearance April 23rd at the Westfield shopping centre (and I guess if you are in London, you may know where this is).

During this one-day event, Swarovski will be giving away the limited edition Swarovski Wedding Pen (more information about the Swarovski Pen in our blog post dated April 9) AND having a contest in conjunction with the radio station to give away £20,000 to an engaged couple.

I was not able to find any pictures of the Swarovski crystallized Mini Cooper.  Since there was a photo op for people, including the car and look-alike couple, I may be able to find some pictures in the next few days.  As of now, the crystal giant has not indicated its future plans for the Swarovski crystal Mini Cooper.